Sound of the future

July 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered what will the world be like in the future? Probably more than once since the there’s loads of science fiction out there to boost your imagination. Ok, looks may be impressive, but what about sounds? The future, according to the most realistic predictions, sounds pretty great too.

The pop culture doesn’t show enough of musical advancement in terms of technology. Luckily the real world did not forget its importance. And since the future is now, we can already treat ourselves to a few tunes made entirely by machines. Sony is planning to release a full album of AI’s compositions created by analyzing current pop music trends. Soon we’ll be able to choose from a wider array of genres and styles. Since we already have a lot of ‘raw’ material in our menagerie as a species. The computers can create countless combinations for us to call “hits”.

AI and music

Hopefully, with the AI going completely into the mainstream, each and every user will be able to ask for a specifically designed track at any given time. All sieved by the AI strict algorithms and just for us. The AI will be able to learn what we like in our music the most and will serve just the right dish at any whim. How cool will that be?

Think of the other possibilities! Oh boy, there sure is a lot of them!

Another interesting prediction: AI run clubs.

Ok, so imagine you walk into a club and a scanner picks up your favorite tunes. The system adds them into the DJ’s playlist and the machine adds your dearest musical fantasies into the love potion pouring from the speakers on the dance floor. The thing is, this goes with every guest of the place. So the DJ will combine all those musical tastes into the mix seamlessly.

Hooked up? There’s more:

Imagine the clubs floor is rigged with pressure sensors. It literally senses the mood of the dancers, by measuring the frequency of their steps. The DJ, having all this data in the process as well, can change the pace of the music to match the vibe of the clubs quest with the right rhythm, lighting effects or music choices.

Wanna know the best thing?

Those things aren’t made up. As you are reading this text, Near Field Communications (NFC) are being developed in the direction of collecting non-essential data from users just to allow them better orientation and general feel about their surroundings. So if one day you’ll enter a dressing room in the shop and your favorite jam starts playing- be sure to buy some good dancin’ shoes, cause future draws near!

The DJ reacting to the vibe is also closer than you think: check a project called SHOJI. You’ll get excited, trust us- we got excited.

This is a little thing that measures the rooms light levels, humidity, temperature and even human movement. Then it analyses it and shows the results. We’re a few steps away from dance offs with real robots!

Want more proof that the future in music is coming sooner than later?


-Popgun: claims to have the first superhuman AI-powered musician, which learns from human musicians and complements or augments music compositions.

-Amper: is an AI-enabled music composer, performer, and producer; it actually creates music from scratch!

-Pacemaker: is an AI DJ that creates digi-mixes and re-mixes from streams, not from digital files. The technology allows mix creation within streaming platforms like Spotify. The company has developed a metamix, which can be used to replay these digitally-created mixes.

-Weav: conceives a song not as the final product, but as a recipe for variations of itself along dimensions like tempo, energy, and mood, depending on the listener’s state. Co-founder Lars Rasmussen, co-creator of Google Maps, states: “Weav’s adaptive music is created by good old human artists.” He foresees AI helping out, but as a complement and not as a replacement of the human artist.

Wow. Ok, we still have a few years of human supremacy in the music industry. The human brain still beats the AI by a lot in its potential. And yes, the industry itself, run by humans will not let the machines take over- we still have our ingenuity and soul- two advantages that can’t be achieved by our silicon brothers.

Whenever the future comes, we’ll be here to witness it by all our senses. Should the music of the machine turn out better than ours? Or will the saying that “all the best music has already been made” remain true? As anxious as we are to know the answers, we’ll wait patiently, while listening to Louis Armstrong.

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