How to Use Spotify Web Player

April 19, 2024

Spotify is one of the titans in the music streaming world. You can use the app on your desktop or on a mobile device. But, a cool feature that many people don't use is the Spotify web player. You can listen to your playlists, favorite albums, and artists. All without an app!

So, with this, there's no need to install the Spotify app to stream music on your mobile or tablet. That leaves some extra space on your device. You can use it to store other things - like the FreeYourMusic app.

In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about using the Spotify web player and solve any player not working issue that you're facing. Ready? Let's dive in!

What Is Spotify Web Player?

The Spotify web player is the way to listen to Spotify anywhere. You can use it without installing the app. Once logged in, you can use the features of the Spotify app in the browser. And Spotify Premium is not required!

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You can use the Spotify online player. You can subscribe to the service and access all your saved songs and playlists. You can play music and podcasts. You can also see the sections for Assistance, Privacy, Conditions, and so on.

Since a browser is one of the most used things on a computer, the feature is handy. Thanks to this Spotify version being a progressive web app (PWA). You can use it like a native app.

How to Access Spotify Web Player


Spotify keeps it simple with the web player. The web player looks and feels like the app. The buttons, icons, and key features all work the same.

You can access your account. It has the whole Spotify music library. You can do this via the web player. The main features you use in the official app, are also in the browser-based version.

Oh yeah, Spotify doesn't want you to miss a thing!

Some of these features include:

  • Search for artists, albums, songs, and playlists
  • Look for the "Recommended," "New Releases," or "Genres and Moods" playlists.
  • Access and edit the library created by the user
  • Use all playlists, songs, albums, or artists stored in the user account
  • Visit artists' pages

You can visit the Spotify website at You can use your desktop or mobile device to access it.

These browsers support the web music streamer:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

After logging in with your account details, you get full access to your Spotify account.

If you have any problem with the web player login, a quick refresh or browser update should fix it. You may have to check if the browser can play protected content.

How to Use Spotify Web Player

You'll see a simple interface when you log into your Spotify account on the web player. It has a clear side menu with all you need. With it, you can play your favorite music in just a few clicks.

Keep in mind the web version on mobile devices is as limited as its native application. You'll get random playback if you don't have a paid Spotify Premium account.

And, even if you have Spotify Premium, you won't be able to download music to listen to it later.

Finding Music on the Web Player

Tap on the "Search" tab at the top-left corner. You can search for your favorite tunes and artists or explore genres. You'll find the "Browse All" area here, too, with plenty of genres to choose from. Click on any of them to explore a large collection of featured playlists. It has new launches, podcasts, and more!

Or, you can use the search bar to find anything in the Spotify library. You'll see songs, musicians, albums, playlists, and more as you type. Tap on any of them to move to the page.

Your "Home" page will fill with useful web links as you continue to stream songs. They will be customized to your preference.

Navigating the Artists & Albums Pages on Spotify Web

When you click an artist's name on Spotify, it will send you to their web page. You'll find the singer's most popular songs at the top of the list. This benefits a user who isn't quite familiar with the singer yet.

You'll find all the artist's albums, single tracks, and premier launches on this page. Click "Discography" to see more about the artist's songs or albums. You'll see the year of release, number of songs, and more!

Saving Music to Your Library


The "Your Library" tab lets you see all the music you love in one group. The tab also helps you arrange your favorite songs. It organizes them by different categories. The categories include playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums.

You can save more albums, playlists, or songs to your library. Just click the (+) icon above the item. To save a song, click the (+) that appears next to the track length.

Note that the (+) replaced the heart icon.

Also, you can keep tabs on an artist by following them. Spotify will notify you or show their new tracks on your home page. They will do this as soon as the tracks arrive. The platform also recommends more songs from artists you follow.

Downloading the Spotify Web Player

The Spotify web player is a progressive web app. Thanks to this, you can install it on your computer or phone. So, you can use the browser version directly or install the web app.

On the phone, when you access a browser, you'll get a notification to add the website as an app. But this doesn't happen on the computer, so you must add it manually.

Let's show you how to do this on your desktop browser. But you can also do it in Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Brave. You can also use any Chromium-based browser you like.

Go to the browser's address bar when you're on the web Spotify player page. Once there, you must click on the monitor-shaped icon and then click on Install.

You'll immediately notice the web browser's address bar vanish. It gives way to a cleaner, more app-like interface. This process will create an icon on the desktop and another in the start menu. This way, you can access Spotify. You can enjoy uninterrupted listening without reopening the web browser.

If the option to install doesn't appear, then do the following:

  1. Open the Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over More Tools.
  4. Select Create Shortcut.
  5. Check the "Open as Window" box and click the blue Create button.

Now you can access the Web Player on your desktop or task menu. You can do this without opening your browser.

Spotify - Web Player: Music For Everyone

The web player lets Spotify join a trend. This trend is growing in the digital realm. Mobile device users are finding the benefits of browser-based apps. These apps don't need to be downloaded or installed as they want music.

