Spotify launches in Russia and 12 other countries. How to migrate your playlists?

July 22, 2020

spotify launched in Russia

Good news for all the music fans from Russia and Eastern Europe! Probably a lot of people have been waiting for this day impatiently.

Last week, Spotify was officially launched in Russia and 12 other European countries. The Swedish service is already available in 92 markets worldwide including Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine, but of course, Russia is the most important player here. In total, the Swedish company, by entering new countries, has the opportunity to reach almost 250 million new subscribers.

Together with the market expansion, Spotify introduced 200 new playlists containing songs by artists from new regions. This includes almost 100 playlists with Russian music only. That's amazing information for all the people who want to discover new music, especially in different languages than English.

Before we tell you how to transfer your playlists from Vk to Spotify or how to migrate music from Yandex to Spotify, we will remind you a little bit of information about the streaming platform that is Spotify. Let’s start!

What is Spotify?

what is spotify

Spotify is a music and podcast streaming service that provides instant access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world. Basic features such as music playing music are completely free (with some limitations of course), but you can also switch to Spotify Premium.

At the end of the first quarter of 2020, Spotify had 286 million users, including 130 million Spotify Premium. The service provides access to over 50 million tracks, including over 1 million in the form of podcasts.

What is Spotify Premium?

what is spotify premium

With Spotify Premium, you get access to any song (in the free version, songs are randomly selected from albums), offline music listening, an unlimited number of omissions, high-quality sound, and most of all, you get rid of all the unexpected pop-up ads.

Still not convinced? Visit Spotify’s official webpage for more info!

How much is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is available in three subscription plans:

  • $9.99/month (individual plan)
  • $14.99/month (family plan)
  • $4.99/month (student plan)

Spotify's prices were already mentioned when we compared Spotify vs Pandora , Spotify vs Google Play Music , and Spotify vs Apple Music . Check our previous posts on the blog and find the cheapest subscription plan for you!

How can I easily transfer playlists?

how can I easily transfer playlists

We all know that creating new playlists from scratch is not as easy as pie. To avoid your frustration and time-consuming copying songs from one streaming platform to another one, we’ve created a FreeYourMusic app.

You don’t have to be tied to one music streaming service you’ve chosen before.

With our app, you don’t have to wonder how it feels like to use other music streaming platforms.

You can switch your playlist as many times as you want!

Okay, so now it’s the time to reveal the secret how to transfer your playlist to Spotify. Are you ready?

Can I transfer playlists from Vk to Spotify?

Can I transfer playlists from Vk to Spotify

Vk is a Russian social network established by Pavel Durov in 2006. It’s often called a Russian Facebook and there’s a reason why. The website looks similar to Facebook and has almost all the same features.

Visit Vk official webpage

There’s an easy way to move your music from Vk to Spotify and you can do it by using FreeYourMusic App.

  1. Download FreeYourMusic app from Google Play , App Store or visit our webpage for PC version .
  2. Once you install the FreeYourMusic app, you’ll see a screen to choose your source platform. Find Vk icon and select it as a source.
  3. Next, you’ll see a second screen and you’ll be asked to choose your destination platform. To move your music from Vk to Spotify, click now on the Spotify icon.
  4. Now it’s time to find the playlists or albums you want to move. Select all the music libraries you want to transfer from Vk to Spotify.
  5. FreeYourMusic app will ask you to confirm the action. Click on the button and it’s done! All your music libraries have been moved from Vk to Spotify!

Now you can enjoy your new music streaming service! If you have any problems with transfer music from Vk to Spotify, check this detailed instruction or contact our support. We’ll help!

Can I move music from Yandex to Spotify?

Can I move music from Yandex to Spotify

Vk is not the only one platform you can move your music libraries from. FreeYourMusic app supports all music streaming services, as well as Yandex.

Visit Yandex official webpage

Yandex is a Russian version of Google Chrome, so it’s nothing else like a web browser and it’s one of the most popular browsers worldwide. One of the options that Yandex offers is also Yandex Music where you can listen to new music all around the world and podcasts.

If you want to switch from Yandex to Spotify, which is actually available in Russia - keep on reading. We’ll show you how to do it in 5 easy steps.

  1. Go to Google Play, App Store , or visit our webpage for PC version to download FreeYourMusic app.
  2. Install the FreeYourMusic app on your phone or PC. You’ll see a screen where you have to choose your source platform. Find and select the Yandex icon. You set Yandex Music as a source platform.
  3. On the second screen, you’ll be asked to choose your destination platform. Scroll down to find the Spotify icon and click on it.
  4. In this step, you’ll be asked to select all the playlists you want to move. Click on the files you want to move from Yandex to Spotify. You can select many of them.
  5. Confirm your action and it’s all done! You have successfully transferred your music from Yandex to Spotify!
  6. Now you can use Spotify wherever you want! If you have any trouble by moving your playlists, go to our website and check detailed instruction with pictures or contact our support!

How to transfer music from Zvuk to Spotify?

how to transfer music from zvuk to spotify

Zvuk is another popular music streaming platform in Russia. With the next update of our FreeYourMusic app we’ll also add this service to our list. We promise! But as a little sneak peak, we’re gonna tell you how to move music from Zvuk to Spotify now.

  1. Download FreeYourMusic app. To do this go to Google Play , App Store, or visit our webpage for PC version .
  2. Install the FreeYourMusic app. On a screen you’ll be asked to choose the source platform. Find the Zvuk icon and click on it.
  3. Next step you’ll be asked to choose your destination platform. Find the Spotify icon on the list and click on it.
  4. Now it’s time to select all the playlists you want to move. Click on all the files you want to move from Zvuk to Spotify.
  5. All you need is only to confirm your action and it’s all done!

See how easy is that? With FreeYourMusic app you can transfer all your playlists within a few clicks!


If you still didn’t decide to download our app, check these top reasons why you should use FreeYourMusic App

  • You’ll save up to 10 hours when switching from Vk to Spotify or Yandex to Spotify! Now you have time to do what you really love!
  • You pay only once
  • You can move all your playlists without purchasing a monthly subscription
  • You can transfer multiple playlists at once
  • You can log in to different accounts within the same music platform
  • Automatically synchronize your music library, both on mobile devices and on the computer
  • Keep a copy of your data and never lose access to your playlists
  • It’s the easiest way to move your favorite music, playlists, and albums
  • FreeYourMusic supports almost all music streaming platforms (you can find a full list of supported apps here. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for - text us, we’ll take care of this ;) )

Do you have any questions? Check the FAQ section. You can find here answers to the frequently asked questions, maybe the answer to your question is already there!

Everything designed for you and your playlists! No matter what streaming service you are using.

Happy listening!

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