7 Alternatives to Spotify 2024

April 30, 2024

Spotify has been the largest and most popular music streaming service for years. Founded in Sweden in 2006, the company reached 182 million premium users worldwide (Statista.com) in the first quarter of 2022.

But Spotify isn't the best recommendation for everyone. Other services with different focuses, such as Hi-Res streaming (which Spotify doesn't even offer, for example), have established themselves and are showing strong growth in user numbers.

In this article, we shall explore 7 alternatives to Spotify you may need to consider and why they're a good replacement. Ready? Let's dive in!

What Is the Best Alternative to Spotify?

Before canceling premium and deleting Spotify, you should consider what you want from an alternative music streaming service. Are you looking for the widest possible selection of music that even covers unusual tastes in music? Do you want the best possible sound quality from your premium speakers? Or would you rather pay as little as possible for streaming?

Below are some Spotify alternatives you should consider:

1. Tidal - High-End Streaming for Music Nerds

Tidal is an exciting option in the streaming market for hi-fi enthusiasts who value pleasing sound. Like Deezer, Qobuz, and Amazon Music Unlimited, this Spotify alternative offers a HiFi subscription that allows playback of 16-bit FLAC files with a sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz.

In addition to loss-free CD quality, Tidal also offers Tidal HiFi Plus for fans of absolute top-class sound. The "Masters" songs offer even finer resolution with up to 24-bit and 192 kHz sampling frequency.

So, you don't need any other subscription model for the songs in CD quality. You only need to have a Tidal HiFi subscription.

Furthermore, due to the direct participation of many artists in Tidal, the streaming service offers many extras such as interviews, credits, background information, and more!

A vast video department is also part of the offer, which leaves nothing to be desired with music videos, documentation, and concert live streams. These give the user a look behind the scenes.

In addition, the streaming service supports young artists. It distributes income more fairly among the musicians than many other streaming services.


  • Individual: $10.99/month
  • HiFi Family: $14.99/month
  • Student: $4.99

Sound quality:

  • FLAC format with up to 1,411 kbps (HiFi)
  • MQA format with up to 9,216 kbps (HiFi Plus)

Hi-Res Offer: Yes

Songs in Music Catalog: Over 90 million

Trial Period: 30 days


  • Complete library in CD quality
  • Tidal Connect for easy connection
  • Gapless playback
  • Great recommendation algorithm
  • Lots of background information about the music


  • High-Res in MQA format only
  • Requires special decoder

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2. Apple Music - Great Option For True Apple Fans

apple music app.png

In 2005, Apple's Californian marketing geniuses created their streaming offering, Apple Music, and have since risen to become the second-largest streaming provider after Spotify.

Devices such as receivers or active speaker systems that support Apple's Airplay 2 function are now being offered more and more frequently. As far as the size of the music library is concerned, Apple Music says it is even ahead of Spotify with around 90 million available tracks and can boast many curated playlists.

The streaming service from Cupertino is, of course, worth considering, especially for Apple users. While Spotify and Apple Music are on par in most respects, your decision could depend heavily on whether you own many Apple devices and how much connectivity to other devices is your focus.

In terms of price, Apple Music and Spotify are on par: Apple Music also costs $9.99 per month, but unlike Spotify, it does not offer a very limited free version. Apple now offers the entire content of Apple Music in CD quality in addition to the lossy AAC format. Moreover, Apple relies on its lossless codec, ALAC.

In addition, part of the library should also be available in high-res quality with up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. As another audiophile treat, Apple introduced 3D audio in 2021. Devices that support this format enable you to perceive your music in three dimensions around you.

As commendable as Apple's approach to offering better music quality to its users, Apple loses out to Tidal or Qobuz regarding Hi-Res connectivity.


  • Voice: $4.99/month
  • Student: $5.99/month
  • Individual: $10.99/month
  • Family: $16.99/month

Sound quality:

  • AAC format up to 256 kbps,
  • ALAC up to 24 bits / 192 kHz

Hi-Res Offer: Yes

Songs in Music Catalog: About 90 million

Trial Period: 1 month


  • Exclusive content
  • Extensive radio range
  • Several curated playlists


  • The recommendation algorithm leaves room for improvement

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3. Deezer - The Little All-Rounder


The French streaming service Deezer has been involved in music streaming since 2007. Compared to the big streaming providers like Spotify, Apple Music, and Co., Deezer is relatively small.

But that doesn't mean that the French provider isn't worth a look for everyone. Deezer combines many offers that are often spread across the other services.

Deezer is one of the streaming providers that offer hi-fi streaming. At $10.99, Deezer is slightly more expensive than Tidal's hi-fi offerings but does not offer any Hi-Res.

In addition to lossless music, you can listen to numerous podcasts, audiobooks, and radio play via Deezer. Many radio stations are also available to you. Moreover, there is a great algorithm, lyrics, and extensive compatibility or the latest Dolby Atmos 3D sound technology.


  • Deezer family: $17.99/month
  • Deezer Premium: $10.99/month
  • Deezer Premium Annual Plan: $98.91 ($8.24/month when paid annually)

Sound quality:

  • Free: 128 kbps MP3
  • Premium: 1411 kbps FLAC

Hi-Res Offer: No

Songs in Music Catalog: 90 million

Trial Period: 1 month


  • Good recommendation algorithm
  • Connectivity and app availability
  • Numerous extras and functions


  • Few exclusive contents

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4. Amazon Music - Large Offers at a Low Price


The streaming service from the giant online retailer offers you a vast selection of lossless music in FLAC format. In addition to its competitors, Tidal, Deezer, and Qobuz, Amazon stands out for its sizeable Hi-Res range, especially with a pretty reasonable offer, not only for Prime customers.

