TikTok Songs 2023: Official Charts

September 7, 2023

In just a few quick years, TikTok has changed a lot. It started as a basic social media app, but now it's a big cultural trend. One cool thing TikTok does is make songs really popular super fast. It takes unknown musicians and makes their songs top the charts.
Who made it this summer thanks to TikTok?

The Top 10 Songs On TikTok 2023

What are the hottest TikTok songs that are viral right now?

The answer is easy since TikTok has officialy shared the songs that got played the most on the app during the summer of 2023 ☀️🎶

They've put together a list of the top ten songs that were used the most, both around the world and in the USA. They ranked these songs based on how many videos were made with each song throughout the sunny summer months.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mae Stephens' 'If We Ever Broke Up' is the #1 Song of the Summer globally
  • Jain's 'Makeba' is the #1 Song of the Summer in the U.S.

TikTok’s Global Songs of the Summer 2023

Source: TikTok

  1. If We Ever Broke Up by Mae Stephens
  2. What It Is (Solo Version) by Doechii
  3. Girls like me don’t cry (sped up) by thuy
  4. Cupid (Twin Version) [Sped Up] by FIFTY FIFTY
  5. LALA by Myke Towers
  6. Makeba by Jain
  7. มองนานๆ by FLI:P
  8. Everyday (featuring Future) by Ariana Grande
  9. Barbie Girl by Aqua
  10. Endless Summer by Alan Walker and Zak Abel

TikTok’s USA Songs of the Summer 2023

Source: TikTok

  1. Makeba by Jain
  2. Barbie World by Nicki Mintaj & Ice Spice & Aqua
  3. Peaches & Eggplants by Young Nudy feat. 21 Savage
  4. Get Off The Wall by Philly Goats
  5. Blicky by Fresh X Reckless
  6. Buckle Up by Philly Goats & PGE Spence
  7. What It is - Solo Version by Doechii
  8. Pound Town by Sexxy Red & Tay Keith
  9. fukumean by Gunna
  10. Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

How Tik Tok Makes Songs Viral

TikTok isn't just another app; it's a phenomenon that has taken over our lives in the most melodious way possible. In just a blink, TikTok has gone from being a fun platform for lip-syncing and dancing to a global stage for making songs big, real big. At the core of the app's origins lies its ability to trigger the virality of both new and familiar tracks. Remember those times when your favorite jam played on the radio or popped up on Spotify? Well, TikTok does that, but on steroids.

According to a study sponsored by TikTok in 2021, an impressive 75% of its user base, which spans a billion individuals, have stumbled upon new artists to groove to via the app. Equally noteworthy, 63% of users have been exposed to music they’ve never heard before, thanks to trending TikTok songs.

It's all about the power of trends and the art of being relatable. When a song resonates with people, whether it's because of the lyrics, the beat, or just that inexplicable "wow" factor, it becomes a trend. Users start using the song in their videos, from heartfelt moments to hilarious pranks. As more and more folks jump on the trend, the song's popularity snowballs faster than a viral meme.

Not only does TikTok launch new hits, but it's also like a time machine for old classics. Songs that might have been collecting dust in the attic of our memories get a fresh lease on life when they become a trend on TikTok.

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