Boomplay now available on FreeYourMusic

May 10, 2022

Often asked, Boomplay is now available on FreeYourMusic 🎧 You can now transfer your playlists to Boomplay or - as an artist or music curator - share your music with Boomplay users.

About Boomplay

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Boomplay Music is a streaming platform that serves music fans in pan-Africa and African diaspora markets. It was first launched in Nigeria in 2015 by TECNO Mobile. The Boomplay app comes preinstalled on devices made by Transsion - the top phone seller in Africa. This highly-popular, Africa-focused company runs a freemium model, where basic features are offered for free with ads, while additional features are offered via paid subscriptions. The premium costs only 1,5$/month, it is ad-free and it offers unlimited download of songs and videos.

With the Boomplay Music app, music fans can do the following:

  • Download music,
  • Subscribe for unlimited music,
  • Listen to their favorite songs,
  • Watch videos on the go,
  • Curate personal playlists,
  • Follow, engage and interact with fellow users

Boomplay is a leading African music streaming platform and for that reason, it is often called the African Spotify. Users can listen to both international and regional artists, especially African indie, something that other streaming services do not offer. The media streaming service is available for Android, iOS, and Web users.

Transfer playlists to Boomplay

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With FreeYourMusic, you can transfer playlists to Boomplay from all the major music streaming services:

Share your music on Boomplay with Smart Links

When sharing your music with Smart Links on your social networks and websites, your listeners can now pick Boomplay Music to stream your tracks and playlists.

To feature Boomplay Music, you need to have active releases on the platform. If you do not have an official Boomplay profile yet, consider creating one and distributing your music there. Boomplay has over 75+ million monthly active users, which could expand the global reach of your music.

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