An ultimate list of cool music websites and tools

May 6, 2024

Are you a music nerd who loves to explore fun and useful music tools? Check out this list of sites that are all about the amazing world of music. If you love music, you need to know about these fun Spotify websites and tools.

Music discovery

Every Noise: Sample every genre of music & check what artists fall under that genre.

Liveplasma: Discover new artists based on what you already like.

Music map: Enter a band name to see a visual map of similar bands.

Similar Songs Finder: Find similar songs to a song you like.

Artist Explorer: Enter an artist name or a genre and explore relationships between over 2,000,000 artists on Spotify. Play music, find songs, and discover artists.

Discover Quickly: Your interface for music discovery, powered by Spotify.

Mangomoji: Select one or multiple emojis to help you discover the perfect track to play right now.

Dubolt: Discover new music with the help of old favorites.

Best Spotify Playlists: The most popular playlists on Spotify, grouped by genre, sorted by followers.

Rate Your Music: One of the largest music databases and communities online, which you can use in endless ways to discover new music.

_1001 Albums Generator: You'll get a new albums generated every day. All albums are taken from the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die so it's quite a journey.

Music stats

How Bad Is Your Streaming Music: A.I. judges your awful taste in music. How bad is your Spotify?

Obsurify: How obscure (or basic) is your Spotify? Learn more about your music taste and compare it to others' with Obscurify.

Instafest: Create and share a music festival made from your top artists on Spotify!

Spotify Pie: Bake your monthly genre pie.

Receiptify: Generates receipts that list out a user's top tracks in the past month, 6 months, and all time.

Icebergify: How deep does your Spotify iceberg go?

Check Your Music: See your music stats by connecting to your favorite music services.

Whisperify: View stats, generate Spotify music quizzes, and challenge friends.

Musictaste.Space: Compare your music taste with friends (or strangers!)

Volt: Your Spotify profile on steroids.

Stats for Spotify: Get insights into your Spotify listening habits!

musicScapes: Landscapes based on your latest Spotify listens.

Playlist Generation

Spotify Playlist Miner: Build a new playlist based on the tastes of 100s of Spotify users!

FreeYourMusic: Transfer playlists between music services.

Pets By Spotify: Get a playlist for your pet based on music you love.

Smarter Playlists: Automate the process of making complex playlists.

Playlist Manager: Organize, view and create Spotify playlists easily

Organize Your Music: Organize your Spotify music collection by any of a wide range of musical attributes including genre, mood, decade of release and more.

Smart Links: Unleash your playlist across all music services.

Playlist in a Bottle: Send yourself a musical time capsule.


Kaleidosync: A Spotify visualizer.

Lofi Cafe: Lofi music streams for studying, working, and relaxing.

A Soft Murmur: Ambient sounds to wash away distraction.

Poolsite: The ultra-summer internet radio station, playing an infinity pool of summer sounds 24/7.

Would you add anything to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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