YouTube Music Premium Review: Is It Any Good?

July 13, 2023

Welcome to the world of YouTube Music, one of the most popular streaming platforms that offer a wide range of exciting features!

In October 2020, Google Music replaced YouTube Music to provide an even better service to its customers. Although YouTube Music boasts many impressive features, such as personalized recommendations and an extensive music library, it needs to catch up in a few areas.

For instance, there is no dedicated desktop app for Mac or PC, and high-resolution streaming, which has quickly become the industry standard, is unavailable. But is YouTube Music still worth using?

In this article, we'll delve into everything you need to know about YT Music and help you determine if it's the right platform for you!

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What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music, also known as YT Music, is a music streaming service owned by YouTube, a part of Google's many products. It was initially launched in 2020 as a replacement for Google Play Music.

The platform uses a freemium business model, which means that users can enjoy some of the features of YouTube Music for free, but with limitations. They also have the option to upgrade to a paid account to access all of the platform's benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube Music is the ability to play music videos from its vast music library. See here how to convert your Spotify playlist to YouTube music videos.

The YouTube Music homepage is divided into three main sections: Home, Explore, and Library, making it easy for users to navigate the platform and search for their favorite songs.

The Explore section allows users to find trending tracks, live shows, and performances, making it an excellent place to discover new music. Users can also save their playlists, favorite music, and listening history in the Library section.

YouTube Music offers a paid version, an excellent alternative to other ad-free streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from audio files, YouTube Music's search results include a sizable collection of official and unofficial music videos.

Previously, subscribing to a channel on YouTube Music would also subscribe to the user's default YouTube account. However, the company has since modified the YouTube Music price to differentiate between YouTube Music and regular YouTube subscriptions.


  • Users can view music videos and live performances at events using the app.
  • Allows for downloads so that you can listen offline.
  • The free version is available.
  • Possibility of selecting an audio-only mode or visual mode.
  • Allows for plying music in the background while using other apps or when the screen is locked.


  • Lack of high-resolution music or sound quality.
  • There is no possibility of streaming CD-quality audio, which is available in services like Tidal or Deezer.
  • No podcasts available, unlike Spotify and Apple Music.
  • The service's algorithm for recommending new music can be hit-or-miss, and it doesn't always provide accurate recommendations.
  • The service is not available in all countries, which can limit its accessibility to users in certain regions (YouTube Music is currently available in 100 countries, while Spotify is present in 178 countries).
  • YouTube Music's user interface can be confusing, especially for new users who are used to other music streaming services. Other services like Apple Music and Tidal have a more streamlined interface. However, YouTube Music is tweaking its app constantly to improve the experience.

How It’s Like to Use YouTube Music

YouTube Music offers users the unique feature of adding almost any song available on YouTube to their YouTube Music Premium playlist. This sets the platform apart from other streaming services, ensuring that users never miss out on their favorite songs, even if they're unavailable on other platforms.

Downloading YouTube Music is straightforward and can be done via the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS users. The user interface is designed to be user-friendly and quick, allowing users to access their favorite songs and related music videos instantly.

The main page and 'Explore' feature make it easy to discover new music. At the same time, the library section allows users to view their listening history, favorite artists, and playlists.

For users interested in upgrading their experience, YouTube Music's Upgrade area provides various subscription options.

The New Releases area on the platform provides users access to the latest singles, albums, and music videos released by artists and record labels. The Charts section lists the top songs, performers, and videos from around the world, which users can filter based on specific music markets. YouTube Music is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience when it comes to discovering and enjoying music.

Hence, below are some notable features of YT music you should know about:

User interface and Usability

The YouTube Music app features a user-friendly interface that is easy to use. However, some users may need clarification on the app, especially if they are new to the platform. You should check out our YouTube Music vs. Spotify review to explore the similarities and differences between YouTube Music and Spotify!

Upon opening an account, users can select their unique artist preferences, which YouTube Music considers when suggesting songs. The home screen is designed to be simple and organized, making it easy for users to find suggested playlists and videos.

