How to Download Audio From YouTube

April 10, 2024

You can find almost any audio or video on YouTube, including music videos, how-to videos, vlogs, and more. Sometimes, you might be more drawn to a video's soundtrack than the video itself. Rather than download YouTube videos - you can get the audio.

If you're interested in audio from a YouTube video, consider converting the video to audio and extracting the required part (converting YouTube videos to mp3). You can also do this if you need copyright or royalty-free background music for your videos.

Likewise, you can download motivational speeches from your favorite YouTube shows while you listen to them daily without watching them or connecting to the internet. However, doing this requires knowing how to download audio from YouTube.

In this article, we'll look at downloading music from YouTube. We'll see different software and websites that can make getting your audio a piece of cake!

Downloading Music Using YouTube Premium

You must sign up for YouTube Premium to download YouTube audio and video. With a monthly subscription fee, you can access your preferred songs, podcasts, and video offline without connecting to the internet.

Also, streaming online video and audio ads-free is another feature YouTube Premium users can access. If you are interested in YouTube services, you can easily subscribe to their premium plan.

However, if you're looking for cheaper ways to enjoy songs from YouTube music ads-free and offline, there are other ways to go about it. Also, if you're interested in the video's audio, soundtrack, or background music, you can always extract audio from a YouTube video.

With some websites, software and online tool we're are going to share in this article, you can remove the music tracks from YouTube videos. Then you can convert them into MP3 files, download them to your computer, and listen to them offline.

Find out how to download music from YouTube music in our other article!

Apps for Converting YouTube to Audio

Using video-to-audio converting apps is one of the easiest methods for YouTube audio download, even without registration.

Let's look at some of the best YouTube video-converting apps.


If you want a flexible YouTube video converter, Vidmate is an app you might want to try. You can instantly download MP3 versions of YouTube videos to your Android device using Vidmate.

Vidmate is one of the best and finest YouTube MP3 converter apps with a user-friendly UI. You can find your preferred through a search on Vidmate by typing in the video's title. Also, you can download a video at different quality levels.


  • You can access live TV on more than 200 channels.
  • The app interface is easy to use, and navigation is simple
  • Aside from YouTube, you can download videos from other websites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more!
  • It offers HD-quality live streaming
  • It's free to use


  • It is not available on the official play store for Android
  • It's not available on iOS
  • Ads in between use

aTube Catcher

CleanShot 2023-01-23 at 18.26.56@2x.png
This app is a dual-purpose utility software that can download and convert files. You can install the app on your mobile phone and PC.

You can convert your YouTube video files into MP3 files with this simple converter, which offers three alternative formats.

aTube Catcher has both sound recorders and an integrated screen, which makes it an excellent software. Because of these qualities, the app can help you convert YouTube video clips into MP3 format.

Aside from YouTube, aTube Catcher can download videos from Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, SnackVideo, Twitter, Vimeo, and other platforms. Your computer, mobile device, or CD burner are all great places to listen to your favorite music after you've converted your video.

A great and responsive user interface is another thing the app has to offer.


  • There are no ads in between use
  • It has great features and user interface
  • You can download and convert videos from different platforms


  • It's not fast when compared to other video converters

Free Websites for Video-to-Audio Conversion

Different websites can help you convert videos (including YouTube videos) to audio. We'll take a look at some of these websites below:


CleanShot 2023-01-23 at 18.26.16@2x.png
This is one of the best mp3 converters. It works with YouTube and other websites such as Facebook, Youku, Dailymotion, and more! It's an excellent YouTube download and video converter with a good user interface and experience, making it easy for people to use.

Y2Mate is straightforward to use, and you have to do the following to utilize it:

  • Go to the Y2Mate website
  • Copy the URL of your preferred video from YouTube, and paste it on the website
  • Click or tap on the orange button for MP3 conversion or the green button for MP4 conversion, depending on the desired format
  • Now you have your YouTube Audio download -- mp3


  • Support is provided for all standard audio formats
  • Every web browser is compatible
  • There is no need to register
  • The finished output may be uploaded to DropBox or Google Drive, making it instantly available on all devices


  • None of the other video-sharing websites, including Vimeo and Dailymotion, are compatible with the converter


CleanShot 2023-01-23 at 18.27.51@2x.png
VideoPROC is another website for downloading audio from YouTube. It allows users to download and convert YouTube to MP3, M4A, MP4, MKV, and more formats with excellent quality. Also, it offers batch file conversion, which is super fast.

