How to minimise phone data usage and still get to listen to music?

How to minimise phone data usage and still get to listen to music?

How NOT to spend it all in one place?

It’s not gonna be an article about making the budget cuts. We’re gonna talk about minimising your phone data usage when listening to streamed music.

Remember when you were a kid and you got some small cash from your parents and you plan big for your future VC empire built on outsourced work and clever marketing? Right. You spent it all on candy in the first store you found. How not to repeat that mistake with limited data on your phone?


So we looked and talked and asked some really tech-savvy people and came up with a simple fix…es for this issue. First off, there’s the thing that’s called the offline function. We’ve been through this already, but to get you on your feet – it’s an option, that allows your device to download the Ogg or Vorbis format files and play them tunes on demand without the internet connection! This is the best way to get your music without losing data from your phone.

The problem is, you need to reemerge on the web every 30 days. The music files stored on your device will update on their quality (if it had improved), licenses will get paid according to what you had stashed and some royalties will get transferred to the artists. You can dive back below the grid with your phone for another 30 days and stay there without using up your precious data. Just like a submarine that needs to recharge batteries and oxygen every now and then.

Use Apple products

We’re not trying to sell you an iPhone now, it’s just that it has an additional option to save you some data and it fits the idea of this article to have four paragraphs.

Anyway, follow these steps:

  1. Open Music.
  2. Tap Radio.
  3. Tap Beats 1 Shows.
  4. Select the show you want to listen to under On Demand.
  5. Scroll down and tap the playlist you want under ‘Playlists’.
  6. Tap the +Add button.
  7. Tap the download button (looks like a cloud with a downward-pointing arrow in it).

What did you just do? You have limited your Beats 1 play time to mitigate how much data the Music app eats.

Get a new deal with your operator

We’re not telling you to buy more phones, forfeit your current deal or… you know what? Do what you want, this article will have four paragraphs if its the last thing we’ll write!

Thanks to recent cross-selling deals done by the smart guys at the top of the smartphone companies, you can get yourself a new cell phone plan with your music platform not using data. For example at Virgin Mobile and have your needs covered when using Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRADIO, Slacker Radio, Napster or 8Tracks completely data free.

Other tips

We’ve found some more stuff. Since it’s nothing really new or hidden from the public by some obscure marketing strategies or simply difficult to find – we’ll just leave them here.

Your smartphone can be set to stick to known Wi-Fi only. When outside of any recognized spots, your phone can stay offline. That’s one way to limit your data loss during the month, but sometimes you just can’t pass the opportunity to stay on the line, when waiting for an important email, while out of office.

Of course, you should only download your music when connected to a Wi-Fi. Ogg and Vorbis formats are very light since they are super compressed, but still – getting an entire discography of Iron Maiden can hurt by the end of the month.

Depending on where you listen to your music the most – try to think one step ahead. Plan for the future and create playlists. Everybody has playlists for all kinds of stuff. If you listen to your music on the daily commute, set for some energizing, positive music on the way to work. On your way home? You may need ¬†some relaxing, nerve-soothing groovy beats. Download and make those playlists before leaving the house and you got your daily dose of music while your phone data usage doesn’t go up.

Remember to use Wi-Fi when listening to music at work. Don’t you dare feel bad about it. Music is something that helps you focus, get results and most of all, it numbs out those annoying people talking over your head, some call ‘fellow employees’.

Ok, now you know how to check your data transfer before you wreck your… Or at least, you can stop your music to do all the draining. Good luck and happy browsing while listening!

You’re not sure which platforms will let you listen to your music offline and cut your phone data usage down? We got you covered:¬†