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May 6, 2024

You and your music shouldn’t ever have to part ways.

And, most of us have been there - you want to switch streaming platforms, but you don’t want to leave your playlists behind. Hours of music listening, and playlist creation gone.

Not to mention your liked songs, albums and more.

Which is where our handy music converter app comes in. Our founder faced the same problem. Wanting to move from Spotify to Apple Music, without losing music. Luckily, you'll never need to go through that thanks to the FreeYourMusic app.

So what does it do? Well, FreeYourMusic has a bunch of features, but the basics are that it takes your music from one streaming platform and puts it on another.

So, you can move your music from Spotify to Apple Music, or from Apple Music to TIDAL. We support 19 services, and can convert playlists, liked songs, albums and more.

Key features of the music converter tool

Ease of use is a must, which is why FreeYourMusic can start moving your music in a few taps.

It’s not just that though, cross-compatibility is something that makes FreeYourMusic stand out from other apps. You can use the FYM app on desktop, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux.

Metadata retention. It’s one thing to convert your music between streaming platforms, it’s another to have the song order intact. When you are building a playlist, one of the most essential parts is the order. FreeYourMusic keeps your tracklist as you intended thanks to our sync song order feature (when available).


Through years of refinement, and continued improvements, the app is designed to be as user friendly as possible. First time users will get timed pop-ups with guidance and help, so that the process is easy to navigate.

We offer 100 songs for free, and then to move more you can select the Basic Package, or the Premium Subscription. Most users opt for the Premium, because it offers our best features.


Why you should choose FreeYourMusic

We’re not here to give you a hard sell. Instead, we highlight what we are great at and what our app can do for you. That’s it. That’s the line.

The problem: wanting to switch music streaming services, without losing playlists.
The solution: music converting app, FreeYourMusic.

So. Let's tell you more about us, and the app. And then, test us out for yourself.

Our (very small) and dedicated team read every comment, take on board suggestions, and fix problems asap.

Customer service, you want it, and we got it. Sometimes, the problems presented are things we need a minute to figure out - and the devs get straight on it. Email support is part and parcel of the Premium and Lifetime subscriptions.

FreeYourMusic is powered by MusicAPI. Why does this matter? Well, MusicAPI is an ultra-powerful cutting-edge piece of tech. FreeYourMusic doesn’t gain access to or store any of your login or personal data. But that is the bare minimum. We have strict terms of services that we adhere to at all times, and since we update the app often, we are vigilant on vulnerabilities.

In other words, we are super safe to use. And, if you have any questions about the app, our support is happy to discuss all things security with you.

FreeYourMusic was formerly known as STAMP, and was the first tool available to convert music from Spotify to Apple Music. From 2015 until the present, FreeYourMusic has increased the amount of services available, and converted over 13 billion songs (an ever growing figure).

We don’t have a partnership with any streaming service, which means new users and those who have been with us for years all get the same great service. Zero preferential treatment for users of any music service. And, that means our users are here because they love what we do, without the promotion from their music streaming company to use our app - and we think that’s pretty cool.


FreeYourMusic has countless incredible tech and audio media outlets who have tested the app. You could say, we’ve been given the thumbs-up for being great by some of the biggest names in app, tech and audio reviewers.

Want to test the app for yourself? Click the Download button, or search for FreeYourMusic in your app store.

Still not sure? Check out some reviews.

AudioNewsRoom Raves About FreeYourMusic's Cross-Platform Playlist Transfer Tool

At FreeYourMusic, we're always thrilled to receive positive feedback from both users and experts. One of the most recent reviews was from ANR. The AudioNewsRoom took some time to test out our app, and their review… well it left us smiling, that’s for sure.


In their coverage, ANR praised FreeYourMusic's intelligent algorithms for seamless playlist migration across major music streaming services. They highlighted our app's ability to automatically synchronize playlists, albums, and liked songs, ensuring a hassle-free transition between platforms like Spotify and Tidal.

The review also loved our playlist management tools, which allow users to merge, edit, and reorganize their playlists with ease. Noting how much control a user has over thier music. ANR's writer enjoyed our intuitive interface, noting that people who don't feel tech-savvy can use the app with ease.

They enjoyed the real-time update on the app, so they could see how the transfer was progressing. and , appreciated that unlike some other apps we are available across multiple platforms.

We're thrilled that AudioNewsRoom's review resonated with our mission to revolutionize the way music lovers enjoy their favorite tunes across different streaming platforms.

Check out the AudioNewsRoom review and stay tuned for more exciting updates and features coming your way!

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