VideoPROC converter can save content from over 1000 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, audio, video, playlists, and channels. This means it's unrestricted like Y2Mate.

The VideoPROC is the best option for downloading, compressing, and editing audio, video, and subtitle files with full GPU acceleration. Also, you can be assured that you won't have to be concerned about or deal with corrupted data or weird folder names.


  • Quick speed, small weight, and ease of usage
  • VideoProc Converter can achieve 47x real-time conversion speed without losing quality by fully utilizing Intel, AMD, and NIVIDA hardware.
  • The best option for downloading, converting, editing, and recording any video or music since it has powerful media converting, downloading, editing, and recording features.
  • The YouTube downloader supports more than 420 output formats in addition to 370 input codecs.
  • Utilize Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound to convert video to audio.


  • The smartphone version is not available

4K Download MP3

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This is another YouTube downloader where you can convert and download YouTube audio. It does not only work with YouTube; it works with VEVO, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and other websites.

4k Download software also has conversion options available on Windows and macOS. The Android app is also available, and you can use it on the go.

In addition, you may use the 4k download website to convert videos to MP3, and you will get your MP3 files easily and quickly, even with no registration.


  • Easy to use and has an excellent user interface.
  • You can easily adjust the audio quality to your preference.
  • You can listen to the files you downloaded directly on the 4k Mp3 software.
  • You can choose the type of format to make your Mp3 download from the numerous format on the website.
  • 4k has the "Smart Mode" option that can help to speed up your downloads.


  • The free and paid versions require that you download two different applications, which is not quite convenient. But if you download videos and convert them to MP3 frequently, it is not a problem.

Is It Okay to Download to Extract Audio From YouTube Videos?

Yes. If you pay for a YouTube Premium subscription, downloading audio from YouTube is lawful. Additionally, you can legally download songs from YouTube Studio. Using an MP3 converter to download audio files is allowed.

However, downloading music that has a copyright is prohibited.
Another question you might need answers to is whether this kind of conversion and download is legal. Well, this is determined by the video you want to convert to mp3.

Public domain and non-copyrighted videos and your private YouTube videos can be converted and downloaded, which is legal. You can get this video on YouTube by searching for "public domain" and "non-copyrighted" content.

Also, you can narrow down your search to include videos with Creative Commons-licensed music. Without the owner's consent, converting and downloading copyrighted videos is illegal.

It is legal only to use non-copyrighted content while converting your YouTube videos. However, it is against YouTube's terms of service to download content that is copyright protected (such as from a music video).

Here are some essential points to know about converting songs from YouTube:

  • You can use your YouTube videos to create an MP3 (including recorded, copyright-free audio)
  • Downloading audio effects from your own or other people's videos is possible but with the author's permission
  • You can convert a YouTube video from another user's channel to MP3 also, with permission
  • You can only post the MP3s that have been converted along with the URLs to the original YouTube videos on your website.

Aside from taking a precaution on what is legal, it is also essential to be cautious when using internet video converting software and websites. Many of these software have the potential to be glitchy or even try to spread malware on your devices.

A website may begin as secure and dependable before eventually turning malevolent. Ensure that you're running reputable and up-to-date antivirus software before using any website or software to convert a YouTube video.

While converting your YouTube video, don't forget to check out free video editing apps that you can use the create the perfect clip.

Transfer Music from YouTube to Other Streaming Services

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It is possible to transfer your favorite playlists, albums, and tracks between several music services. You can move your playlist across services like Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, YouTube Music, etc.

Also, you can transfer music from YouTube to other streaming services. All you need is the FreeYourMusic app. This is how to transfer music from YouTube to other streaming platforms:

  1. Download the FreeYourMusic app.
  2. You'll be asked to choose the source platform. Pick YouTube.
  3. Next, choose your destination platform. You can pick among 20 music services or export music to a file backup.
  4. Select all the songs and playlists you want to move.
  5. Confirm the action and wait for the transfer to finish. The transfer is usually faster on the desktop app version of FreeYourMusic.

Transfer your songs, playlists, and albums with FreeYourMusic for free today!

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