Are Third-Party Music Transfer Services Safe?

May 20, 2024

With all of technology's potential pitfalls, it can be hard to know what apps and services to trust. It is a good idea to be vigilant.

FreeYourMusic understands that safety and security when using apps and connecting them to services are priorities for users.

Anything that asks you to log in or connect your account should be something you are sure is safe to use and doesn’t access your details (unless that is what that specific app type does).

For those looking to move their music from one platform to another, you will have come across third-party apps for music transfer, like FreeYourMusic.

So, let’s dig into some details about how it works and what it does.

What are third-party music transfer services?

When moving your music from one music streaming service to another, what often springs to mind is having to move everything manually and painstakingly rebuild your playlists on your new music service.

While there is much to be said about the enjoyment of playlist building, if you have 20 playlists of 100 or more songs each to move, manual transfer is time-consuming.

You can make the transition between different streaming platforms much easier when you use an app to handle it.

What do third-party music transfer services do?

You often hear the words ‘transfer music,’ but a more descriptive term would be that the third-party music transfer app duplicates your playlists from one music streaming service and places it on another for you.

Where possible, all the songs will be in the proper order and be the correct version.

So, let’s say you have a Liked playlist on Spotify with 97 songs on it, but you want to move to Apple Music or Tidal. You don’t want to recreate your playlist manually; you want to transfer the music automatically.

FreeYourMusic offers to move the first 100 for free - so you can move your music from Spotify or any other platform to TIDAL or any other service in a few minutes.

So, the TLDR: FreeYourMusic will move your playlists, albums, and songs from one music platform to another for you.

How do third-party music transfer services work?

So you know what the service is and what it does - but you’re probably wondering how it works and whether it needs to access your details to do the job.

FreeYourMusic adheres to all of the highest standards when it comes to data protection - we take security and safety seriously. You can find out how much we value privacy in our privacy policy - which we encourage you to read.

We do not require or store user data to facilitate the move between music streaming services. You will log in directly with your music streaming service, and we will receive the data about your music and your music only. We don’t get your login details.

How popular are music transfer services?

Before FreeYourMusic (formerly known as STAMP), the only option for moving your music was to replicate your playlists manually. You’d need to write down all the music you liked, saved, and placed on playlists. And then find them all on your new streaming service.

Enter us, FreeYourMusic, with a quicker way to replicate your playlists. Initially, it was only for Spotify to Apple Music, but the market has grown since then, and we have extended our services to match the demand.

Millions of people move music daily, and we are the app of choice.

FreeYourMusic is fast, convenient, and works across many platforms. One of the best features for playlist curators is the playlist auto-sync. Adding music to the main playlist, say on Spotify, will see those changes replicated on other services that you have connected. The song order is a big one—because the selections are made carefully, this is another invaluable feature.

Music lovers with extensive catalogs want their playlists replicated when they move. We don’t just move a couple of songs or a playlist - no, we do it all.

You can move 100 tracks for free, but with a Basic or Premium subscription, you can move your entire music library. You can transfer playlists, songs, albums, single tracks, and more. What is even more interesting is that you can move songs from Spotify to YouTube and create video playlists in minutes.

FreeYourMusic is trusted by tech titans

We know that the proof is in the pudding, which is why we have always and will always welcome testing by tech and music media. Some of the industry's biggest and most trusted names, including Wired, Tech Advisor, Android Police, The Guardian, Gear Patrol, and more, have put us to the test.

We do what it says on the tin. We Free Your Music - so you can take your playlists, albums, and more with you - no matter where you go.

When you connect your source services through the app, you can see what we can access and what we can’t.

We need to be able to take action on your behalf for the playlist replication so you will see Add and Remove items in your Library. And, since most of our users love the Stats option (a way to get your listening stats any time you like), we also request access to your recently played library saves, top artists and content, and playlists you have created.

You can remove access at any time you like.

What happens during a music transfer?

The best thing to do is check out one of the guides we have written that covers all of this and more in detail: TIDAL Transfer: How to Transfer Playlist from Spotify to TIDAL.

When you download and use the FreeYourMusic app for the first time, you will see helpful pop-ups that guide you through the process. You can also move 100 songs for free to experience the app.

We also have some quick guides:

How to transfer playlists from one streaming service to another
How to transfer albums from one streaming service to another
How to transfer liked songs from one service to another
How to transfer your entire music library to another streaming service

Which FreeYourMusic subscription is the best?

For music lovers with under 100 songs and one playlist to move, you can make the most of the free music transfer option. It is fast and convenient.

Those with more than 100 songs to move, albums, or multiple playlists can benefit from the Basic or the Premium. The Basic is a single-price package that offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited music transfers
  • Lifetime updates
  • It is available on iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

The Premium is a subscription option and has our most powerful tools:

  • Unlimited music transfer
  • Dedicated support (super-friendly!)
  • Auto-synchronization
  • Rematch (find any missing or incorrect songs)
  • Backup of your music
  • Sync song order (perfect for playlist curators)
  • Cancel anytime

Here are some of our most recent reviews:


Do we get bad reviews, too? Yes, like every software company, we get some bad reviews too. Where possible, we aim to fix bugs and issues the same day we hear about them. In other cases, we look to see how we can improve based on user feedback.

FreeYourMusic is an ultra-safe, ultra-easy way to move your music between music streaming platforms. Try out on of our most popular music transfers: Spotify to Apple Music.

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