Spotify Student Discount

May 20, 2024

Every music streaming platform has a range of subscription options, but for those on a student budget, $10 or more dollars a month isn’t pocket-friendly.

And in the midddle of a big study session, ads popping up as you're listening is a quick way to be distracted. Luckily, Spotify has a great alternative that is ad-free and pocket-friendly: the Spotify Student Plan.


What is the Spotify Premium Student Plan?

The Spotify Premium Student Plan is a budget-friendly subscription option for students. In keeping with what seems to be a standard student plan price, Spotify offers theirs for $5.99 - so they are the same price as the Apple Music Student Discount - which some people prefer because it has Apple TV+ for a limited (but unspecified) time.

What is included with the Spotify Student Discount Plan?

When you sign up for the Spotify Student plan, you will get your first month for free, and you’ll get access to podcasts, playlists, personalized curated playlists, and the rest of their 100-track-strong catalogue.

As well as the music, Spotify Premium Student also includes Hulu. Hulu has all of the top shows, so you can watch Hulu Originals exclusives and more. The Hulu plan is ad-supported.

The bundle of two products means students are saving $12.99 a month. You can use this subscription for 48 months, or until you have completed your course - whichever is sooner.

What are the criteria to get a Spotify Student subscription?

Spotify uses a verification system called SheerID, and you need to be at a US Title IV accredited university of college and over the age of 18. Further, if you have ever had a premium account, you aren’t eligible for a student account.

For those who already have Hulu, your Hulu billing will switch to Spotify. You can’t use it if you have any add-ons like HBO, and you can’t be playing for it through a third party.

What is the verification process for a Spotify Premium Subscription?

SheerID takes over the verification process and works in the US and 33 other countries, too.

  • Go to the Spotify website.
  • Look for all premium plans, and scroll until you see Student Premium.
  • Click Get Student Premium.
    You will be taken to the following screen:


From there, you need to follow the instructions until your verification is approved.

Once your verification is approved, you will have instant access to your new Spotify Premium Student subscription.

You can also find the offer directly on the SheerID website, but it will take you back to Spotify to complete the first part of the process.


Is Apple Music Student or Spotify Premium Student better?

Well, they are the same price, both $5.99 each, which is a significant saving over the 48 months that you can have the account. And they both offer something extra, too. With the Apple Music Student subscription, you get access to Apple TV+, but the offer states that it is for a limited time, and in the fine print, it says limited time offer and that it may end at any time.


Spotify, on the other hand, has an ad-supported Hulu offer, which doesn’t appear to have the same risk of being revoked at any time.

While Apple TV+ does have some great shows, the more popular of the two is Hulu by a long shot.

How can you renew your Spotify Premium Student subscription?

To keep your Spotify Premium Student subscription, you will get a notification email about four weeks before your subscription hits the year mark (every year). It will ask you to log in and reverify your student credentials with SheerID.

You can also do this through your account page.

To reverify through your account page, here is what you need to do:

  • Log in to your Spotify account,
  • Head to Account Overview,
  • Look for Student Discount, and then Renew Discount,
  • Tap or click the button,
  • You’ll be taken to SheerID and need to follow their instructions.

What happens to your Student Premium Discount when you graduate or leave your course?

If you fail to reverify, graduate, leave your course, or reach the 48 months, your student discount will come to an end. You will be automatically moved to a Spotify Premium Individual subscription.

What if my credentials can’t be verified?

Spotify has partnered with SheerID, and it is SheerID that runs the verification process - if there are any issues with verification, then you will need to reach out to SheerID customer support.

In some cases, SheerID might ask you to upload supporting documents to help them with the verification process; other times, it will be done without that. Supporting documents may include an enrollment letter, schedule, transcripts, or a tuition receipt.

How do I access Hulu with the Spotify Premium Student subscription?

Once your Spotify student discount is set up, go to your Spotify Premium for Students account, head to your account page, and look for the Activate Hulu button. You’ll need to fill in a short sign-up, and your Hulu account is now ready to use.

Use the Hulu app or website as usual to access TVs and movies, and the Spotify app or web player for podcasts, music and more.

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