How to Get TIDAL Stats 2023?

December 21, 2023

One of the most fun features that streaming services like TIDAL music have been giving listeners is the lowdown on what they have been listening to for the previous year. Spotify Wrapped tends to lead the charge with listener stats, and there is a tussle every year about who will release their version first - and who is best.

It is easy to get lost in all the various names: Spotify Wrapped, Apple Replay, YouTube Music Recap, and My Deezer Year, sadly Qobuz doesn’t have the function built in.

But you can get yours from FreeYourMusic - check your stats for any music streaming platform, including TIDAL - handy!

Now, let's get into your listening history for 2023 with TIDAL music.

TIDAL music 2023 stats

The TIDAL music recap is something of a mystery - because it is said to be released at the start of January so that it includes the stats for December; however, in previous years (2021 and 2020), TIDAL released a recap around the start of December.


On the app, though, if you tap the house-shaped Home button on the bottom left, you’ll see Recently Played and For You at the top.

Scroll down until you find a category titled Your History. Here, you can find a couple of playlists - My Most Listen, which is a general playlist of your most listened-to music; My Most Listened 2023 (your recap); and My Most Listened with the month it was created for.

The My Most Listened 2023 serves as your yearly recap.

Here is how you find it:


Want to share? Here is how to share your TIDAL yearly recap on social media:


Tap the Share icon, then select if you'd like to share on Instagram or copy the link. If you tap the More button, you will find a host of other sharing options.

TIDAL does make sure that people can see their monthly recap with ease, though, and while their TIDAL wrapped doesn’t seem to be as big a deal as Spotify Wrapped, for example - you can check your most listened-to music pretty quickly.

Over the space of the month, TIDAL collects your listener information and presents you with a couple of social media sharing options.


Why do people love Wrapped, Recap, Replay, and Music Stats?

Although there are a set of people who prefer an all-music-no-metric approach and are happy to be on a music streaming service like TIDAL music that doesn’t seem to make a big deal about their round-up like Spotify - there are millions more who love to see their numbers.

Often, the music stats can reveal things you didn’t really notice. Maybe you listen to heavy metal a lot, but you see that some cheesy 70s music is high up on your top-played tracks. Or you clock less or more hours listening to music than you thought.

Another thing that makes end-of-year music stats so much fun is that they are shareable and comparable. You can check out people's tastes, find new music, try new genres, and discuss music in a new way.

Yearly listening stats for music streaming services encourage music discovery

Every music platform likes to push music discovery, and Deezer is one of them, leading the charge in this respect with specific features for discovery - like Flow.

But the wrapped, recap, and replay, when it is shared, can also do a few positive things when it comes to music discovery:

  • The social media shares will list tracks, albums, artists, and genres.
  • A playlist with the tracks is created which you can save and make public - sharing the music with new people.
  • When people don’t love their music stats, they make an effort to listen to new things - so they actively seek out new music.

All are great for music discovery, encouraging people to explore their music tastes and preferences further. What’s more, is that for real music lovers, you can set your own challenges for the year.

New genres added to your music tastes, collaborative playlists and Blends, and specifically with TIDAL making use of their TIDAL Rising and Cross-Genre options in the Explore tab.


Where can you get your TIDAL listening stats from?

The ‘My Most’ playlists that TIDAL shares are only half of your music-listening story; you can access more listener information with FreeYourMusic Listening Stats.

The FreeYourMusic Listening Stats has several categories, including Top Albums, Top Artists, and Playlists. Plus, you can find stats from specific playlists.

You can generate your listening stats for any music streaming service, including Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more.

And since we know that sharing your music listening stats for the year is one of the ways that people find new music, you can check out what other people are listening to on the Latest Statistics!


Which music streaming platforms can you get your listening stats from?

FreeYourMusic can show music listening stats from the following music streaming apps:

  • TIDAL listening stats
  • Apple Music stats
  • Amazon Music listener stats
  • Deezer music listening stats
  • Pandora streaming stats
  • SoundCloud listener stats
  • YouTube Music listening stats
  • YouTube streaming stats
  • Qobuz music listening stats
  • Napster streaming stats
  • QQ音乐 wrapped stats
  • Yandex Music stats
  • VK music streaming stats
  • Anghami music listener stats
  • JioSaavn listener stats
  • Boomplay stats
  • Gaana streaming stats
  • Resso music streaming stats
  • Zvuk streaming stats

FreeYourMusic helps listeners to keep track of their listening habits anytime, anywhere - putting you in the driving seat. You can curate your listening as the year progresses, so your yearly playlist from Spotify Wrapped, the TIDAL Music yearly round-up, Apple Music Replay, and YouTube Music Replay is worth saving.

Here is how you can find your music listening stats for any music streaming service with FreeYourMusic.



  • Get the FreeYourMusic app from your app store, or download the desktop version.
  • Tap or click the Stats icon.
  • Connect your music streaming platform (they may require you to log in).
  • Pick the collections you want to generate stats from.
  • Make a cup of coffee and wait a short time.
  • When they are ready, click or tap Open to see your stats.

Although TIDAL music has plenty of great features, you might be ready to make a switch to a lower-priced streaming service that offers a cooler set of yearly stats. Transfer from TIDAL with FreeYourMusic, and check out what other music streaming services have to offer.

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