How to Create a Love Playlist With Duo Love Song Spotify?

May 6, 2024

Update: The feature is no longer available - we will update the page when it is available again.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, and with great power comes great responsibility to their users! Last year, Spotify introduced some fantastic features, including pre-saves for your favorite artists, previews, and a swipe-able vertical feed.

The standard Shuffle has been upgraded, and now you can enjoy the very useful Smart Shuffle. Smart Shuffle slips new tracks into your favorite playlist based on the style of music that you play the most and genres that work in what you have already created, enriching your music experience.

Excellent features, but the one that is really interesting to music lovers was launched in 2020: The Ultimate Love Experience - Duo Love Songs By Spotify.


Think back just a few (maybe 15 or more) years and spending hours creating short but meaningful tapes or burning CDs to give to your crush, pulling out record after record to share your latest music discovery on a record player. This was the start of people being able to share personalized playlists.

Remember how it felt to receive a completely unique CD from your partner? Spotify knows that music can be used to communicate and connect, and the Duo Love Songs By Spotify is designed for love in the digital age.

With Spotify, you can get the lyrics to all those glorious love songs rather than just making them up - making those songs mean more than ever!

Here is everything you need to know about sharing the music you love most with the person who means the most to you.

What is Duo Love Songs Spotify?

Duo Love Songs was launched in 2020, and it just doesn’t get the credit it should! Duo Love Songs was created to promote the Duo plan, a more affordable way to share a music plan. While Spotify Family is great when sharing up to 6 Premium accounts, the Spotify Duo plan is designed for two.

There are a few different Spotify Premium Subscription options, so you can find the right one for you.

The Spotify Duo plan lets two accounts share a single Spotify Premium billing account. To get started with the Spotify Duo plan, you invite someone you live with to join your account; once they accept and confirm their home address (it needs to be the same as yours), you have a Duo plan - yay!


Each account has its own playlists; the Spotify Duo plan used to create cool Duo Mix playlists that blend the music you both love together into one excellent playlist; this was discontinued and replaced with Spotify Blend - more on that in a minute.

For music lovers, sharing what they love with others and finding inspiration is as essential as breathing, so for the ultimate in music playlist compilations and another way to create a personalized playlist with friends and family, the Spotify Blend feature is something you’ll want to check out.

So what is Duo Love Songs, then?

Music can be incredibly intimate, and there is something so connecting about listening to music with the person you love. Sharing a digital music experience with your partner as you go about your daily life keeps you connected in a whole new way—a single playlist designed by you (and Spotify) with your relationship in mind.

How To Create A Duo Love Song Spotify Playlist

Head to the Duo Love Song by Spotify website and find the Let’s Go button to get started.


On the next screen, you add your and your partner’s names and click next. And yes, you can choose nicknames when using the Spotify Duo playlist maker, so your little bun bun knows just how much you love them.

You’ll then answer some questions with sliding bar options or images. When it comes to the question, ‘What song Best Describes Your Relationship?’ you can use more options or the search function to find the right song for you.

If that wasn’t already fun, you will choose a cover for your playlist that features your faces. After uploading the photos, you’re all set!

On the final screen, you’ll see your cover, a selection of the featured artists, a listen now option, a plan upgrade option, and social media sharing buttons.

Check out some of the playlists other couples have created on social media by searching the hashtag #duolovesongs.

Where Can I Find Duo Love Songs By Spotify?

You can find Duo Love Songs By Spotify here:

Can I Use Duo Love Songs on Mobile?

Yoiu sure can, the moble experince for Duo Love Songs by Spotify is smooth and easy to use - you get all of the same sharing features as when you use it on the desktop, too.


Why Share Music With Your Partner Using Duo Love Songs?

If music is the food of love, play on! A famous bard once wrote. Music has come a long way from the original gramophones and record players.

While they will always hold a unique charm, the ability to burn a CD or create a personalized tape for the people you love was incredible and changed how people communicated their love.

For many people, music is more than just lyrics and a nice tune - the songs have more profound meaning.

Receiving a CD or a tape someone had made for you was a feeling like no other—trying to decipher the lyrics, soaking up every beat. And while they were time-consuming for the maker, they always meant something and were worth the time.

Now, with streaming services and other online music websites, we can create longer playlists and include obscure choices - with millions of songs at your fingertips, the playlist potential is limitless.

