How to move Spotify playlists to Apple Music

May 6, 2024

Do you want to migrate Spotify playlist to Apple Music?

Quick Guide for Transfering Music from Spotify to Apple Music:

  • Download the FreeYourMusic app (desktop or mobile).
  • Connect your Spotify and Apple Music accounts (source & destination).
  • Select Spotify as the source for your music.
  • Select Apple Music as the destination for your music.
  • Choose playlists or albums to transfer and initiate the process.
  • Monitor the transfer progress and enjoy your music on the new platform.

Spotify and Apple Music are popular streaming services. Many people wonder if they can move Spotify playlists to Apple Music.

They also wonder if they can do the reverse. Luckily, we got you.

Move from Spotify to Apple Music or Apple Music to Spotify in minutes.

If you want to convert Spotify playlists to Apple Music, you can use FreeYourMusic. Our third-party app helps people move their Spotify playlists to Apple Music.

It also works with other streaming services. These include Amazon Music, TIDAL, and YouTube Music.

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Or, check this quick guide for switching from Spotify to Apple Music: How To Transfer From Spotify to Apple.

You can copy your playlists manually. However, a music conversion app is much more convenient. Save time and let FreeYourMusic handle the music migration process for you.

How to Convert Spotify playlists to Apple Music: What You Need

First, you need to download the FreeYourMusic app. It’s available on iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux. We recommend getting the desktop app, as it usually handles transfers faster.

You can move up to 100 songs for free to test the service. A Basic package or a Premium subscription is better for large music libraries.

You can move favorite tracks and export playlists and albums in a few taps.

You'll need an active Spotify and Apple Music account to migrate your playlists. You'll have to connect these accounts in the app. They act as the source and destination platforms. This connection lets FreeYourMusic work its magic

How to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music: Step-by-step

To transfer playlist from Spotify to Apple Music, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download FreeYourMusic. Open it on your desktop or mobile device. You'll see all the music apps that we support.


  1. Connect Spotify and Apple Music.

  2. Select Spotify as a source music platform.


  1. Now, select Apple Music as a destination music platform.


  1. Select the playlist & albums you want to move. FreeYourMusic will do the rest. Tap Begin Transfer.


  1. The transfer will appear on the list.


  1. Click on a specific transfer to see its progress. When it reaches 100%, the process is done. Now, you can enjoy your playlist on a new music service.


You can also use the same guide to move individual tracks and albums. Just select liked playlists, albums, playlist or individual tracks in the Select Playlist screen.

The steps above will work for other services. You can move from Apple Music to Spotify, Spotify to TIDAL or YouTube Music to Amazon Music. See what transfer combinations we support.

What if all the songs aren't matched?

Spotify and Apple Music have equally large libraries. But that doesn't mean they have the same music. Some music streaming services have exclusive tracks.

They also have exclusive albums. You can use the Rematch feature to find missed or incorrect songs.

Sometimes, the name and artist feature vary slightly. Other info may differ on different platforms. Getting the correct song might take an extra second.

We've compiled a handy guide to help you choose the right streaming app. Both Spotify and Apple Music are great places for your precious playlists.

But unless you've got a big budget, choosing one is a must for music fans. Spotify vs Apple Music—Which One Should You Choose.

How long does it take to move music from Spotify to Apple Music?

The FreeYourMusic app is continually being improved and refined. With each release, the app is updated, and speed is a huge consideration. In general, the music migration will take a few minutes.

Here are a couple of estimates:

  • Small transfers, up to 100 songs, will take a few minutes.
  • Medium transfers (a few hundred songs) can take up to 30 minutes.
  • Large transfers (thousands of songs) can take a couple of hours.

Your music migration speed will depend on your internet speed, how many transfers you do in one go, and if FreeYouMusic is experiencing high traffic.

To get the maximum migration speed, here are some tips:

  • Move music in smaller batches.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Avoid server overload (during peak hours).

Here is a troubleshooting guide: FreeYourMusic Not Working?.

Why is Apple Music a great alternative to Spotify?

Your music streaming platform is a personal choice. Some people love Spotify's massive selection of podcasts and music all in one place. Other people will never want to miss out on Spotify Wrapped.

However, Apple Music is a good choice as an alternative streaming service. Here is what you get for your subscription:

  • Over 100 million songs
  • Apple's own codec ALAC
  • Lossless tracks
  • Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos
  • Ad-free listening
  • Apple Music Sing
  • Extensive classical music catalog
    over 30,000 curated playlists
  • Fuss-free user interface
  • Comparability
  • Ability to upload your own music into your Apple Music library

Can You Convert a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music Without a Subscription?

If you want to transfer a Spotify playlist to Apple Music, you must have accounts in these services. Spotify's free plan lets users create and manage playlists without a subscription. You don't need a premium plan.

However, Apple Music doesn't have a free plan, and you need a subscription to use the service. There's a free trial for those interested in subscribing to the platform.

If you currently don't have an active Apple Music subscription, you won't be able to transfer your playlists.

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