The Ultimate Spotify Playlist Guide

April 22, 2024

Remember those ancient days before Spotify? Yeah, we neither. This musical genie hails from Sweden, and since 2006, it's been granting us our biggest wish: non-stop music. Dreamt up by two buddies who probably thought CDs were so last season, Spotify has become our go-to for songs, moods, and groovy dance moves in the living room.

Now, with bazillions (okay, not a real number, but you get the point) of tracks, Spotify is more than just a jukebox; it's a whole music university minus the exams. And the star subject? Playlists. It's like a musical buffet where you can load up your plate again and again.

But here's the twist: while we all think we're the headmasters of our Spotify account, there might be a few tricks we've missed. So, put on your learning hats (or headphones) because class is in session. And don’t worry, there’s no pop quiz at the end. Just some tunes, tips, and a few chuckles!

Why You Should Get the Spotify App?

So, you're using Spotify on the web, huh? That’s like trying to enjoy ice cream with a fork. I mean, it can be done, but why? Let’s talk about the Spotify app for your phone and computer. It's where the real fun happens.

The web version is cool; don't get us wrong. But the app is like a friend who brings extra snacks to the movie night. On both your phone and computer, the Spotify app is faster. The music starts quickly, so there’s no awkward silence while you wait.

Now, about playlists. On the web, they’re okay-ish. But in the app? Oh boy! It’s like magic, but easier. You can move songs here and there. You can even pick cute pics for them. All while doing everyday stuff, like, you know, making a sandwich.

Forgot to save a song? Happens to the best of us. But on the app, it’s just one tap. Tap! Saved. No drama, no lost songs. Just pure, easy music joy.

And let's talk offline mode. It’s like a superpower! Imagine you’re on a road trip. No internet in sight. But with the app? You still jam out, singing along. The trees don’t mind!

Both the phone and computer apps look slick, too. Everything's in its place. Your grandma or your dog (okay, maybe not the dog) can figure it out!

Spotify: The Ultimate Playlisting Platform

Imagine a place where you can mix, match, and shuffle your favorite tunes without breaking a sweat. That's Spotify for you! With millions of songs at the ready, it's a playground for anyone who's ever dreamt of being their own DJ.

Creating your own playlist is easier than pie. Just choose your jams, maybe those songs that make you dance in your pajamas, give it a snazzy name, and there you go! You've got a mix that's ready for everything, from a kitchen dance-off to a relaxing bubble bath.

But let's say you're feeling a bit lazy (it happens to the best of us) and don’t want to pick out songs one by one. No stress! Spotify comes to the rescue with heaps of ready-made playlists. They've got lists for sunny days, rainy nights, workout hours, and even those lazy Sunday mornings. It's like having a music butler who knows just what you want to hear.

What if you already have a bunch of playlists? Spotify's organizational tools are a dream. Move songs around, group them by mood, or even slap on a fun picture to remember that summer road trip. It's not just music; it's memories at your fingertips.

And for those moments when you're curious about new tunes, Spotify’s Discover feature introduces you to songs you might love. It’s like making a new friend who shares your taste in music.

All in all, if you want a space where your music dreams come true, Spotify has got your back. Step into this musical ocean and enjoy every beat, note, and lyric.

How to Make a Playlist on Spotify?

So, you want to make your own cool playlist on Spotify? You're in the right place! Let's break it down into easy-peasy steps:


  1. Open Spotify. Yep, start with the basics. Click on that green icon. You know the one!
  2. Look for 'Library'. It's usually on the left side. Give it a click!
  3. Click on 'Create Playlist'. It's like big shiny button, waiting for you.
  4. Name your Playlist. Maybe something fun? "My Jammy Jams"? "Songs for Plant Watering"? Go wild!
  5. Add Songs. Here's the fun part! Search for your favorite songs and click on the three dots (they look like a tiny traffic light!). Choose 'Add to Playlist'.
  6. Rearrange if Needed. Want to move songs around? Drag and drop. Just like playing with toy blocks. But musical ones!
  7. Add a Picture. Optional, but why not? A selfie, a pic of your cat, or maybe some pizza?

And there you have it! Your very own playlist, ready to play anytime you want. Easy, right? Now, put on those dancing shoes and let the fun times roll!

How to Change Playlist Cover on Spotify?


Looking to spice up your Spotify playlist? Changing its look is easier than you think. Open your Spotify app on your phone and head to the playlist you want to tweak. Notice the little pencil icon near the playlist name? That's your ticket. Tap on it, and you'll get the option to change the playlist picture. Choose an image that speaks to you—it could be anything from a recent trip snap to your favorite band's poster. Once you've selected your image, hit save.

Voila! Your playlist has a fresh new face. Now, every time you share or jam to your playlist, it stands out with its unique cover. Simple and effective!

How to Change Your Spotify Username?


So, you zoned out while picking a username, didn't you? Perhaps it’s something like "EpicJamz4Life" or "GroovyTunesLover789". It's easily to access your username if you have a Premium license, by editing your Profile and managing your Spotify nick.

If you can't flip your name directly, there's a sneaky way around. First, whip up a brand new account with that shiny name you’ve got in mind. Then, reach out to the good folks at Spotify Support and sweet-talk them into moving your precious playlists over. Soon, you’ll be jamming under a fresh name without missing a beat.

How to Share a Spotify Playlist?


Alright, maestro, it’s time to spread those groovy vibes! You've crafted the ultimate playlist, and now it's time to shower your pals with your impeccable taste. The first step is to find that playlist. See those three little dots? Yep, that's your golden ticket. Tap them and hit "Share."

