How to make a viral playlist

February 17, 2021

As the creator of a playlist, you make a selection of songs that go well together. However, to stand out, the music selection, title, and pictures should be extraordinary, and you must regularly update the playlist. Yet, it's sometimes difficult to get thousands of followers. How to make a viral playlist? We share some ideas.

Today, music streaming platforms are filled to the brim with varied playlists. In the midst of all these not always surprising proposals, there are some wonderful pearls. Why some playlists are viral, and others aren't? First of all, if you want to create a popular playlist, songs must have a common denominator. It can be a music genre or a theme (love, loneliness, morning coffee, for work).

Viral playlist's anatomy

When it comes to creating a playlist that attracts many listeners, luck isn't the only thing that will help you reach that million-view goal. Understanding what makes a playlist viral is essential to rock your marketing strategy. To be successful, you need to learn about some of the best practices for delivering a trending playlist.

Reach a target audience

Before you start, identify your "competition" and think about what makes you different. This will help you to create a unique proposition. What is more, define your audience! Depending on the music genre, figure out your target audience (casual, enthusiast, indifferent) and keep it in mind while curating your playlist.

The quality of visuals

The first thing people see is visual. Thus, to mark memories and arouse interest, you have to catch the eye. Offering a unique visual identity is the best way to stand out and reach your audience with an impressive imprint. It's important to show the artistic universe of your playlist. A striking aesthetic builds loyalty and engages your audience. Be careful to take good care of artwork, as it's a face of it. Your playlist's cover image should interesting and vivid - such a choice will attract more listeners, making your playlist more popular and easy to remember. Don't hesitate to ask a professional graphic designer to create your visuals!

Playlist cover photo 1.JPG

Playlist cover 2.JPG

Come up with a clever title

If you want to create a viral playlist, its title should be vivid and catchy. Remember that there ate thousands of playlists, so consider some brainstorming to get a remarkable name for your creation. "The best love songs" definitely won't attract many listeners, but if you name your playlist "Sweet kisses, wine, and flowers," it will be more popular. Also, it's essential to check some trending keywords before creating a title.

Evoke the right emotion

Emotion is one of the most powerful elements in engaging the target audience of your playlist. Conveying the right emotion at the right time can boost your playlist's popularity beyond expectations. As the data shows, the higher the emotional relevance of a piece of content, the more traffic and engagement it will receive. Why? Because the music that brings feelings (for example, joy and solidarity or sadness) intrigues listeners. Thus, make sure that your playlist has a common emotional relevance. How to achieve that? Make sure that your playlist’s title, cover image, and music genre are consistent and match each other.

Viral Playlist - consistent.JPG

Remember about regular updates

Updating a playlist is extremely important if you want to keep it on top. When it's fresh, listeners feel engaged and come back, again and again, looking for new. Thus, update your playlist regularly by modifying its contents or adding new songs. Always follow the principle that quality goes over quantity! An ideal playlist shouldn't be longer than an hour.

Use the right channels

Delivering your content through email marketing and social media platforms can be effective because you will directly deliver your playlist to your subscribers' inboxes. If you don't use email marketing, you might be missing out on the opportunity to promote your content to your loyal audience. While emails give you a profitable channel to deliver your playlists, you need to expand your reach to go viral. Having accounts on social media platforms will increase your chances!

Facebook and YouTube

Some of the best social media channels for music promotion are Facebook and Youtube. These two websites can really boost your advertising. Post regularly to engage your audience, and remember to share a smart link leading to your playlist.

When it comes to YouTube, you can create a remarkable music-video playlist using FreeYourMusic software. How? If you have a Spotify playlist (or it can be another music streaming service), you can easily transfer it to YouTube, so your followers can both listen to music and watch videos! This way you’ll have one playlist on two popular websites!


Twitter is a microblogging site founded which combines the principle of blog and social network. Except that instead of having "friends", like on Facebook, we have "followers" who can respond to messages or "retweet" them to others. These messages, called "tweets", must be 140 characters maximum. Twitter is a great tool for artists who want to stay in contact with their fans. Putting a link to a new album in a tweet can pay off! Indeed, managers quickly understood that their artists had to be introduced to tweets to boost sales. Thus, you can share your playlists on Twitter to make them more popular or even viral!

Reddit threads

Reddit is the perfect place for musicians, music curators, and music lovers. On this website, users create so-called subreddits - categories with their own target topic, where people from all over the world can exchange their content and comments. What is more, Reddit allows you to post links to other services, websites, and post information about your music project. However, there is one condition. First, you must publish about 10 posts on the same topic. A great example of music promotion on Reddit is this Spotify playlist for formula1 fans!

Reddit playlist.JPG

Instagram, TikTok

Remember to use and animate your different social media accounts. This will allow you to capture a wider musical audience. Instagram is a perfect tool for making a visual identity of your playlist. Use it to catch the eye of your potential listeners.

TikTok needs music because it makes income thanks to it! TikTok is a vast promotional machine that can turn any track into a smashing hit. What is more, TikTok is famous for its virality, and songs spread much faster on TikTok than on YouTube. Thanks to this app, your playlist can go viral in one day!

Make your playlist universal with the Smart Links feature!

There are many platforms for digital music distribution. Thus, make sure your playlist can be found everywhere:

  • Spotify,
  • Deezer,
  • Shazam,
  • YouTube Music,
  • TikTok
  • Itunes,
  • Amazon,
  • Tidal,
  • Qobuz,
  • etc.

One link - various streaming services

If you want to easily share your music with just one universal link to multiple streaming services, use SmartLinks! Within a few minutes, you can transfer your playlist for example, from Spotify to YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, and share it! The SmartLink then can be opened via any music streaming service. The tool also creates a dedicated landing page with an embedded player, so your listeners can also discover your playlist that way.

Smart link for music marketing


There are many tools to promote your music curation project. Be patient, well-organized, take care of your playlist's most important parameters, and engage people around it!

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