A drop-down menu option across all platforms allows users to play music, organize playlists, create queues, and download songs. Users can click or long-press on any album or playlist cover to play songs and create playlists.

Some important features of YouTube Music may be hidden behind various sections and sub-menus, making it challenging for new users to find them. However, once you become familiar with the platform, you will find it easy to use.

With YouTube Music, users can enjoy a range of features, including:

Switch Between Music and Audio

You can switch between listening to music and watching music videos with YouTube Music. The app has a song mode feature that allows uninterrupted listening to favorite artists' music, even with network or video playback issues.

When in video mode, music videos will play automatically whenever available for a total listening and viewing experience. This feature is available exclusively to users with a premium plan.

Searching for Songs by Lyrics

Searching for songs using lyrics is effortless with YouTube Music. Users can sing the lyrics to find the song title and listen instantly.

Downloading Songs for Offline Listening

Downloading songs for offline listening is another feature available to YouTube Music Premium subscribers. Users can download their favorite music and videos to their mobile devices and listen to them offline.

However, you need to connect to the internet at least once every 30 days to keep your downloads up-to-date.

Find out How to download from YouTube Music in our other article!

Music Library

You might be interested to know that YouTube Music boasts an extensive library of over 70 million official music tracks from record labels. It has become a worthy competitor to other popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Deezer.

However, unlike other streaming services, YouTube Music also includes material from the video-sharing section of YouTube. But don't worry about inappropriate content. The app uses a "music-classifying algorithm" to ensure that only appropriate content makes it into its playlists.

If you're looking to explore new music, you'll find the "Explore" tab on the app's home page helpful. You can easily access most of YouTube Music's content repository from there. This includes sections dedicated to New releases, Charts, Moods & Genres - all carefully curated by YouTube Music.

Also, the app is perfect for those who love cover songs or remixes. You can easily find these on the app and add them to your playlists like any "official" artist.

In fact, you can make a playlist of your favorite cover songs, remixes, mashups, or even meme songs and stream them anytime you want! And if you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, you can download and listen to these playlists offline.

Music Discovery

With a focus on more individualized suggestions, you can discover new music on YouTube Music in several ways. The app has significantly improved its music discovery algorithm and artist pages. Although it still needs to catch up to Spotify's algorithm's greatness and has a long way to go before it can be considered a serious rival.

When you sign up for YouTube Music Premium using the same email address you use for YouTube, the service will know your music preferences based on your previous activities. This means you can get recommendations customized to your likes immediately, thanks to the information Google has accumulated from your previous YouTube activities.

You can create music for different moods with the app's buttons at the top. Users can choose music for various emotions, including focus, workout, energize, and relaxation. It's not a playlist; it's a version of the site with songs that YouTube Music deems appropriate for the context.

If you find music search difficult, explore the streaming service to get familiar with how it works. You can also use the explore page to make your music search easier.

The app also promotes playlists created by other users in the "From the Community" section. Engaged listeners create public playlists with a sense of view; there is always something intriguing to provoke or make you smile.

Creating and Sharing Playlist

YouTube Music offers automatic and custom playlist options, with custom playlists particularly useful. If you want to create your own playlist, the following steps will help you:

Open the YouTube Music app and go to the Library tab.

  • Tap on "Playlists."
  • Select "New Playlist" at the top of the screen.
  • Choose a title and description for your playlist, and decide if you want it to be public or unlisted.
  • Tap "Create" to make your new playlist.
  • Add as many songs as you'd like.

Once you've created your playlist, you can easily share it with friends and family by adjusting the sharing options. Collaboration is also available through the Collaborate tab under the playlist-sharing settings.

Turn on collaboration if you want to create a playlist for a party, share music with friends, or have a playlist for a family road trip. With this, everyone can add songs based on their preferences. With playlist sharing, YouTube Music makes it easy for everyone to contribute to the ultimate playlist.

Cross-platform Availability

If you prefer listening to music on your computer, you can access YouTube Music through your web browser, which is convenient. But downloading the YouTube Music app is an excellent option to enjoy music on the go.