You can then blast it out to the world, or maybe just your grandma, via texts, snaps, tweets, or even an old-school email. Now sit back, relax, and bask in the glory of being the local music guru.

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify?


Imagine a musical canvas where everyone paints their favorite tunes. Sounds cool, right? That’s a collaborative playlist for you! Here’s how you can make this dream a reality: Open your Spotify and pick the playlist you want your buddies to jazz up.

Click those three magic dots and hit "Invite Collaborators." Bam! You just unlocked a world where your friend Bob can add his love for reggae, and Aunt Sue can sprinkle in some 70's disco. By the end of it, you’ll have a patchwork quilt of beats and rhythms.

How to Copy a Playlist on Spotify?


You stumble upon a playlist. It’s gold. Pure gold. But you want to add a sprinkle of your own magic to it. What do you do? Copy it, of course! Head over to that golden playlist, spot those ever-helpful three dots, and give "Add to other playlist" a click. Then, just create a new playlist and Spotify will make you a copy of your playlist.

You now have a musical twin. It’s like cloning your favorite plant. You can snip, trim, add, or remove songs and mold them into your own masterpiece. Or, just let it be a reminder that great minds think alike, especially in music!

How to Add Songs to a Spotify Playlist?


Fancy adding a new tune to your collection? Simple! Find that catchy song you can't get out of your head. Beside the song, there's a symbol with three dots. Click on it. From the menu, hit "Add to Playlist." A list will pop up. Choose the playlist you want. Ta-da! You've just made your musical world a bit richer. And guess what? You can add as many as you like. Just repeat the steps and watch your playlist grow!

How to Download a Spotify Playlist?


Ever wanted your songs close, especially when the internet's taking a nap? Here's the secret sauce. Go into Spotify. Spot your playlist. See a button called “Download”? Give it a click. Those songs will now cuddle with your device, ready for you anytime, anywhere. It's like filling your bag with snacks. So even if the net's off, your jamming doesn't have to stop.

See our how to download songs from Spotify guide.

How to Add Local Files to Spotify Playlist?


Do you have some personal faves on your computer that Spotify hasn’t met yet? Let’s introduce them! Open Spotify and hit Settings. Search for “Local Files.” Click it on. Your computer songs will join the Spotify party under "Local Files." Want to invite them to a playlist? Easy-peasy. Drag, drop, and dance! It’s like showing Spotify your hidden box of chocolates.

How to Shuffle Spotify Playlist on PC


Are your songs in order? Yawn. Let's shake things up! Fire up your playlist on your PC. Find two arrows having a dance-off (they're crossing each other). Tap them! Your songs now have a life of their own, playing in a fun, random order. Think of it as a song surprise party, where each track is the life of the party!

How to Mark Playlist for Offline Sync in Spotify?


If you want your songs on the go, even if the internet's slow, here's a neat trick. Open Spotify and spot your playlist. Find a “Download” button? Yes, that's the one! Click it. Give it a moment. And there you have it! Your songs are now like loyal pals, sticking by your side, internet or no internet. It's like having a picnic, and you've packed all your favorites!

How to Delete a Playlist on Spotify

Have you ever made a playlist during one of those midnight "I'm-a-music-expert" moods and then regretted it in the morning? Happens to the best of us. To declutter your Spotify, here’s how you do the magic:

  1. On Desktop: Fire up Spotify. On the left, you'll see a list of all your playlists. Spot the one you want to banish to the shadow realm. Right-click it. Among the options that pop up, there's one called “Delete.” Click on it. Poof! Like that one time you tried to cook but ended up ordering pizza instead.

  2. On Mobile: Launch Spotify and head to 'Your Library.' Tap on 'Playlists,' then find the one you're over. Tap the three dots (often called the "meatball menu"), and you'll see an option to "Delete." Tap and confirm.

Remember, deleting is permanent. It's like throwing out that ugly sweater from Aunt Marge. Once it's gone, it's not coming back. You can also learn how to undownload songs on Spotify.

Can You Combine Playlists on Spotify

Music evolves. Maybe you’ve got a “Rainy Day” playlist and a “Coffee Shop Vibes” one, and you think they'd sound great combined for an ultimate cozy day feel. Here’s the workaround:

  1. On Desktop: Go to the playlist you want to borrow songs from. Select all songs (Ctrl + A for Windows or Command + A for Mac). Then, drag them over to the target playlist. It’s like combining the best bits of two awesome picnics into one.
  2. On Mobile: Here's where it gets a bit tap-heavy. Go to the playlist you want to take songs from. For each song, tap the three dots and then 'Add to Playlist.' Choose your target playlist. Rinse and repeat for each song.

How to Move Songs in Spotify Playlist?

There's an art to crafting the perfect playlist sequence. It's a bit like setting up dominoes. Here's how you can move your songs around:

  1. On Desktop: Navigate to your playlist. Spot that song you want to move? Click on it and drag it to its new position. It's as easy as rearranging your sock drawer!
  2. On Mobile: It's a touch trickier. Find your playlist and tap the three dots, then 'Edit.' From there, you'll see a drag icon next to each song. Hold it, drag the song where you want, and release.

In addition, feel free to learn how to download songs from Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music.

How to See Who Follows and Likes Your Spotify Playlist?

Alright, superstar, want to know how many folks are jamming to your tunes? While Spotify lets you peek at your follower count, it’s a bit shy about revealing their identities. So, you'll know the 'how many,' but the 'who' remains a tantalizing secret. Think of it as having a secret admirer or twenty! They're out there, grooving to your picks, even if they're in stealth mode. Keep the beats coming, and who knows, that number might just keep climbing!

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