Moving Playlists from Apple Music to Amazon Music

June 12, 2019

Anyone who ever used any music streaming platform has two things in common: a huge collection of playlists and a few gripes with how things work within the platform's user experience. Change is a good thing and clinging to the first choice is more than often an unnecessary inconvenience. So today we’ll be fixing your problems with Apple Music by importing your playlists to Amazon Music.

You can check this page: Moving Playlists from Apple Music to Amazon Music

Download FreeYourMusic

First and foremost, get an app that will handle the transfer. FreeYourMusic is the only app out there that supports migrating from and to Amazon Music. It's available on iOS, Android, and any desktop device. Download FreeYourMusic today and start moving your playlists from Apple Music to Amazon Music. It's a breeze!

Move playlists FROM Apple Music

After you launch the app, you’ll get a list of music streaming platforms that FreeYourMusic operates on. Choose the source, which is the platform you want to import your music from (in this particular case - Apple Music.) Just scroll through the list and select it. FreeYourMusic will ask you to log in: type your login and password for your account. This will allow the app to access your tracks lists and that’s the only information our app will need. All other account information is safe. Confirm and ‘log in’

Move playlists TO Amazon Music

Now, you will see another list of music streaming platforms – this time, you’re selecting the destination to which you want to transfer your playlists. Find and select Amazon Music. Again, Stamp will ask for the login and password so you’ll need to have your account created beforehand. Confirm and move on.

What playlists do you want to move?

Ok, now – you have a list of all the tracks that you’ve collected, organized into playlists, your playlists custom titles included and liked. This screen allows you to select which playlists you want to move. Note that the ‘select all’ checkbox is ticked by default, but you can browse the playlists and check out the tracks you don’t want anymore. Click the button below the list to confirm your choice and…

…Wait. Your music is moving from Apple Music to Amazon Music now. It might take a few minutes – it depends on how large your collection is. The transfer won’t take long enough to start baking cookies, but you might manage to eat a few before it’s all over.

Once it's over, you’ll get a summary of the import operation. Namely, you’ll see how many tracks got moved. If there were any missing tracks on the destination platform (Amazon Music), we'll inform you which songs couldn't be imported.

Hope you have some cookies left, cause now you can listen to your music on Amazon Music and cookies will make it even better.

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