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April 22, 2024

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Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020 and its resources are going to be transferred to YouTube. The information about closing Google Play Music was announced for the first time in May 2018, but no big steps were made to REALLY do something about this since this time.

As you probably know, Google owns YouTube so for sure they don’t want the users to go for competitor’s music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music.

They are making everything to hold users on its side and they want them to stay. The solution is very easy. Imagine Netflix and Spotify combined in one service—enter YouTube Music.

The solution is to create one big streaming platform for music as well as videos, because… why not have both at the same time?

This is no surprise. YouTube brand is much stronger in the music industry and has millions of fans who may want to go with it instead of Google Play Music.

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Is Google Play Music Going Away in 2020?

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The end for Google Play Music has come. This music streaming service has never been very popular and we heard about plans to close the service from the company in 2017.

One year later, in 2018 Google decided to focus more on YouTube which is used by billions of users each day, not only to watch movies but also to discover new music. That's the explanation of why Google Play Music has been missing lately new updates.

We hope that you’re not too worried about this and you will like a new player on a streaming platform game.

To make things clear: Yes, Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020.

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Let's face it, Google Play Music has never reached the popularity of Apple Music or Spotify, and with a brand like YouTube, the situation can change around for Google.

Many listeners like and appreciate what YouTube offers, but... Are they ready to pay for it? Some users are so used to the fact that they can use YouTube for free (with some ads, but still without any limits) that the idea of paying for the access to the service may generate negative comments. But let’s take a look at what this all buzz is about.

What's The Difference Between Google Play Music and YouTube Music?

Google Play Music YouTube Music
Free Trial Yes (1 month) Yes (1 month)
Music Library 40 millions of songs 50 millions of songs
Audio Quality 320 kbps 256 kbps (the ACC format)
Library Limit Up to 50,000 songs upload Up to 100,000 songs upload
Supported Systems Desktop, Android, iOS Desktop, Android, iOS
User per Account 6 users 5 users
Price $9.99/month (individual plan)$14.99/month (family plan) $9.99/month (YouTube Music Premium)$11.99/month (YouTube Premium

As you can see there’s no big changes between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. What may be surprising is the lower audio quality, but from the other hand we received the ACC format which makes listening to the music very pleasant to our ears.

With YouTube Music you’ll also be able to make the app work in the background (so you can use other apps at the same time), have ad-free access, and download music and videos offline.

Taking into consideration good things, the music library has become bigger as well as you the users able to upload more songs because the limit is now 100,000 songs.

What is YouTube Music?

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YouTube’s history is very long and a little bit complicated, but for sure this is the biggest social platform for creators on the internet right now.

YouTube Music is a new music application to listen and discover new songs. The app will show you playlists and recommendations based on current trends, your taste and your mood or time of a day. The music library is composed of the videos you can find on YouTube and licensed tracks just like in the case of Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music.

What Does YouTube Music Offer?

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First of all, you can listen to music just like on YouTube, but the application allows you background listening and without access to the network.

We think that’s the feature that many of you have been waiting for. Probably you know this feeling when you accidentally tap something on a screen and the music stops to play or the song changes. With the application, this problem is a part of the past.

Another cool feature we love is searching for songs by typing the lyrics in a search bar. This is one of the most important features of YouTube Music because the YouTube catalog is a huge amount of content and you’ll find for sure everything you’re looking for!

But we must be prepared that as the application is based mostly on YouTube content, one day our favorite song may be deleted, which happens very often. But we can’t have everything at the same time…

How Does YouTube Music Work?

If you have been using your personal account on YouTube so far, maybe you don’t know but you have created a personal library based on your music taste. The algorithms are showing you in the recommendations song that you may like based on what you were listening to before.

The same is in the case of the app offered by YouTube. If you are completely new, don’t worry. At the first launch, you select the artists you are interested in to let YouTube Music know your preferences better.

Is YouTube Music Free?

new product.png

You can use YouTube Music for free, but you will listen to music with ads, you won’t have the option to save a song for offline listening and you will not lock the screen. If you want to listen to music without breaks for advertisements you have to update your subscription plan.

The second option you can listen to music for free on YouTube to decide on YouTube Music Premium. The trial version lasts also one month, and the offer will ensure you an ad-free YouTube version and the ability to download videos offline on mobile devices. In addition, you'll get access to YouTube Originals programs.

After the trial period ends the costs are $9.99 per month for YouTube Music and $11.99 per month for YouTube Music Premium.

Interface and Application

YouTube music playlists and other features.png

The users of the YouTube app won’t have any problems with its premium version, because they are very similar. The layout is very simple which is one of the most important advantages of YouTube Music compared to any other service.

After launching the app, the first tab is the home page, where you will find all the playlists, albums and artists recommended to you. The content is personalized based on your music taste and changes even during the day depending on your activities and activities.

The second tab is hotlists, which are the most popular songs and playlist.

The third is of course the library, where you can find all the songs you have added to your favorites, playlists, albums, and artists, as well as offline saved content.

You’ll find many cool and useful options, just go and explore the mobile application!

What Is The Difference Between YouTube and YouTube Premium?

Okay, as we can see we have more and more different services provided by YouTube. As the thing may present now a little bit blurry it’s okay if you feel overwhelmed by all of those variations of the service. To make things more clear we introduce a small dictionary that will explain the main differences between all those platforms.

YouTube - a video streaming service where everyone can upload their video content.

YouTube Premium – a more enhanced version of YouTube. Users who pay for subscription can play music in the background on phones, download videos to watch them later offline, and of course, no ads.

YouTube Music – a streaming music service based on YouTube’s content.

YouTube Music Premium – a subscription specifically for YouTube Music. It has more additional features than YouTube Premium that are designed for all music lovers.

YouTube Originals – a set of exclusive content made by YouTube.

It might seem a bit complicated, but we hope that now things are a little bit more cleaner.

How Can I Get The App for iOS and Android?

Yes, the YouTube Music application is available in AppStore for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices. You can download the app for free and install on your phone.

After you install the application and you launch it on your phone, you’ll be asked to log into your account or create a new account if you don’t have it yet. If you have any problems with creating your account or you forgot your password, you can always contact a Google assistant to solve your problem.

How To Transfer Google Play Music playlists to YouTube?

With our FreeYourMusic application, all you need is just a few seconds. Once you install the app on your phone you can move your music libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music in four easy steps.

  1. Select Google Play Music as a source
  2. Select YouTube Music as a destination
  3. Select playlists for a transfer
  4. Confirm your action and done!

Final Thoughts

Each platform has its own unique features and you can choose the best one which matches your expectations. Spotify has a huge catalog and TIDAL offers the best music quality as well as concerts and video clips. However, YouTube will not become a direct competitor of Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal.

That’s a great opportunity for all YouTube fans who don’t want to install or switch to another app to listen to the music. If somebody is used to listen to music on YouTube, it’s a good option to stay on this platform and start a journey with music streaming services. If you’re already a user of Spotify or any other service, YouTube Music may become a cool addition especially if you’re looking for playing podcasts or vlogs.

And what do you think? Are you going to use the YouTube Music service instead of Google Play Music?

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