Transfer Tidal to Google Play Music on Android

Move your favourite playlists just with your Android phone!

Download from PlayStore and migrate immediately:

Stamp is available on all major operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux.

Once you install Stamp, it allows you to easily transfer your music:

1. Select Tidal as source

2. Select Google Play Music as destination

3. Select playlists for a transfer

4. Confirm your action and done!


Want to move your playlists from Tidal to Google Music for free? We have what you need and it's easier than you think! STAMP application is a tool that let's you migrate all your tracks and playlists between streaming platforms in a few clicks. Download the app to your Android device, choose Tidal, choose playlists you want to move and then just choose Google Music. Now just sit back and let STAMP move every track for you while you enjoy your favourite music on Google Music.