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No, currently we sell Desktop Premium and iOS application separately.

We are working on bundle for people that would like to have Stamp on both platforms, it should be available soon.

In case you have problem with logging in to your Google Music Account or you see all the time Loading playlists... information in desktop app, please follow these steps.

On the bottom of the screen you have link Activate premium!. Open it and and click on I have premium key

Remember to paste license without any whitespace characters!

Where to put my license code?
## Mac OSX

In case you cannot access internet, go to System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies and disable Web (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS).

## Windows

In case you cannot access internet, go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet (or just type 'proxy' in search bar)
-> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan settings and disable Use proxy server for your LAN option.
If you lost internet connection, follow this steps.

Sometimes we cannot use simplest way to import your songs to Apple Music – Fake iTunes Mode. That is why we provide you alternative way to enjoy Apple Music.

Fake Mouse Mode will use mouse pointer to click all around iTunes and import your songs. To use it just select “Try with Fake Mouse Mode” from window that pops up after unsuccessful authorization with iTunes.

Using Fake Mouse Mode to import songs to Apple Music

Even though we are working hard on fixing every bug, there are still known issues connected with STAMP for Windows.

First of all, make sure that your iTunes app uses english as default language – we need it to properly import your songs to Apple Music.

Error occured while importing file

Please try to click Start Transfer again – sometimes our importing engine can’t find iTunes window. Another thing that you could try is restart iTunes.

Import is broken after particular song

Sometimes we can’t handle particular song because of the way how iTunes displays search results. Please send us its name to

Sending logs manually

If you want to help us developing and improving STAMP, you can send us importer logs. You can find logs in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\stamp\app-VERSION\windowsimporter.log

They don’t contain any personal data, but songs names and artists are included.

Happy importing!

We use mitmproxy only to catch authorization cookie from iTunes.

  1. We do not send any data to any servers.
  2. Proxy runs locally only
  3. It starts moment before you click "Search for cookie" when importing to Apple Music and it ends immediately after.

Please try to go to Settings -> Privacy -> Media Library and make sure Stamp is checked. If this wont help then can you go to Music app, sign out of Apple Music, sign in again, then go to Settings -> Music -> Enable iCloud Music Library again.

Moving to Apple Music is supported since iOS 9.3. So please make sure you have at least iOS 9.3

After music was imported Stamp App will ask you to import .xml file with playlists data. Before doing it, please restart iTunes and wait few minutes so iTunes have time to synchronise with Apple servers.

Please go to Settings -> Privacy and allow all apps to be downloaded from anywhere, please see attached screenshot.

At the success screen where you see number of exported songs, on bottom right corner please click on the button to export failed tracks as csv file.

You can use our iOS app on different Apple devices provided they share the same Apple ID.

Family sharing is supported by our app. To receive more information about family purchases, please check the website and contact Apple directly.