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Transfer your music between streaming platforms. Including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud, Deezer and more!

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What is FreeYourMusic?

TIDAL for those deep cuts, Spotify for personalized playlists, Apple Music for crisp sound, and Deezer for extra fun features. There's a world of music streaming platforms and features for you to discover—
why settle for one?

FreeYourMusic is the single-tool for music transfer. It's packed with powerful features that over 5 million users love. Enjoy one-button Rematch, Auto-sync, and Cloud backups, keeping your playlist secure. Fast, efficient, intelligent music transfers and powerful playlist management in a single app.

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Recreate playlists on a new music streaming service

Transfer the music you love to a new streaming service in a few taps.
FreeYourMusic - the fastest solution to moving your playlists.

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FreeYourMusic makes your playlists truly yours.

Take your playlists when you transfer to a new music streaming service.

Be part of the 5 million other music lovers who moved their music with FreeYourMusic.

Personalize your transfers

Choose between various music platforms to create the perfect playlist transfer

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Great and simple way to move my library across to Spotify. Years of work to build a great library and was feeling locked in to one provider in case I lost it all. Thanks for freeing my music lists.
Excellent, works perfect. Transferred my amazon music to youtube music without a hitch. Happy with purchase
Billy McLaughlan
Can't tell you how much I love this app. Transferred about 95% of my 6,000 tracks from Spotify to Apple Music in a couple of hours. Saved me days of hard work doing it manually. Highly recommended.
Neil Symington
I love it, helped me a lot <3 The app is easy to use, it worked for every streaming service i used and really helped me migrate from one to another :)) I especially like the 'life-time-subscription'. I think it's great to pay and forget and not worrying about monthly subscriptions. Thank You!!
A great app for migrating between music services. I have transferred thousands of tracks in multiple playlists at once. Transferred between Spotify and Amazon/Google with no issues.
Chris Beavis
Awesomeness Works as advertised and saved my music!
User friendly Very easy to use, step by step!
Saves tons of time and mental energy. Worth every penny.
Treven Keeler
Great Service and Hook Great service with quality transfer. Very user friendly. Also, a great hook to keep you involved with providing you with a gift. Will definitely be using the app very often!

FreeYourMusic makes your playlists truly yours.

Take your playlists when you transfer to a new music streaming service.

Be part of the 5 million other music lovers who moved their music with FreeYourMusic.

Powerful Playlist Management Tools

15-minute auto-synchronization of your playlists and albums.
Dedicated Support
Expert dedicated tech & issues support.
Cloud Backup
Playlist security with cloud storage.
Cancel anytime
Cancel premium and keep Basic features - forever.
One button fix for missing or incorrect songs.
Song order
Your playlist as you intended
Unlimited Transfers
Transfer unlimited number of songs and playlists and albums.
All platforms
iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS & Linux
Multi-account support
One license, multiple accounts.

Delightful support from real people

FreeYourMusic is simple to use, but if you need help with setting up your transfers, our team is here to help.

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