Deezer vs Spotify - 2022 Comparison

November 29, 2020

Music streaming platforms have now become the norm for listening to songs, and the offers are multiplying. Deezer and Spotify are the two most well-known music streaming platforms. Although similar, especially in terms of their price and the fact that they both offer a free version, they differ in several ways. Deezer vs Spotify - which one to choose? How to select the best streaming service according to your needs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Let's take a look!

  1. What is Spotify
  2. What is Deezer
  3. Plans and Costs
  4. Devices and Access
  5. Sound Quality
  6. User Interface
  7. Music Library
  8. Music Recommendations
  9. Podcasts
  10. Summary

What is Spotify

The most famous streaming service is undoubtedly Spotify. The Swedish company has made itself known by offering a vast songs catalog and a well-known mobile application. The visual identity of the brand is also quite vivid. The Spotify app has attracted lots of users since the competition was a little behind in this area.

Spotify makes it easy to search for titles or artists, and it provides access to thousands of playlists created by its members. The offline playback system allows you to store a selection of titles on the mobile and then listen to them on public transport, for example. The strongest point of Spotify is its ease of use and music discoverability.

Spotify logo.JPG

What is Deezer

Deezer offers an impressive catalog of 90 million songs. The mobile application has greatly evolved from its beginnings and is built on the same model as Spotify. It's easy to use and paid version allows you to enjoy the better sound quality and the absence of advertising. What is more, unlike Spotify, Deezer has offered a Deezer HiFi option since September 2017, giving the users the possibility of streaming in "real CD quality". Over 90 million titles are available in FLAC for $14.99 / month (with the first three months free). Deezer's strong point is its extensive catalog and a well-designed mobile application. The Deezer Premium subscription features more personalization options. For example, you can create your playlists and use the Flow function, which offers you a playlist based on the songs you listen to. You can also identify songs with the SongCatcher feature, which works similar to Shazam.


Spotify vs Deezer – Plans and Costs

Let's dig into pricing and subscription plans of Spotify and Deezer!

How much is Spotify

The premium offer starts at $9.99 per month. It's also possible to access the app for free, but then you'll have to listen to audio advertisements. What is more, it's possible to subscribe to a family plan at $14.99 per month with six different accounts. Right now, Spotify offers a 1-month free trial for new customers.

Individual: $9.99 Family: $14.99 Student: $4.99

How much is Deezer

The Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month. The price difference between Spotify and Deezer is very thin. Especially since Deezer also offers a family subscription with six accounts for $14.99.

Regardless of the platform used, there's Spotify or Deezer Student subscription at $4.99 / month each and a Family subscription at $4.99 / month. It's also possible to benefit from a trial period to test the service. Like Spotify, Deezer only offers a 30 day trial period.

Deezer service has the advantage of being available as an annual subscription at $99.90, which allows you to save $19.98 per year. It offers access to 56 million songs against 70 million pieces available on Spotify.

Individual: $9.99 Family: $14.99 Student: $4.99 Annual: $99.90

Spotify Free

  • Access to 80 million songs

  • Commercial breaks

  • Unlimited listening time per month

  • Save as many songs as you want

  • Suggestions for songs similar to the ones you are listening to

  • Spotify Free doesn't offer the offline mode

  • Sound quality up to 96Kbits / s on smartphone and 160Kbits / s on computer

Deezer Free

  • Access to 90 million songs

  • Commercial breaks

  • Only shuffle mode available

  • Deezer Free doesn't offer the offline mode

Free versions are good, but Premium versions are better! This is how we might sum it up, but it's still a little more complicated than that.

It all depends on your expectations, your daily usage, and your patience. If hearing ads gets on your nerves, then investing in Premium is a good idea for both Deezer and Spotify. However, accepting advertising in exchange for an unlimited streaming service isn't a bad option either. Switching from the free version to the Premium has similar advantages in both services.

Spotify Premium

  • Access to 90 million songs

  • No advertising interruptions

  • Unlimited skips

  • Available offline

  • Sound quality up to 320Kbits / s

spotify premium.png

Deezer Premium

  • Access to 90 million songs

  • No advertisements

  • Unlimited skips

  • High Fidelity sound

  • Offline mode

  • Craft your own collections

deezer premium.png

Deezer vs Spotify: Devices and Access

Whether it's the Deezer or Spotify, it's possible to access it via multiple devices. Here is the list of all the devices on which you can listen to music on Spotify or Deezer:

  • smartphone or tablet,

  • computer (PC or Mac),

  • smartwatch,

  • an audio system such as Sono, Bose Music, Google Home, etc.,

  • voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc.,

  • on a smart TV (Android TV, Samsung TV, etc.),

  • via game console (Xbox One or Playstation 3 and 4),

  • from a car.