The app is compatible with various devices, including Android, Google/Android TV, ChromeOS, iOS, and even WearOS for the Apple Watch. Plus, if you want to watch a music video on a larger screen, you can easily cast it to a compatible device using Chromecast.

YouTube Music Streaming Quality

If you're wondering how much data you're using when streaming music on YouTube Music, you can choose between three different audio quality settings based on your preferences. You can easily switch between them anytime by accessing your YouTube Music settings.

The three available options are High, Normal, and Low. High-quality audio consumes more bandwidth, which might affect your streaming costs but it provides a richer sound experience. Normal-quality audio is a good balance between quality and data usage. Low-quality audio uses the least data but might not sound as good.

While the High-quality setting on YouTube Music is good, it might not compare to some of the best music streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, or Amazon Music Unlimited. However, the choice is ultimately yours. You can switch between the options as much as you want to find the perfect balance between sound quality and data usage.

How Much Is YouTube Music?

We've got you covered if you wonder how much YouTube Music costs! There are a few different plans to choose from depending on your needs.

First off, there's a free version of the YouTube Music plan that includes ads. However, if you're listening on mobile, remember that you won't be able to play music in the background without upgrading. To get the best experience, we recommend paying the YouTube Music fee. This will remove ads and give you access to offline listening.

But wait, there's more! With YouTube Premium, you can also watch any video without ads and play audio in the background from any video. Regarding pricing, three different subscription plans are available: Student, Standard, and Family.

The YouTube Premium student plan is $4.99 monthly and includes a three-month free trial. The standard plan costs $9.99 monthly and covers one person's premium benefits. Finally, the family plan starts at $14.99 monthly and can be shared with up to five family members over 13. This plan also includes access to YouTube TV services.

Remember, new users can try premium plans with a free trial and cancel anytime. We hope this helps you choose the right plan for your needs!

YouTube Music Free and YouTube Music Premium

If you're wondering about the differences between the free and paid plans on YouTube Music, we're here to help. Understanding these key distinctions is essential to decide whether the premium plan is worth paying for or if the free plan is sufficient for your needs. Let's take a closer look at each plan:

YouTube Music Free

On the free plan, you'll have to put up with ads between almost every song. However, these ads typically only last 5 to 30 seconds before the next song starts playing. The frequency of ads is lower than on some other platforms, and you can choose to skip some ads altogether.

You can access all of YouTube Music's music-related content on mobile and desktop apps with a free account. You can listen to your songs however you want, including shuffling, queuing, or creating a custom playlist. The app also doesn't limit the number of tracks you can skip, so you can skip as many as you like.

However, the downside is that you can't download music or videos for offline listening with the free plan. You'll need a WiFi connection or a mobile data subscription to continue listening to your music on the go.

YouTube Music Premium

A YouTube Music Premium subscription allows you to enjoy music-related content without ads or interruptions. This subscription level only includes the YouTube Music service.

Paid plans also let you continue listening to music on any device while using another app or while your phone is in standby mode. You can download your favorite songs and music videos with a Music Premium subscription.

If you have a lot of playlists in your library, you can even download entire albums and playlists at once. Paid mobile app customers can switch between song and video modes. And they can disable video mode in their settings if they don't want to be distracted while listening to music.

Depending on the plan, YouTube Music Premium costs $5 to $15 per month. In addition to ad-free access to all of the platform's music-related content, YouTube Music Premium also includes access to YouTube Originals and all other videos on the platform.

Is YouTube Music Worth It?

Whether YouTube Music Premium is worth it or not depends on your personal preferences and listening habits.

If you're a fan of YouTube and want a music streaming service that integrates with the platform, then YouTube Music Premium may be worth it.

Overall, YouTube Music is a solid music streaming service that provides access to a vast library of music and personalized recommendations. However, its confusing user interface and lower sound quality may be a turn-off for some users, and some of its features are only available to paying subscribers.

If you're a casual music listener, YouTube Music Premium may be just what you need. Also, it's important to note that YouTube Music is strictly limited to music, so you won't find any podcasts, audiobooks, or live radio programming on the platform.

Google Podcasts is where people should get their favorite spoken word programs if they want to listen to podcasts, suggests Youtube Music.

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