260+ Spotify Playlist Names for Every Mood: Aesthetic, Funny, Chill, Sad

May 6, 2024

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that allows you to listen to excellent playlists. The playlists are created by Spotify users and curated for specific purposes, making it easy to find the perfect playlist for any activity or mood.

Sometimes, you might want an upbeat playlist that will improve your mood or a list of songs that are guaranteed to help you sleep well at night. Other times, you may need a list of songs about heartbreak or breakup songs to get over someone.

Great playlists start with cool or hilarious names. The playlist name perfectly captures the mood of the tracks. Fast, upbeat music is ideal for working out. But the name 'workout playlist' isn't very motivational - is it? But 'The Beastmode Workout' might give you the boost you need for your PB.

Sometimes, you start with a single song and build your playlist from there. The final piece of the puzzle? The playlist title, of course! There is no need to sit with a playlist name generator for hours. We've got you over with over 260 aesthetic playlist names, plus some links to some incredible playlists (and a couple of our own)!

How to come up with a good Spotify playlist

Before we jump to the list of suggestions for playlist names, here are some tips to help you create that perfect Spotify playlist.

1. Think about the reason you wanted to create a playlist in the first place, and then expand on that feeling.

2. Come up with a word that sums up the mood/theme of your playlist.

3. Think of examples of how you can use playlists in everyday life (examples include making a workout playlist, studying for an exam, or driving)

4. Add any other adjectives you want to describe the playlist.

5. Play with words and add some emojis if you like.

6. Add playlist description to better explain the mood of your playlist.

7. Consider whether you want to keep it short and sweet with only 10 songs, or make it longer for more variety.

8. Include some tracks from artists who are less well-known for a unique twist on an established artist's song.

9. Use Spotify’s ‘Enhance’ button to find more songs for a particular context or style.

10. Don't forget that both words and images are important to catch someone's interest. Create a custom Spotify cover to attract more listeners.

How to Use The List of Playlist Ideas

These are just loose ideas that we came up with. Probably some of them will be taken soon, but no worries. You can get creative and play with the words. So, for example, if you see a playlist idea "Cold nights, great vibes" you can substitute the adjectives and nouns for other words that fit the mood of your playlist.

Let's see an example of how to modify ⁠"Cold nights, great vibes"

1. Salty water, sunny rays

2. Sweet perfumes, midnight kisses

3. Warm hugs, puppy love

4. Flower power, hippie vibes

And so on. You get the gist!

Okay, so let's see our list of playlist name ideas that will hopefully inspire your next playlist:

Funny Playlist Name Ideas

Not everything in life is serious; sometimes you want to be like Cyndi Lauper and just wanna have fun! While there is a lot to be said for regular playlist names like 'sad songs,' adding a little fun to the list and going with something like 'that one time I was in the rain for three hours waiting' evokes a lot of feeling.

funny playlist name

1. I'm a child of the 80s

2. Songs that make me question my life

3. Songs that sound a bit like other songs

4. My Favorite Songs from My Childhood

5. The Ex Girlfriends Club

6. An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate

7. Funny Rap Songs On Repeat

8. Yaaasssss Girl Yaaassss

9. I'm Laughing 'Til I'm Crying 😭

10. Songs that make me ClowNn

11. If you like anxiety, you should try depression

12. Unfiltered and Unapologetic

13. Songs that will make you go WTF

14. My Favorite Trashy Pop Songs for When I'm Feeling Basic 💁🏻

15. Criminally Overlooked Tracks

16. The Angry Playlist If You're Having a Bad Day 🙄😡

17. Dance to These If You Want To Get Fired

18. It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Wanna 🎉

19. Not Ashamed of My Love for These Songs

20. The party doesn’t start till I walk in

21. It’s rude it isn’t Friday

22. This senorita needs a margarita

23. I know I left my sanity around here somewhere

24. Born to express, not to impress

25. Music is cheaper than therapy

26. There is no angry way to say bubbles

27. Drinks on me

28. I make pour ​🍷 decisions

29. Half good music

30. Don't be fancy, just get dancy

31. The best of the worst

Sad Playlist Name Ideas

There is nothing better than listening to sad music to make you sadder. Or, when your saddest song doesn't make you sad enough - so you need to start over. Sad songs serve a purpose; they let us get into our feelings a little more.

And we all know those lyrics capture your sadness better than your words would. Sad songs aren't just Dido staring out of her window, though!