Deezer vs Spotify: Sound Quality

Both music services are available via their website or mobile application. They offer the same sound quality of 320Kbits / s and an offline mode to continue listening to your playlists, even when you don't have access to WiFi.

Deezer HiFi: a new sound experience

By "lossless" music, we mean less compressed sound than MP3 files, which allow you to enjoy superior listening quality. The "lossless" Deezer HiFi offer has already existed for several years but has long been restricted to a few connected speakers and computers. Today, Deezer is expanding its offer to Android and iOS. With 90 million titles, Deezer is the audio streaming service with the largest catalog, and it uses this argument to convince its users to switch to Deezer HiFi.

To subscribe to Deezer HiFi, you will need to first unsubscribe to your "classic" account. Then you can take out a new Deezer HiFi subscription. The audio streaming application clearly seeks to distinguish itself with this feature. With excellent sound at your fingertips, Deezer is leaping forward in the popularization of HiFi content.

With 360 Reality Audio, Deezer wants to promote "innovative audio technology that will give you an immersive listening experience." With this new technology, Deezer wants us to feel the music "as if it's being played around us". If you decide to test this option, you will need to download a dedicated application: 360 by Deezer. The latter is exclusively reserved for Deezer HiFi users who wish to enjoy the better sound quality.

Deezer HiFi.JPG

Deezer vs Spotify: User Interface

On the computer, Deezer is a site, and Spotify is a software. Whatever device you want to use it on, you must have an account - everything you do with the audio files will be saved to your account only. On smartphones, the applications work similarly: you choose your song, listen to it, go to the next one. Of course, you can create your own playlists, rename them, and listen to them whenever you want.

When it comes to the interface, Spotify has dark & green colors, while Deezer presents dark/light contrast. Spotify offers a slightly different interface depending on whether you are a premium user or not.

Both services are available on the web and as an app for Windows and Mac, Android, and iOS. Thanks to a minimalist design, the Deezer platform is probably more pleasant to use than Spotify. Its menu, which appears on the left, comprises 4 options, Music, Shows, Browse, and Favorites. If you wish, you can apply Dark Mode to Deezer (Account icon → Dark Mode).

The two applications are similar and allow quick access to the most important software functions, including searching for songs/artists and accessing playlists. Playback is intuitive and straightforward; however, Deezer's free version requires the user to play the tracks randomly.

Deezer vs Spotify: Music Library

One thing is undeniable; these two platforms have no shortage of choices! Deezer's library has no less than 90 million titles and that of Spotify, 80 million. It's good to know that every catalog is slightly different depending on the country you're in, so don't be surprised if while traveling abroad, you can't access all the titles in your playlists.

Deezer collections.JPG

Deezer vs Spotify: Music Recommendations

Deezer and Spotify each have options that allow their users to receive personalized music recommendations. This feature is called Flow - "an infinite mix with your favorites and great discoveries" on Deezer. When you click on its banner, you are redirected to a playlist specially created for you. The selection of recommended tracks is made based on your heart usage, whether you like a song or not, and on your genre and artist preferences when you created your account.

CleanShot 2022-09-27 at 17.56.11@2x.png

On Spotify, the recommendations are divided into different playlists, and each one represents (more or less) a style of music that you listen to. The playlists are called Daily Mix (1, 2…), and the more you use the platform, the more recommendations you have. The advantage of Daily Mixes is that you can view the playlist's content before playing it, which isn't the case with Deezer. If you want to discover even more music, you can also go to the Browse All section, then to the Discover or New. So, as far as musical discoveries are concerned, we are more inclined towards Spotify. Browsing the corners of the site to find new artists to listen to is very satisfying.

Spotify music recommendations.JPG

Deezer vs Spotify: Podcasts

Deezer and Spotify both have a section specifically dedicated to podcasts.

At Deezer, you will find the Shows category that contains a multitude of programs and all the broadcasts of the major conventional radio stations. Note that podcasts are only available on the Deezer website.

Spotify also makes a wide variety of podcasts available, and its catalog is growing. The Swedish platform also offers radio broadcasts and independent programs.

Spotify podcasts.JPG

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Deezer vs Spotify: sum up

Spotify and Deezer are so similar that it's hard to tell them apart. Thus, the choice largely depends on your taste. Do you like platforms with a simple and straightforward design? Are you into HiFi music listening? If so, head to Deezer. For music lovers looking for new song recommendations, Spotify would be great. The good news is that both these platforms have a free version and a 30-day trial offer, so you can try out their services before you subscribe!

Which music service do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments!

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