In streaming and gaming, the trend is toward more apps. They are free of pre-installed software. This way, you can save time and storage space by downloading less.

Also, using a browser-based player offers more flexibility. You can use it to compare and switch providers. Users today tend to use browser-based apps. This has led providers to invest more time and ideas in non-app services.

Developing the web player is a logical step for Spotify. It lets users have the most flexibility and comfort in the long term.

Pros and Cons of Spotify Web Player (Vs Desktop App)

Like any new feature of an established app, the Spotify web player has pros and cons. It has them for the user compared with the desktop or mobile app.



  • Users can take their music with them regardless of their device. You can access Spotify's entire catalog and custom libraries by logging in to the Spotify online player. You can do this from any device.
  • Spotify is browser-based. It saves storage on the end device. It also creates the most flexibility.
  • You can use it for free – no subscription is required. So don't worry if you don't have Spotify Premium Individual, Duo, or Family. It's not necessary.
  • The free Spotify app has ads like banners, videos, and audio files. But web player users can also hide the ads with a free account. They can also use an ad blocker to listen without interruption.


  • The web player streams audio files at a lower bit rate than the app. This means the audio quality is lower.
  • Free subscribers are limited to 128kbps from the web player. But they get 160kbps from the app. However, premium users get 256kbps through the web player. They get up to 320kbps through the app. To improve your listening, buy Spotify Premium. It will give you better sound. It offers higher-quality audio. Plus, it is ad-free!
  • You must navigate through the web player. Also, you can't play offline if you don't have Spotify on your phone or computer.
  • You can't use the Spotify online player to listen offline. This means that even Spotify Premium subscribers can't use downloaded music offline. They also can't use any extra features.

Fixes for “Spotify Web Player Not Working”

Spotify web often malfunctions. You may be unable to access it smoothly.

The reasons why Spotify web player may not work can differ. It depends on your operating system and browser. Below are some of the most common issues and how to fix them.

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Poor Internet Speed or No Internet Connection


When the web Spotify player isn't working, check the internet. Bad internet is a common reason for not accessing your Spotify music. You can't play music offline with the web version of Spotify. You must be on a Wi-Fi or cellular network to ensure an internet connection. Also, check that you didn't accidentally set Airplane mode. And, check that no browser extensions are blocking the access.

Alternatively, you can solve this by trying to open the Spotify web player in a private window. Use incognito mode. Remember, some shared or public networks (work, office, school) may block some services.

Even with an incognito window, you might not access the Spotify web player. Contact the network managers for more info

Browser Incompatibility

Another reason is that the Spotify web player is not working. This can be due to an old browser. Or, in some cases, clearing the browser cache is necessary. If it's compatible, you can try fully restart your browser as well. To use the Spotify Mobile Web Player on Android, the device must have Android 6.0 or later.

It must connect from:

  • Chrome 69 or higher
  • Samsung Internet 9.2 or later
  • Firefox 95 or higher

On iOS Spotify Mobile Web Player works on the following browsers:

  • Chrome 69 or higher
  • Safari 11 or higher

You want to use Spotify Desktop Web Player but not install the app.

Here are the supported options:

  • Chrome 66 or higher
  • Firefox 60 or higher
  • Edge 18 or higher
  • Opera 49 or higher
  • Safari 12.1 or higher

So, if the Spotify online player doesn't work, ensure your browser is up to date. On Chrome, click the three-dot menu icon. You can find it in the top-right corner. Then, go to Settings > Help > About Chrome.

Playback of Protected Content Not Enabled

You get the error message "Playback of protected content is not enabled" on Spotify's web player. So you need to enable it. You can enable protected content on popular browsers.

Do this by following the steps below:

  • Type "chrome://settings/content" in the Chrome address bar. At the bottom of the page, tap "Additional content settings." Then, select "Protected content IDs" to turn it on. This will allow any site on your browser to play protected content.
  • On Firefox, click Enable DRM in the yellow warning bar at the top of the screen. Or, enter "About:preferences#content" in the URL bar. Then, click DRM content and enable Play DRM.
  • A Media Feature Pack may be required for the Spotify web player to work on Windows 10. Go to the Microsoft download area. Choose your language and click Download. Then, choose your platform and click Next.

Also, if you try to access Spotify online from iPhone on Safari, you may see the "Something went wrong" screen. It will invite you to download the mobile app or update it. The problem may be temporary. But, you can try to bypass it by using the web Spotify player from Chrome or another browser.

If the common issues remain, you can reset settings to their original defaults. Then, you can set up the web player again.

It could also be an Windows issue rather than your browser. Some versions of Windows will need you to download and install the media feature pack.

Finally, if Spotify isn't for you, for example, due to no offline listening. You can move your playlist to another music platform. You can do this using FreeYourMusic.

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