Angry breakup playlists, playlists for lost friendships, and those cheesy romance song playlists you've kept private? Here are playlist names for when you're sad.

sad playlist name

1. Song for When You're Scared to Say "I Love You" 😢

2. How I Deal With Being Single

3. Wake Up in the Morning and Your SO Isn't Next to you

4. Sad Songs That Will Make you 😢

5. Tap to feel Despair

6. A Playlist of Breakup Anthems

7. The Most Depressing Songs Ever Recorded

8. When the butterflies in your stomach turn into bats 🦇 💀 👹

9. Crying in the Club

10. Picking up the Pieces While You're Broken Hearted

11. Get Over Your Ex

12. Every Shade of Blue

13. Bad Trip

14. Blackest of Blacks

15. Feeling small and insignificant

16. Self-indulgent drama

17. When Life Gets Hard, Put on a Breakup Song or Ten

18. When Your Mom Says It's Just Depression and to Get Over It

19. On the Verge of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

20. It's Been a Rough Day

21. All Time Low Playlist

22. Only a fool for you

23. Maybe next time

24. Crying Pillow

25. No more of you

26. A darker kind of day

27. Making onions cry

28. Depresso espresso ☕ coffee for a crybaby

29. Crying favorites

30. Lonely daydreams

31. When the day is gray

32. Songs to get us through tough times

33. Songs for when I am not sad enough to cry

Aesthetic Playlist Name Ideas

Sometimes, a playlist can't be explained—it can only be felt and observed. Aesthetic playlist names are a joy to create and are often obscure to find. Whatever your core is, there is a playlist name for it.

Spotify recently released a wide range of core playlists with wistful names, including Goiblin Core Mix, Cottagegore, Pastel Goth, Post-Apocalyptic, and more! So here are some tip-top your-core playlist names.

aesthetic playlist name

1. All the Colours of My Dreams

2. Being a Misfit 🤖 👽 👾

3. The World Becomes A Fantasy

4. Elevator Dance Party

5. The Soundtrack to Your Summer

6. Wolves In The Night

7. Heartbeats

8. The Quirkiest Dance Party In The World

9. When It's Just Me And My Friends

10. Every Mood Imaginable

11. Deep Dark Secrets

12. Just Listen To The World Around You

13. Auditory Hallucination

14. Creating a New Self

15. Distorted Reality

16. Entering a Parallel Dimension

17. Songs That Made Me a Better Person

18. We're Going to the Moon

19. Music That'll Defrost Your Heart

20. If My Heart Had a Voice

21. Getting lost in what I love

22. We’re made of stardust

23. Escape the ordinary

24. Growing & Glowing

25. She wore moonlight like lingerie

26. Angel energy

27. Memories of love

28. Melting kisses

29. Holding hands

30. Flowers in my heart

31. Ocean Goddess

32. Time travel

33. The golden daze of summer

34. Stargazing into early mornings

35. Songs about being free

36. Dark Night of The Soul

37.Full Moon Feral

38. If my star sign was a soundtrack

39. Lo-fi beats that tickle your brain

40. Music for ASMR lovers

41. If sunlight was music, this is what it would sound like

42. Chill vibes, deep cuts and remixes

Chill Playlist Name Ideas

Kick back and relax with your favorite tunes all in one place. Playlists packed with chill tunes can help you unwind after a long day. Lo-fi has become extremely popular in the last few years.

Chillcore, slow beats, and anything without lyrics can make a huge difference. And on the flip side, some research says that chilled-out music can help with concentration and productivity! Let's get descriptive with some of the most relaxing playlist names around.

chill playlist name

1. The Chillest Songs to Listen to While Doing Homework 🐶

2. Music to Start Your Day

3. Songs to listen to after a long day at work 💀

4. For the One who Likes a Slow Jam

5. Relaxing Classical Music for Quiet Nights In

6. Breathing Easy at the Beach

7. Relaxing Songs to Help You Sleep 😴

8. Don't Worry Baby, We'll Be Alright

9. The Sun Will Rise Again

10. Calm As A Bomb Shelter

11. Crank the Heat and Chill with These Summer Songs

12. Make the Most of Your Morning Commute 🚗

13. Waking Up to This 💛

14. After a Long Day of School 👩‍❤️‍🎓

15. Just Trying to Chill Out Here

16. Feel Good Jams! 'Bout Time, Right

17. For Those Special Sunrise Moments

18. Long Drive Playlist

19. Inspiring Music for Your Soul

20. The best songs to listen to while you're getting ready for work

21. Cold nights, great vibes

22. Wild, barefoot and free

23. Wet hair and tan lines

24. Happiness comes in waves

25. Vibe by yourself

26. Mentally on the beach

27. Dope days, chill nights, good company, and mellow vibes

28. Better feelings

29. Breathe deeper

30. Smooth flow

31. Soul food

32. West Coast
33. Everyone be quiet; it's been a long day

34. Trop tracks for deep work

35. Dapple sunlight, Balmy evening

Creative Playlist Names

Creative playlist names are quirky. Throw some words in a hat and see what comes out.

Strange playlist names, ones that don't even need to make sense, are interesting - and give a lot of musical scope! Don't worry if they get too weird; you can switch your playlist to private.


1. Airplane Mode

2. Astral traveling

3. Driving vocals

4. Nostalgic Journeys

5. A Playlist for Every Occasion

6. Music that Heals

7. Don’t Listen Unless Stable

8. Feelings and Other Stupid Things

9. That Rainy Day Feeling

10. Songs That Understand Me

11. Love scars

12. High Spirit Songs

13. Laugh Now Cry Later

14. Honestly, Nevermind

15. Music Vitamins - a daily dose of goodness

16. Sweet Distraction From My Existential Crisis

17. Location Unknown

18. In My Headspace

19. Collection of Moments

20. Floating in Space With Aliens

21. Midnight Sun

Cute Playlist Names

You dream of playlists filled with nostalgic feelings, syrupy lyrics, and romantic songs. Here are some of the sweetest playlist names for those who are deep into the soft life.

