What are the best music streaming platforms?

What are the best music streaming platforms?

While writing these very words we’re listening to some pretty wicked trip-hop beats on one of the music streaming platforms. To tell the truth, there’s very little we can do without music. Come to think of it – is there anything in life that can’t have music in it? Can you imagine a single event, that would sound better without sound?

Luckily, wherever human goes, he brings technology with him. Sharp. Therefore we- the human (race) are provided with music streaming platforms!

Well, we’ve made quite a list – 10 platforms offering enough music to fill every moment of your life with plenty suggestions that will be suggested to the people attending your funeral. We are trying to compare them according to the amount of music they have and how much it’ll hurt your wallet when you decide to buy yourself some of that access!

#1 Spotify

Kinda obvious to start with that- the most popular of ’em all. But don’t let this cloud your judgement.

Spotify has over 30 million songs with over 20 000 songs added daily. Nice, considered the pay wall of the premium membership is only 9.99$/ month high. It’d be perfect if it had any Tool’s songs. It doesn’t.

#2 Google Play

It’s praised for enabling users access to more than just streamed content. Google (lets you press) Play 40 million times for a new song. This one will cost ‘ya 9.99$ per month.

#3 Pandora

With 1,5 million track in its libraries, Pandora boasts most customisation options and a 9.99$ per month subscription fee. Fun fact: it costs 12.99$/ month if you buy it through iTunes. Like anyone’s gonna do it.

#4 iHeartRadio

Touching name. 15 million music tracks, from which you’ll surely find something romantic, to celebrate the moment. Just don’t spoil the date by asking to split the 9.99$/month bill.

#5 8tracks

This one’s tricky. The idea is to create a social network with streaming user-curated playlists up to 8 tracks each (that’s why it’s “8tracks”!) It has 6.5 million tracks. To quote the president famous for a bad hair day every day: ‘Sounds good. Doesn’t work.’ Well, he’s wrong again. It works but cost 25$ for 6-month premium access. Ouch.

#6 Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon delivers (get it?) 40 million tracks and cost 9.99$/month. Alright, the Amazon joke was so bad we’re not gonna say any more about it. Sorry.

#7 Apple Music

40 million tracks for only 9.99$ monthly. Best offer Apple gave us since forever. Other than that the service is like any other Apple product-  you either love it or hate it.

#8 Deezer

We were hoping to unravel the mystery of the naming. We failed. Deezer, on the other hand, is doing pretty well, with 40 million tracks for only 9.99$ a month.

#9 Tidal

Has 48.5 million tracks, including Jay-Z (you decide whether it’s a plus or not) and a 9.99$ for the standard subscription and 25.99$ for premium…  No wonder no one wanted to even write about it. A platform for Jay-Z’s fans…(only?)

#10 SoundCloud

This one is more like a content streaming platform. It was made for musicians share their music (unlike Jay-Z) for free for the greater good of the industry. Soon it turned out to be a great promotional tool for the artists and thus the beginning of streaming/ sharing music experience. It has 125 million track for 5$/month.

We still don’t know which one is better. We can all agree that we’ll agree on the platform that will acquire Tool’s tracks. Other than that, we can’t think of any other criteria. Hope we shed some light you, though.  Good luck finding your favourite!