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Music library transfers

Moving your entire music library to or from Spotify has never been easier. Use this guide to transfer your favorite tracks, liked albums, and playlists with FreeYourMusic.

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Sync your music

One of the most powerful tools FreeYourMusic offers in the subscription plan is automated playlist synchronization. This tool is perfect for those with multiple streaming services, playlist curators, and those who manage playlists for musicians and artists. Updating each playlist one by one can be time-consuming, so we decided to make it easy. Any changes you make to your source playlist will be replicated to other services to which the music was transferred.
Ultra-efficient playlist management tools.

Personalize your transfers

Choose between various music platforms to create the perfect playlist transfer

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FreeYourMusic is simple to use, but if you need help with setting up your transfers, our team is here to help.

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