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Transfer from Spotify to Amazon

So you wanna move your music away from the ‘music streaming fan starter pack’ which is Spotify? You’ve made the decision to transfer to Amazon Music – great. No sarcasm here, really.
May 21, 2019

Move your playlists from Apple Music to Spotify

Sometimes we tend to get ahead of ourselves. It’s easy to lose yourself in conversations about good and bad music or worrying for all those good artists getting old. A moment of clarity is what we all need every once in a while.
November 3, 2018

How to promote music out there?

Did you ever wonder how come you’ve never heard of the band that made the track you just found and loved? Two possibilities here: 1) People change and you weren’t into this music a few years ago, or 2) The band just started out and they actually made this track a few days ago. Now we don’t really believe people change…
October 23, 2018

Using pre-made playlists or making your own?

Have you ever browsed through your music streaming apps main page and found one of the pre-made playlists? Perhaps you played one of them? Did you like what you heard? The fact is, those playlists are being closely watched by many and are catered by specialists that work for various music production houses.
October 18, 2018

We’re in this together. Music platforms for the multi-users

Times are rough. The big crisis on the world’s economy still looms over many businesses. The political balance is more fragile than it ever was before. No wonder the music streaming platforms have to think on their feet to help us. The little, the poor and the hurt people of the planet that crave some music in their lives…
September 15, 2018