Although you can create a playlist on your personal account and make it public or share it, there is something more intimate and a throwback to when you first gave or received a handmade homemade playlist when you use Duo Love Songs.

Many people know the five love languages; however, the 6th one is music. Music as a love language gives people millions of ways to communicate their thoughts or feelings.

What could be more romantic and intimate than sharing that?

Do I Have To Use Duo Love Songs To Share A Love Playlist?

The Duo Love Songs playlist creates a playlist based on the questions you answer, so you’ll get recommendations from Spotify to build it.

You can still use your regular Spotify account to create a shareable playlist if you prefer, but personalization isn’t as fun - for example, you’ll miss out on a cover with your faces and names on it!

How do you share a self-made playlist with the love of your life?

Spotify has made it as easy as possible to share a playlist with the one you love. While it might not have the magic of having over a burned CD, a playlist is still incredible. It is packed with songs that make someone out there think of you.

You can give your favorite songs to someone using a link - and the best thing about digital music is that you don't need to make space for it on your shelf. The person you share the playlist link with doesn't need to have a Spotify premium subscription, but they will need to sign up for a free account, which doesn't support ad-free listening or offline listening.

But is there anything more romantic than gifting a Spotify subscription plan? You can get Spotify gift cards in either e-cards or physical gift cards.

Here is how to share a Spotify playlist link that isn’t made with Duo:

Using the web player:

  • Go to the Spotify web player and log in to your account.
  • Look for the playlist that you want to share.
  • Now is a good time to check the info for the playlist - because you can change images and add a personalized description.
    Once you have updated the image and description, click the three dots on the top right of the playlist page.
    From that menu, select Share, and then choose the sharing method you want to use - although the easiest is often the playlist link.


There are a wide range of ways to share a Spotify playlist - so whatever works for you.

Do I Need a Spotify Premium Duo Subscription for Spotify Duo Playlists?

While you don't need to have it, Spotify Duo Premium can be a great option for people who live in the same house, and both have separate Spotify Premium.

To use the Spotify Duo: The Ultimate Love Experience, one of you will need to have a premium subscription. Spotify Duo used to have a neat feature called Duo Mix, but it was discontinued in May 2022.

When Duo Mix was discontinued, it was replaced with a fun feature called Blend - with Blend, you can create collaborative playlists. The best thing about it is that the playlists are personalized and updated automatically - a great feature for people who love to share their musical tastes.

If you change from Spotify Premium, you won't lose your playlists, but you will get access to the Duo Premium features - fun!

How do I blend mine and my partner's Spotify playlists?

Spotify Blend and a collaborative playlist work a little bit differently. With a collaborative one, you and your partners are in sole control of building it - adding what you love. Spotify Blend offers something a little more hands-off.

The Spotify algorithm does the hard work and will create a mix of tracks that you and your partner have listened to. There will be songs you both love and songs you love individually - so a Spotify Blend is completely unique - and a super fun way to create another playlist just for you.

After you have created your Spotify Duo Love Playlist, here is how you create a Blend on a desktop.

One of you will need to create a new Blend - here is how to do it on a desktop:

  • Open the Spotify App
  • Type Blend in the search field


  • Choose one of the Blend Genres (you'll see your Daily Mixes, Uniquely Yours, and so on) Made For Us with the +, which is the one you want to tap.


  • Tap it, and you'll see the following screen:


  • Tap Invite, and you will be able to choose how you share the link for the Blend.
    When your partner accepts the invite, you will be able to see the Blend in your Playlists.
  • One of the fun features here is that there is a banner that will highlight how much your music preferences are a match! Seeing the Blend of your individual tastes come together can be a lot of fun.

What Are The Best Love Songs For A Spotify Playlist?

The best love songs to add to your playlist will depend on your relationship and taste, but there are a couple that are all-time romantic tracks, no matter what type of music you and your partner are into. Here are 15 songs to get you started on your collaborative love playlist-making:

Need a cool name for your playlist? Check out this post: 260+ Spotify Playlist Names for Every Mood: Aesthetic, Funny, Chill, Sad

Create a Personalized Playlist Poster

Once you have finished making your Spotify Duo Love Song playlist, there is just one thing left to do! Creating a music poster has never been quicker or easier. let's you create a poster of most listened-to Spotify artists and playlists. Pullings stats from your playlists, and creating a music poster that is totally unique to you. Just one more way to share your Spotify festival of love with the people you love. 😍

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