How to Get Apple Music Replay 2023?

December 18, 2023

Apple Music Replay is an excellent feature that lets you know what artists you have been obsessed with all year. Which albums have you had on repeat, and how many hours of listening time you've done - as well as a few other fun stats.

There are other music streaming services with a similar yearly wrap-up; Spotify Wrapped is one of the most popular, and there is a YouTube Music Recap, too!

You can relive your year of music in a single playlist. Using your listening metrics, you get a personalized playlist built using the albums, songs, and artists you listened to the most over the last year.

Apple Music considers the number of plays you have given to stations, genres, playlists, albums, and artists, so it is a pretty comprehensive list of what you really love.

You'll find your top songs, top artists, and get listening history and listening insights.

How can you find your Apple Music Replay?

Apple recommends that you update all of your devices with the latest software first. If you’ve been putting off that update for a while, it is time to do so

Head to

Or, if you see the notification on your Apple Music mobile, tap it, and you’ll be taken to the website and prompted to log in. Those who haven’t listened to enough music on Apple Music will see a percentage of how much you have enjoyed, so you know how much you still need to do!


And for those who have clocked up enough listening time, you will see your listening stats for the playcount and time spent listening.


Is Apple Year-End Replay experience as good as Spotify Wrapped? It depends on what you value; while you have some basic stats, it is nowhere near as enjoyable as Spotify Wrapped for social media sharing and tapping through.

Apple's Replays don't have the aesthetically pleasing graphics and the simple shareability of Spotify Wrapped. That said, it's always cool to know what the last year of your listening habits looked like - even if you have a few more cringe options than you hoped!

If you can’t wait for your Apple Music Yearly Playlist or want to check other listening stats, you can do that anytime with the FreeYourMusic app to check your listening insights, including minutes of music you've listened, favorite songs or overview of artists - nice.

Where can I find my other Apple Music Replay years?

If your Apple year-end summary for 2023 left you a little disappointed or didn't reflect your usual listening, you can find the rest of your replays on the mobile app, desktop, and web player. And with the FreeYourMusic app, you can take a further look at your Apple Music stats, music habits, review recaps of your favorite artists or review stats of hours of music listened, monthly listening time and more with the special Stats feature available all year round.

How to find your old Yearly Recaps of Apple Music on the mobile app

  • Tap The Listen Now button in the bottom left
  • Scroll down until you find Replay: Your Top Songs by Year


How to find your old Apple Music Replay on the desktop app

  • Tap the Listen Now button on the left-hand side
  • Scroll until you see the Replay: Your Top Songs by Year
  • You can now see all of the years you listened to enough music


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