How to Cancel Apple Music And Keep Your Playlists

October 23, 2023

The way music is consumed has changed dramatically, from record players and tapes to MP3 players and the iPod. Now, streaming services are the primary means of accessing music for the majority of people. Although it wasn't the pioneer in this field, Apple Music has become one of the most popular services among music enthusiasts, and the service is top-rated in the United States.

But what if you change your mind about the subscription?

In any case, if you’re not sure whether you want to continue with Apple Music after the free trial, or if you don’t like the service, and want to try another one, you can cancel your Apple Music subscription at any time. This will prevent charging your card after the three-month trial period. Read on to learn how to cancel your Apple Music subscription without losing your playlists.

What is Apple Music


Apple Music is a music streaming service launched in 2015 by Apple after acquiring Beats Electronics in 2014. The latter included Beats Music's subscription streaming service, which Apple later discontinued.

Apple Music allows you to stream any song in your iTunes catalog on-demand, as well as find all of your music in one place, whether it's purchased from iTunes, downloaded from the web, or copied from a CD.

It also offers you:

  • Recommendations based on your music taste;
  • Internet radio (including the Beats 1 station);
  • The ability to save songs on your device to listen to them when you are offline;
  • Playlists compiled by experts;
  • Integration on iOS devices with the Siri assistant.

How much is Apple Music

The paid subscription that renews every month is a popular fee model for various Apple services and devices ((iPhones, iDevices, Apple TV, and Macs). As a result, users have constant access to services such as music, news, video, etc. The fee is charged monthly or annually. For example, once you subscribe to Apple Music, you'll be charged automatically after the free trial period until you cancel the subscription. For this reason, you should learn how to cancel your Apple Music paid subscription.

Apple Music pricing: Individual, student and family plans

Apple Music provides its users with several membership plans.

The subscription for individual user costs $10.99 per month. More affordable, on the other hand, is a Family plan, because it gives the entire Apple Music experience to up to six people. Family plan costs $16.99 per month. If you are going to college, Apple has a special student plan, 50% cheaper than the regular one. Remember that!

Student subscriptions, at $5.99 / month and Individual subscription at $10.99 / month (with three free trial months), have similar features: listening to music with or without the Internet connection, no ads, access to original content, etc. The Family plan at $16.99 / month, allows you to have six accounts (one for each member) and share the music and iTunes purchases.

Apple Music is available on all types of devices (not just iOS), including Android and Sonos phones and tablets. If you're using an Android device, go to the Play Store and download the Apple Music app. You'll enjoy all of its features and a great selection of songs.

Apple Music is not available in all countries or regions

One of the downsides to Apple Music is the fact that not everyone can try it out. Even if there is an Apple Store in your country and the support you need for Apple devices, there could be a problem downloading and using Apple Music. That's why before you get too excited about the service that so many people praise, make sure it's available in your country.

How to use Apple Music for free

If you are a new Apple Music user, the great thing is that you can get a 1 month free trial. Just download the app on your device, enter your ID details, choose a subscription plan, and that's it!

During the free trial period, the service won't charge you at all.

After the free trial, you'll be automatically billed every month. But don't worry. If you don't like the features offered by Apple, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

How to cancel Apple Music subscription

Apple Music automatically activates the update once you've followed their subscription plan. The service will charge you with a standard monthly subscription after the 1 month free trial ends. If you no longer wish to continue, you must deactivate the automatic subscription renewal before the billing day.

How to cancel Apple Music on iPhone or iPad:

1. Open the app and tap on Listen Now, then tap the icon with your initials.

2. Tap Manage Subscription.

3. Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm your action.

screen ios cancel apple music.png

How to cancel Apple Music on Mac:

  1. Open Apple Music and go to Account -> View My Account...

    open account to cancel apple music.png

  2. Scroll to Settings and tap Manage (next to Subscriptions).

    tap manage subscriptions on apple music.png

    1. Tap Cancel Subcription and confirm your action.

    cancel subscription apple music.png

How to cancel Apple Music on an Android device:

  1. Launch Apple Music >> Tap on the 3 red dots button at the top right.
  2. Then tap the Account button.
  3. The Account menu will pop up >> tap the Manage Subscription Button.
  4. Finally, you’re in the Subscription menu >> Tap CANCEL FREE TRIAL to end your subscription plan.

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What will happen after canceling Apple Music

After canceling Apple Music, songs added to My Music are locked and can't be played. In addition, songs downloaded during the active subscription will disappear from the Library, and the iCloud Music Library won't longer be displayed. It's also impossible to add Apple Music content to your Library, listen to radio stations, download songs for offline listening.

Receiving music suggestions from experts will also be unavailable after cancellation.

However, after signing in with Apple ID, it shows you artist content on Connect. So following the artist, playing content, tapping the "love" button, posting comments, and listening to Beats 1 radio... is still available.

Keep your playlists before you cancel Apple Music Subscription

Are you concerned about losing your playlists? There is a way to enjoy your favorite songs from Apple Music after canceling the subscription! If you transfer your playlists before the subscription ends, you'll be able to listen to them on another music streaming platform. For example, you can transfer from Apple Music to Spotify. Spotify has a free plan and you can keep your playlists there at no cost whatsoever.

In response to the needs of users who love music, FreeYourMusic developed a multi-functional playlist transferring software. FreeYourMusic uses advanced technology to transfer your entire playlists from one streaming platform to another.

How to see how many songs you have on Apple Music

To learn how many songs you saved, click "view" and then "show the status bar." In the same menu you pick up playlists (called Library), there is a "songs" view option. Click it, and below you'll see the status bar and the number of your saved songs.

Saying goodbye to Apple Music

If you ever change your mind about Apple Music, you can always cancel it. Regardless of how you use the service, you can find a quick way to stop using it without losing your playlists. When your subscription ends, you may quickly transfer your playlists, for example, to Spotify or Tidal. There are various streaming services nowadays. You may test them all, and there is no need to use the only one all the time. So free your music, and enjoy it everywhere you want!

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