How to Transfer Playlists from Pandora?

November 27, 2023

Transfering your music between music streaming services can feel like a big task, and most people don't know where to start. Luckily, apps make the job straightforward and save you precious time - which you can use on other things like watching a movie or getting some studying done. Moving your playlists from Pandora to another service, like Spotify, can be ultra-fast with FreeYourMusic.

So if you're ready to move, here is how to make it painless.


What is the Pandora streaming service?

Pandora is a super-cool, easy-to-use music streaming service that delivers personalized radio stations based on your musical taste. Pandora doesn't just have a wide range of radio stations, though; it also has a range of podcasts, and like other streaming services, it can be used across all of your devices - if you're in America.

For those who don't use Pandora, they offer a couple of subscription options, including Plus and Premium. Those with the Plus subscription will enjoy ad-free listening, offline listening, better audio quality, and unlimited skips. With the Pandora Premium model, you get all those features, plus play on-demand, playlist creation options, and full access to offline listening (phone memory permitting).

If you're not already with Pandora, and those things sound interesting, you can move from your current streaming service with FreeYourMusic.

For those moving in the opposite direction and switching from Pandora to any other streaming service, here is what you need to know.

Why would you leave Pandora?

When it comes to how you listen to music, it should be as personal as possible - with you always in the driving seat. Many Pandora users find that there is not enough control over the experience.

The music selection options are limited and heavily rely on the algorithms, so while you can find a lot of cool music this way, if you're in the mood for something specific, you might not get it.

Another common issue with Pandora is that the same music is played repeatedly. This, again, is due to the algorithm. It knows that some songs are very popular, and it feeds that back by playing them more often, boosting their popularity more, and getting into a cycle. So you can listen to the same artists or genre for much of your listening time - without wanting to.

The free tier isn't as robust as on some of the other streaming services, so switching from Pandora free to Spotify free, for example, might make sense for a few extra features.


There is a huge difference between how many artists and songs you can find on other streaming sites compared to Pandora - and this could be one of the biggest reasons to switch.

What other streaming services should you consider?


When moving from Pandora, you ideally want to ensure you have the features you have been missing. So, comparing the most popular music streaming services can be useful.

Think about the features that matter the most to you. Do you want the highest audio quality? Or are you looking for the best price? Perhaps you want the option to listen to audiobooks included in your subscription?

Whatever it is that makes music great to you, write it down and compare each service so you get exactly what you want.

How can you transfer your Pandora playlists to another streaming service?

There are two real methods that you can use to transfer your Pandora playlists to another service: one is manual transfer, and the other is to get an app to take care of it for you.

Manual Transfer of music from Pandora to another streaming service

The manual transfer is the most time-consuming thing most people want to avoid.

However, if you are dedicated to the cause, and you want to move your Pandora playlists manually, here is what you'll need to do:

  • Decide which new streaming service you want to use, sign up for the free trial, and get familiar with the interface (on web and mobile app).
  • Make a list of the names of all of your playlists and every song in them, then all of your individual songs and albums.
  • Create a New Playlist on your chosen streaming service.
  • Search for the songs, and use the Add To Playlist function.
  • Do that for each of the playlists that you want to transfer manually.

Maybe you want a bit of a clean slate and only really want to bring songs with you that you really like; then you can use Songs You Likes On Pandora, copy the list, paste it into a document, and go through the process above.

Depending on how many playlists you have, it can take a few hours or days to get it all done.

Easy Transfer from Pandora to another streaming service

The fastest and easiest way to transfer your Pandora playlists to new streaming services is by using the FreeYourMusic app.

  • First, download the FreeYourMusic app.
  • Locate the Transfer button at the bottom of the screen (left side) and tap it.
  • Next, tap Pandora as your source.
  • You'll be required to log in if you're not already.
  • Next, tap your destination streaming service.
  • You may be requested to log in here, too.
  • Once your accounts are connected, select all of your Pandora playlists using the Select All button.
  • Then, Begin Transfer.

As soon as you tap Begin Transfer, your music will start to move from one platform to another - ta-da! Now you're free to go and do other fun stuff while the transfer is in progress.

Once the transfer has finished, you'll get a notification letting you know.


Troubleshooting some transfer issues

When matching over, say, over 700 songs from one streaming service to another, you might encounter a couple of issues.

During the transfer process, songs are matched from one streaming service to another; sometimes, some aren't matched up. If this happens, you'll see the songs listed under the Failed and Missing tabs, so you can manually add them.

The wrong version of the song has been put in the playlist

In the 8.0 update, you can now find the ReMatch option. In the FreeYourMusic app, click the song that isn't a match, and you'll see other versions. Find the right one, click it - and that's it!

Where is my passcode?

If you have signed up, but can't find your passcode - head stright to your junk mail. And, if it isn't in there, you can email [email protected] and we will help.

I want to create a playlist backup

Losing a playlist isn't something any music-lover wants, and it's even more painful when it is a playlist that you've been working on for ages.

Which is why you can find a backup option. With a backup of your playlist, you can save a copy of your playlists using the 'File Backup' option.

How can I make the most of transferring from Pandora to another streaming service?

Before transferring from Pandora, you can do a couple of things to make the process smoother.

Playlist clean-up

If, like many of us, you have a couple of playlists that you rarely listen to, then it's time for a little clean-up. Set some time aside to go through your playlists and decide if you really want to transfer them.

Once you have deleted playlists you don't listen to - or you don't want to take with you to your new platform, it is time to do a track-by-track check. Open up each playlist you have left and check for songs you skip. Anything skip worthy can be deleted, too.

This gives you a nice, clean set of playlists full of music that you actually enjoy.

New Streaming Service

Each streaming service has its own set of quirks, so it is important to test them first. You might love the New Music and Discovery options on Spotify but don't feel great about the user interface, or you might really love TIDAL's HiRes HiFi plus option, but the price point might leave you feeling cold.

Use the free trials, build short playlists, listen to the sound quality, test out the app via mobile, and then decide where you will listen in the future. Oh, and always create a playlist back up! when you get the chance.

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