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What is Yandex Music?

Yandex Music is a popular music streaming service in Russia. It offers millions of songs, curated playlists, and integration with other Yandex services. With a premium subscription, you can enjoy high-quality audio and personalized recommendations.

What is JioSaavn?

JioSaavn is one of India’s biggest music streaming services, with over 43 million songs. It offers a vast library of Bollywood, regional Indian music, and international hits. You can enjoy exclusive content, podcasts, and high-quality audio with a premium subscription.

What is FreeYourMusic?

FreeYourMusic is the coolest playlist moving and management tool on the market. It is an effortless way to transfer music, including albums, playlists, and songs, from one music streaming service to another.

Powerful Playlist Management Tools

15-minute auto-synchronization of your playlists and albums.
Dedicated Support
Expert dedicated tech & issues support.
Cloud Backup
Playlist security with cloud storage.
Cancel anytime
Cancel premium and keep Basic features - forever.
One button fix for missing or incorrect songs.
Song order
Your playlist as you intended
Unlimited Transfers
Transfer unlimited number of songs and playlists and albums.
All platforms
iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS & Linux
Multi-account support
One license, multiple accounts.


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