You want your playlist to feel like you're being wrapped in soft blankets, surrounded by wildflowers, and if it disturbs your peace - it's a no.

1. Sugar Plum Fairy

2. Natural Beauty

3. Dear Loverboy

4. Wishing Well

5. Star Shopping

6. Hocus Pocus Life In Soft Focus

7. Rainbow Baby

8. Blueberry Love

9. Cloud Nine

10. Watermelon Smiles

11. Picking Flowers

12. Yours Truly

13. Heart of Gold

14. Head in the Cloud

15. Romanticizing Life Until I Feel It

16. Serene Happiness

17. Soft Pink Clouds

18. A Message for You

19. Closing My Eyes

20. Falling Back in Love

21. Feeling Soft

Summer Playlist Names

The temperature is rising, and the nights are long and hot. A summer-based playlist is perfect for you. Shift the seasonal sads with a combination of excellent music and great company.

From mellow melodies to uplifting vibes - your summer playlist can be as relaxed as you like.


1. Ocean Goddess

2. Tropical Tunes

3. Summer Road Trip Vibes

4. Summer Jams

5. Summer Contrast

6. Poolside Vibes

7. Beach Bums

8. Sounds Like Summer

9. How We Do Summer

10. Ice Tea Playlist

11. Hot Girl Summer Playlist

12. Aquaholic

13. Golden Skies

14. That Summer Feeling

15. Tan Lines

16. August Heat

17. Beach Party

18. Sizzling Summer

Workout Playlist Names

Playlist names that mean business. Workout playlist names can instantly motivate you to get your trainers on and sweat. If you do multiple types of workouts, having a couple of gym playlists is a good idea.

Research says that tracks with higher beats per minute are ideal to keep your brain focused and to keep in time with things like weights.


1. Intense phonk

2. Full Body Experience

3. Powerlifting

4. Joggings

5. Beast mode

6. Powerful Women

7. Running up that hill

8. Power hour

9. Move your body

10. Feel powerful

11. Workout motivation

12. Push it

13. Energetic Mornings

14. Sweat It Out

15. Get Pumped

16. Get Moving

17. Energetic Songs

18. Powerful Weapons

Country Playlist Names

Country music has the unique ability to be funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and foot-stompingly all at the same time. Fill your boots with the best country playlist names. All the good stuff about country music in one ulimate playlist.


1. Dirt on my Boots

2. Hurricane is Coming

3. Lake Days

4. Sunrise, Sunset

5. Riding Roads

6. My Hometown

7. Seasons Change

8. Growing Up

9. Loved you too late

10. Songs we Sang

11. Feels like rain

12. Cowboy Like Me

13. Trouble with a heartbreak

14. You’re still the one

15. Golden road

16. Take me home

17. Let the rain come

18. Me and tequila

19. A place in the sun

20. Here’s to the good times

21. Grew up on that

22. Life Rolls On

23. Still That Kid

24. Guitar strings

25. Classic Country

26. Dirty Road

Party Playlist Names

Music gets the party started! No matter what party you have in mind, here are some of the best names for your party mixes. Turn these up to 11 and get ready to sing and dance until your voice goes and your feet hurt.

1. Dance like nobody's watching

2. Forget your troubles

3. Dance to the beat

4. Throwback Hits

5. Turn Up the Volume

6. Confetti and cocktails

7. Party Anthems

8. Dancing Queen

9. Summer BBQ Playlist

10. Pool Party

11. Chill Beats

12. Jumpin Jumpin

13. Get Ready For This

14. Dance with Somebody

15. If I was a DJ

16. Loosen Up

17. Last Friday Night

18. Last Minute Party Playlist

19. Party Next Door

20. Nothing but the Beat

21. Out Out

22. Turn Up the Volume

23. Wild Party

24. Party Pump-Up

Rap Playlist Names


1. Hotline

2. Hall of Fame

3. Rap Motivation

4. All the Way Up

5. Sauce it Up

6. Love is Rage

7. Hit After Hit

8. Bad Boyz

9. Legends

10. New Rap Rising

11. Rap Radar

12. Rap Til We Die

13. Rap Hype

14. That’s Rap

15. Rap Life

16. Gangsta Funk

17. No Bad Rap

18. Hood Soul

19. Hype It Up Before Work

20. Late Night Rap

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you build your playlist!

Crossfade—Some platforms have crossfade, while others don't. This will affect each track's end and start, which means you'll need to pay careful attention to the playlist's running order in some cases.

For playlists that tell a story, it is a good idea to look at the names of the songs and the lyrics, too. What story are you telling? If it was on Shuffle, would it work the same way? Add a recommendation to the description on whether it should be shuffled or not. Think about the listener's experience.

Make the most of any music discovery tools you have at your disposal to add deep cuts and more obscure choices into the mix. Delivering something that not many people have heard is a gift to them, and it can highlight undiscovered and underrated artists.

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