When it comes to extras, Amazon Music has made significant progress since it was launched. You don't have to do without the podcast hype or the right song lyrics with the streaming service of the giant online retailer.

Amazon Music is a good option if you're looking for a cheap streaming service that offers a substantial high-resolution music catalog.


  • Prime Music: Free
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Ad-Supported Plan: Free
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan: $8.99/month (or $89 a year) for Prime members or $9.99/month for everyone else.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan: $4.99/month (attached to an Echo device)
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Student Plan: $60/year
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan: $15.99/month ($159/yearly for Prime members)

Sound quality:

  • Standard: 320 kbps
  • HD: FLAC format up to 1411 kbps
  • Ultra HD: FLAC format up to 9216 kbps

Hi-Res Offer: Yes

Songs in Music Catalog: Over 90 million

Trial Period: 1 month


  • Quite inexpensive
  • Good recommendation algorithm
  • Own High-Res shop


  • Exclusive content has left much to be desired

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5. YouTube Music - The music Streaming Offshoot of the Video Portal

youtube music app.png

YouTube Music combines a well-functioning and well-stocked music streaming service with its massive video platform benefits. The streaming service is exciting for fans of the big YouTube world.

But YouTube Music also does a solid job for users who are only interested in music and can live without Hi-Res streaming. The streaming service is not ahead of its competitors like Spotify and Apple Music. Still, it reliably delivers your music, including new inspirations, thanks to a good recommendation algorithm and a large number of community playlists.


  • Premium: $9.99/month
  • Family: $14.99/month
  • Student: $4.99/month

Sound quality:

  • Standard/Free: 128 kbps, AAC format
  • Premium: 256 kbps, AAC format

Hi-Res Offer: No

Songs in Music Catalog: Over 80 million

Trial Period: 2 months for YouTube Music Premium and 1 month for Family and Student


  • Great connection between audio and video
  • Large niche offering
  • Good value for money with YouTube Premium


  • No desktop app
  • No HiFi offer

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6. Qobuz - The Premium Hi-Res Catalogue

qobuz app.png

Qobuz is the last streaming service on the list to offer Hi-Res streaming. Qobuz even specializes in Hi-Res and only offers subscriptions for lossless music. Accordingly, the entire catalog is available on the platform, at least in CD quality.

The selection of Hi-Res content is pretty significant. However, since Qobuz is tied to music that is available in high resolution, the catalog is a bit narrower in some places than, for example, with the big providers such as Spotify and Apple Music.

In addition, fans of classical music streaming also have to be prepared because many of the usual features, such as a recommendation algorithm and dynamically created playlists, are missing. The French streaming service scores with extensive editorial content about the artists it contains.


  • Studio: $10.83/month
  • Sublime: $15.00/month
  • Studio and Sublime Duo: $14.99/month
  • Studio and Sublime Family: $17.99/month

Sound quality:

  • FLAC 24-Bit up to 192 kHz

Hi-Res Offer: Yes

Songs in Music Catalog: Over 80 million

Trial Period: 1 month


  • Own music magazine
  • Associated download shop
  • Lots of information about the music


  • Few extras
  • No recommendation algorithm

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What Is the Best Free Spotify Alternative?

Have you gone through the list above and are still not satisfied? You're probably looking for a free Spotify alternative. If this is true, then you're in luck!

Below is a Spotify alternative free of charge.



SoundCloud is something of a special case within this list. It's not quite the classic streaming provider but more of a fundamentally free platform for music sharing and discovery.

If you're looking for a streaming service with a wide range of music, Soundcloud is the place for you. As one of the few Spotify alternatives, Soundcloud offers even more music than the big top dog, with about 200 million songs.

There are also audiobooks, radio plays, and podcasts. And of course, you can also upload and share your songs or podcasts. This free Spotify alternative is a real treasure trove, especially for people looking for music outside the mainstream.

In the free version, you can listen to (limited) music, even if only online. You can skip as many titles as you like, but you have to put up with longer commercial breaks of around 30 seconds. The sound quality is also relatively low at 128 kilobits per second (Kbps).

In addition, Soundcloud Go costs $5.99/month and allows you to listen to songs offline, and everything is ad-free. However, you don't have access to the full audio archive here either. The sound quality also remains at 128 Kbps.

It becomes more convenient only with Soundcloud Go Plus ($9.99/month). Here you get full access to the library, and the audio quality increases to 256 Kbps.

Also, you can do a 1-month SoundCloud Go and Soundcloud Go Plus trial for free!

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Conclusion – Which Spotify Alternative Is Right for Me?

Especially in music streaming, slight differences make certain providers more suitable for some users than others. If you're looking for a practical and clear Spotify alternative that provides you with music at little or no cost, SoundCloud is probably a good choice.

As an Apple user, you might also consider the Apple Music offer. Also, with the smaller provider Deezer, you have a complete package that offers you hi-fi sound, podcasts, radio, and much more!

Furthermore, Tidal could be a good option if you want to hear Hi-Res music. With a very successful app and a well-functioning algorithm, you can enjoy high-resolution music with constantly new recommended content.

The best music stream cannot be determined across the board. Ultimately, which Spotify alternative is suitable depends on what you need from a music streaming service.

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