How to Copy a Spotify Playlist?

April 25, 2024

We’ve all been there, heading down the rabbit hole on Spotify and landing on some incredible playlists. They are smooth, the songs are in the right order, the tempo changes are ideal, and they are long enough not to need extras added - unless you really want to.

Why copy a Spotify playlist?

You might want to copy a Spotify playlist for a couple of reasons. For those who aren’t great at building a playlist or feel like it takes too long, there is guaranteed to be one that fits what you are looking for.

And when you find it, after a few listens, you might get some inspiration for what you would add. Of course, unless the playlist is collaborative, you can’t do that. Copy the Spotify playlist and then add songs to your own copy - and now you have a low-effort, top-tier playlist.

Copying and sharing a playlist with others is a great way for people to connect using the music they love!

How do you copy a Spotify playlist?

You can copy a playlist on the web player, desktop app and via mobile.

Here is what you need to do on the desktop app:

  • Open the app
  • Find the playlist that you want to copy


  • Click the three dots
  • Scroll down to Add to Another playlist
  • Click Add New


  • Then head to the left panel
  • Look for Your Library
  • Click Playlists
  • Click the playlist you just copied, and click edit details to change the name photo and add some details.


Here is how to copy a playlist using the mobile app:

  • Open the app
  • Head to the playlist that you want to copy
  • Tap the three buttons,
  • Tap add to playlist
  • Give it a cool playlist name (here are some suggestions: 206+ Spotify Playlist Names.)
  • Save


Troubleshooting playlist copying in Spotify

If you notice a couple of songs are missing, go back to the playlist that you were copying, highlight the tracks, and add them to your copied version of the playlist. If there are a few, hold CMD or CTRL (depending on if you are on a Mac or Windows) and click or tap the songs that you want to move.


Be considerate

When copying other people’s playlists, make sure you don’t claim credit for them whenever possible. Many people spend hours and longer creating the right playlists, and it is not cool to take the credit for that mix.

Spotify has a list of platform rules that apply to how people use their services; even copied playlists come under that.

Can I stop people from copying my Spotify playlists?

For those who have spent ages building the perfect Spotify playlist and don’t want people to copy or be able to listen to their playlists, you can turn off publishing for new playlists.

To hide a playlist on Spotify via mobile or tablet:

  • Tap the three dots at the top of the playlist.
  • Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.

To hide a playlist on Spotify via desktop and web player:

  • Right-click the playlist.
  • Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.

You can also stop your playlists from being automatically published to your profile by default. You have to set the default on the desktop app, but it will be applied across all devices after you’ve made the change.

  • Open the desktop app.
  • Click your display picture in the top right.
  • Click Settings
  • Head to Social and switch off Publish my new playlists on my profile.


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