How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

April 22, 2024

Spotify has a lot of cool social features and one of them is making collaborative playlists with other users. Making a collaborative playlist on Spotify can be great fun for you and your friends, so why won't you check out this option? Collaborative playlists will allow to invite other Spotify users to add tracks while only you own the playlist.

The best part is — a collaborative playlist is not as hard to create as you might think! Let's dive in.

What is a Spotify Collaborative Playlist

A collaborative playlist allows you to create a playlist, and invite other users to it, so that you can craft a playlist together. Any person who has the link to the collaborative playlist can put new tracks to it. It's a great feature thanks to which everyone can suggest some songs to their friends.

A collaborative playlist is a great idea in many situations. A playlist with the best songs from the music festival you attended together? Or maybe a unique mixtape for your upcoming trip? Spotify shared playlist can be an excellent opportunity to exchange music with your friends. It's perfect for family trips, vacations, workouts, parties, and more!
By creating a collaborative playlist, you can merge your music tastes into one shared playlist, and make it more tailored to the group.

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify - Step by Step

Creating a collaborative playlist is very simple and doesn't require much steps.

  1. Open Spotify and click on the "Your Library" tab.

  2. Click on Create Playlist.

  3. Before you invite collaborators, it's good to fill some information. Give your playlist a name, add a description and/or a cover art image, and choose whether you want it to be public or private. You can add some tracks to start off.

  4. Now it's time to invite the collaborators! How to do it? You can either click on the person icon or the three dots icon next to it. If you click on the dots, scroll down to find the option "Invite collaborators". Click on it and Spotify will present your with many sharing options.

how to make a collaborative playlist.png

  1. Copy the link and share it with your friends or send an invite on social apps.
    Remember that the link will expire after 24 hours. You friend has to accept the invitation within this time frame. Otherwise you will have to send another invitation.

  2. Once they accept the invitation, they're able to add their music.

How to manage Spotify shared playlist

Collaborative playlists are a relatively new Spotify feature (introduced in late 2020), thanks to which you can share your Spotify playlist with friends or even large public groups. It's very easy to create and manage. You can make a collaborative playlist on both Spotify mobile and desktop apps, but this option will not be available on Spotify web player.

Luckily, you don't need a Premium subscription to create and participate in a Spotify collaborative playlist. What else should you know about managing Spotify shared playlists? Let's dive in:

  • You can turn an exisiting playlist into a collborative playlist by clicking on the playlist's three dots icon.
  • In order to make a playlist collaborative, you need to be the playlist's owner.
  • With the new 2022 Spotify update, you can share playlists with large public groups or keep them private. If you set a playlist to private, only those working on it can view it. Spotify collaborative playlist are public by default.
  • As a playlist owner, you can add or remove members at any time.
  • Only the owner of the playlist can change the playlist's picture and title.
  • Any collaborator can add or delete a song from a collaborative playlist.
  • When somebody adds a song to a collaborative playlist, it will have a name, initial, and picture next to it to inform who added the track.
  • If you're using the desktop Spotify app, you can also the date the song was added.

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