How has COVID affected the music streaming industry?

November 6, 2020

There has been speculation about how the corona situation affects the demand for streaming services. Now we have the answer! The statistics show a slight increase in music listening, so now more people download Spotify songs than before the pandemic. The obligation to stay at home has led to the greater use of music streaming platforms.

Songs for comfort and joy

An overview from Spotify shows that many users probably prefer acoustic and less danceable songs than they used to. Besides, Spotify's playlists linked to cooking and housework have received a boost. Due to stressful pandemic times, the popularity of comfort songs has increased. Meditation, mindfulness, sleep, relaxation - this is what all people need right now! Thus, you might learn How to Set a Spotify's Sleep Timer to enjoy your favorite calming playlists while you are in bed. Also, more users now share their personal playlists on social media than before.

Party along lockdown

Spotify has recently launched a function that can be of great help if you want to party with your friends despite the lockdown. With Groups Sessions, premium users can now listen to a shared playlist together in real-time. This feature is so cool that now listeners can consider if they want to transfer apple music to Spotify. For now, there is no limit to the number of people who can enjoy the music at the same time, but they must all have a premium account. So, if you’re in the mood to party, transfer your favorite songs from YouTube to Spotify or from other streaming services. Moving playlists is easier than you think! Just install the FreeYourMusic app to find it.

Groups Sessions are effortless to work with. The person who created the playlist can share a scannable code with their friends. Once they scan it, participants can choose, play, pause, and skip tracks through Spotify's classic interface. They can also add or remove songs from the playlist, and all changes are visible to all participants in real-time. The new feature has been tested since May last year and is now available to premium users. For the time being, it's still a beta version. It is not yet known when it will also be available on desktops.

Online festivals

A man recording music for online show or for Spotify.

Even in these times, many musicians continue to show that together they are strong. They don't even think about giving up their passion! When it comes to entertaining and transmitting messages to the population, artists are creative as always. This has led to the uprising of hundreds of online festivals broadcast from homes or rehearsal rooms. So, you can still enjoy live music as long as you have access to streaming services.

Music equals freedom

Lockdown doesn't mean that you have to be locked-in with only one streaming service. Music was created to express the love for freedom - that's why, despite the continually appearing new restrictions, you can still enjoy new songs and watch online gigs.

These days it's almost essential to use various streaming platforms - the demand for diversity is more significant than ever. If you use Tidal only to listen to your favorite folk band, Spotify is your answer to house music, and YouTube wins vintage tracks; check the FreeYourMusic app. Our platform allows music lovers to transfer their favorite tracks between multiple streaming services quickly and smoothly. Satisfy your appetite for freedom, and don't limit yourself when it comes to music listening.

The boom in Spotify’s podcast consumption

According to the latest Spotify statistics, the current crisis has driven the trend towards podcast listening. Streaming service reports that podcasts’ popularity has doubled in the last three months and that is certainly a result of the coronavirus situation. In Spotify’s catalog, you can now find more than 1.5 million audio shows! Podcasts have been playing an indispensable role in our society's media consumption for a long time. Whether doing sports, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, or simply falling asleep - the media-led discussions and lectures are omnipresent. Frankly, if Spotify didn't get into podcasts, the company would run the risk of losing shares of the audio listener market to other platforms. The podcast business attracts a massive amount of users and is strongly supported by many sponsors. It makes a lot of sense for Spotify to take advantage of the growth opportunities. The platform has now a huge audience of podcasts listeners, and it can assert itself as one of the top vendors in the space!

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