How to Make Cool Playlist Covers

April 24, 2024

Do you have a cool Spotify playlist with the music you love? Do you want to share it with people? If so, you need an eye-catching playlist cover. But what if you don’t have design skills? With simple, yet powerful tools, you can still create awesome cover art. Nowadays, musicians can create their album art, so you can share your playlists designs with the rest of the world.

Although Spotify is filled to the brim with cool cover art designs, don’t worry – you can create your professional cover art easily. With our tips, your playlist will stand out in Spotify, and you’ll attract more listeners and followers!

Since last year, Spotify allows you to put covers to your playlists. In this way, it’s possible to personalize your playlists with cover art. However, there are a couple of things you have to bear in mind if you want to create a successful playlist cover. In this article, we’re going to show you some best tips for creating quick and awesome Spotify playlist covers to keep in mind in your designs.

Spotify Cover Art - Let Your Playlist Stand Out

Spotify playlists are a way to group numerous songs of the same type or to listen to them at a certain time. Users can add new songs to these lists or delete the ones they want. Playlists are easily customizable. But in addition to this, Spotify offers the possibility of adding a cover art that adds a personal touch and makes it easier to identify a certain playlist. So, making a custom Spotify playlist cover is a great idea!

Pink and Blue Powder Bold and Dynamic PartyDancePop Playlist Cover.png

Spotify playlist cover size

What is recommended to do first is to make sure that you have the best Spotify playlist cover size so that your art is optimized for Spotify’s standards. According to Spotify’s guidelines, a suitable playlist’s cover dimensions should have at least 300 pixels by 300 pixels (this is an aspect ratio of one by one). You should also make sure that your image format is JPEG, and your file size is under 4 MB to meet the platform’s requirements.

Spotify cover art

Before you start creating Spotify cover art, choose an image that will represent the content of your playlist. Consider picking a photo that contains a lot of free space, and has a central point. There are many free stock photos out there on the Internet, from which you can choose the perfect one. For example, if your playlist is all about relaxing music, you can pick a photo showing some meditative image, like candles surrounded by fog. Use your imagination, but it’s also a great idea to show exactly the mood your playlist is in. Also, it’s better to use simple and minimalist images rather than those with too much action. You may also choose some abstract design or plain background with text.

Avoid using very detailed images - they would be overlooked. Simple designs and color schemes will be most effective.

Don’t forget to use color contrast in your cover art so that designs stand out on different devices, and important elements are properly emphasized. Spotify has a dark color scheme, so if you want your playlist cover art to stand out, use light or bright colors. But remember that colors should match the mood and energy of songs added to your playlist. You can look at some Spotify cover templates to get an idea of how well-designed cover art should look like.

Pink Rose Femme Aesthetic PartyDancePop Playlist Cover.png

Spotify playlist font

Think of your cover as a thumbnail where the user should know the type of playlist you’ve made just from looking at the visual! Establish context, by adding text to your Spotify playlist cover. Additionally, if you’re a brand it can be beneficial to add your logo or different brand elements into the design to familiarize yourself with the audience. Also, think about the Spotify playlist font.

spotify playlist covers

Regardless of its size, the font must be easy to read. Thus, choose a simple, thick, and clear font that matches playlist content. You can choose basic fonts, such as Helvetica or Avenir, but there are also various free-to-download fonts available online. Once you have picked up the right font, then decide about its size and color, and make sure that the background provides enough contrast with your text.

Spotify Playlist Cover - Don’t Do It!

Above we have described text and image requirements regarding Spotify playlist cover art.

However, there is also worth mentioning what things to avoid while designing your cover art.


  • put your contact information, URLs, email addresses, or prices

  • add use any images scanned from a copy of the physical CD

  • cut images or texts

  • use logos or names of digital stores

  • use “new”, “limited”, “latest”, “exclusive” - words that indicate temporality

  • use an image or photo that is compressed into a corner with white space

Cool Spotify Playlist Cover Maker - Recommended Apps

In addition to its interface and its large music catalog, Spotify playlists are probably the most attractive element of the platform. Many users base their music playback on the playlists they find. To design and create a cool Spotify playlist cover, you don’t need Photoshop, or any advanced photo editing software. There are many free and easy-to-use graphic design apps with which you can crop, or insert text to an image. You'll be making cool Spotify covers in no time.

Below we presented some of the recommended cover makers.

Replace Cover

This app, as its name suggests, allows you to create covers for Spotify playlists in a totally free, simple, and fast way. Just visit the Replace Cover site and you’ll automatically see a lot of templates on the left. Then, if you select one, it’ll be automatically loaded on the canvas that is displayed in the central part of the page and from where you can also edit and customize it. Replace Cover allows you to edit and change the text, its alignment, the background color of the cover, etc.

Once you designed a cool Spotify playlist, all you have to do is to download the image in JPEG format on your computer's hard drive. The cover would have 600 × 600 pixels, which you can use as the cover of any Spotify playlist without having to resize the image. Therefore, it’s completely ready to be uploaded to your Spotify list.



If you want to give your playlist more visual appeal, you can use Coverify to create excellent images and load them as the cover of your playlist. Coverify is a free tool and you can start using it immediately by entering the website. In addition, it doesn’t require registration but when you complete the creation of your image, you’ll have to log in with Spotify to load it on the cover of the playlist. To create the image, you’ll have free-to-use photographs available from Unsplash, a text editor, and a color scheme modifying option. When you’re satisfied with the result, you just have to click on the "Update on Spotify" button, log into your account, and you're done! Coverify is an excellent alternative to give your playlists more visibility and attractiveness in a very simple way.



Canva is a free resource that offers a lot of graphic & photo-making features. So, if you need a Spotify playlist template, Canva is a tool for you. To create a free account, all you need is an email address. What’s more, Canva has dedicated templates for making playlist covers!



Spotlistr is an online service that provides its users with a simple browser-based Spotify playlist cover maker. The app allows you to use free Unsplash images. If you choose a suitable photo for your Spotify playlist cover, then you can add text, pick up a font, determine the font’s size, text align, and font color. When it’s all done, just click the download button to enjoy your new, cool Spotify playlist cover.


But if you're a master at creating the unforgettable pictures, why don't you try out more professional photo editing software? Give your creativty a chance!

How to change Spotify playlist picture

If you wonder how to change the playlist picture on Spotify, let’s go through this process.

Once the cover art is saved on your device, you can upload it into Spotify. Don’t worry, it’s super simple!

  1. Open your playlist.
  2. Desktop app: Next to the title, you have a playlist image. Click on it. **Mobile app:**Click on the three dots under the playlist image. Choose "Edit" and click on image.
  3. Choose a cover from your library. Once you’ve found the folder that you downloaded your image to, upload it to Spotify and save the settings.
  4. And just like that, your Spotify playlist cover art is perfectly aligned within the square dimensions.
  5. Extra: While changing your Spotify playlist artwork, add playlist description and tell people what they can expect from your curated music collection.

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