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In case you have problem with logging in to your Google Music Account or you see all the time Loading playlists... information in desktop app, please follow these steps.

On the bottom of the screen you have link Activate premium!. Open it and and click on I have premium key

Remember to paste license without any whitespace characters!

Where to put my license code?

Please try to go to Settings -> Privacy -> Media Library and make sure Stamp is checked. If this wont help then can you go to Music app, sign out of Apple Music, sign in again, then go to Settings -> Music -> Enable iCloud Music Library again.

Moving to Apple Music is supported since iOS 9.3. So please make sure you have at least iOS 9.3

Please go to Settings -> Privacy and allow all apps to be downloaded from anywhere, please see attached screenshot.

At the success screen where you see number of exported songs, on bottom right corner please click on the button to export failed tracks as csv file.

Can I see which tracks were not imported?

You can use our iOS app on different Apple devices provided they share the same Apple ID.

Family sharing is supported by our app. To receive more information about family purchases, please check the website and contact Apple directly.

Format of the CSV is really simple.

Just create a file with these columns and list of the songs you want to import.

Columns: ID (can be empty) | Title | Artist | Album

CSV: Format of the file