Transfer To TIDAL And Take Your Music With You

March 1, 2024

Transferring from one music streaming service to another is made easy with FreeYourMusic. For the quick-fire guide, here is what you need:

  • Download the FreeYourMusic app
  • Connect your Source music platform; we’ll use Spotify as an example source platform
  • Select TIDAL as your Destination streaming platform
  • Choose your playlists, albums, and songs to move
  • Tap Begin Transfer, and your music will start moving


Ready to Transfer from Spotify to TIDAL - Click the link and let's get you started.

You can also move music from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Qobuz, QQ, YouTube Music, and Deezer to TIDAL.

Instead of selecting Spotify as your source platform, you'll select the applicable music platform. You'll get all the same choices to move your entire music library, single songs, favorite playlists, albums, and more.

What's more, you can use your mobile device or our desktop app to move countless hours of music from where it is to where you want it to be. Since FreeYourMusic is available on Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.


Why do people transfer to TIDAL Music?

Many music services are on the market, which is great news for music lovers. It means we are spoiled for choice and can explore all of the great features on each music platform.

Switching from Spotify to TIDAL is becoming more common for people who love music in high-res music and like to know that their subscription payment is contributing to fairer pay for artists.

Choosing to convert to a new music streaming platform has a couple of factors that can make a huge difference. But one factor that can be dealt with is using a third-party music transfer app to take your Spotify playlists to TIDAL music in a couple of taps.

FreeYourMusic makes it easy to move your favorite songs, top-played albums, and carefully curated playlists to TIDAL.

So why are people making the switch to TIDAL?

TIDAL offers subscribers higher sound quality than most other streaming services, so here is what you get with a TIDAL HiFi Subscription:

  • Sony 360 Reality Audio
  • A sleek UI
  • Exclusive video and music content
  • Human-curated playlists
  • Dolby Atmos playlists
  • Master Sound Quality (HiFi Plus has higher quality than HiFi).
  • Tighter controls over the listening experience
  • Huge range of integration
  • Music discovery in the form of TIDAL Rising
  • LIVE & DJ Pro

Is the audio quality on TIDAL noticeably better?

HiFi is TIDAL's subscription plan is $10.99 per month, although they do have Student, Military, and First Responder discounts - plus a free TIDAL trial. You can also enoy Family Subscriptions, HiFi is $16.99 per month, with 5 additional accounts as well as the main account holder.


With Spotify's free ad-supported option, you get the bare minimum in quality - which is 96kbps. As a free service, lower quality is to be expected.

If you have Spotify Premium, Spotify Family, or any of the paid plans, you get slightly higher audio quality, which tops out at 320kbps; in comparison, TIDAL is 1411kpbs, so even without particularly good headphones or listening equipment, you're going to hear a difference in music clarity at a minimum.

Remember that the TIDAL Master and Dolby Atmos catalog is ever-expanding - you can search specifically for curated playlists with that quality.


The best thing to do, though, is to make a like-for-like comparison. Get a TIDAL trial, which is 30 days, and use the FreeYourMusic app to move 100 songs for free. You'll have an identical playlist on both Spotify and TIDAL and can switch between the two on a song-by-song basis.

TIP: Use wired headphones, and be sure to head into the settings on the TIDAL app to make sure everything is set to Max. Here is our selection of the best headphones: Best Noise-cancelling Headphones.

Check out how to get the most out of your TIDAL subscription here: TIDAL Transfer – How to Transfer Playlist from Spotify to TIDAL.

Apple Music is one of the closest alternatives in terms of audio quality; they offer Spatial Audio, lossless, and a high-quality Bluetooth codec. Qobuz is another option; with either of their subscriptions, you can get FLAC 24-bit up to 192 kHz. The bonus with the more expensive premium plan on Qobuz is that you have a discount on music purchases. If you want to learn more about Qobuz feature, check out our Qobuz vs TIDAL review.

Is converting to TIDAL worth the price?

Since TIDAL have reduced their prices, and Spotify haven't increased their auido-quality - TIDAL is absolutely worth trying out.

Can you move your music to TIDAL for free?

You can move 100 songs for free, and then you'll need to upgrade your FreeYourMusic account to either the Basic package or the Premium Plan. With either plan, you can move your entire music library from any source platform to TIDAL.

When you upgrade to either the Basic Package or the Premium Plan, you can enjoy unlimited transfers - which is great. The Basic package is a single purchase, and the license is valid forever, but the Premium Plan is a subscription.

However, the Premium Plan is the better option for those who love to build playlists on multiple music streaming platforms, dive deep into new music, and use the Like button often. The Premium License Plan offers unlimited transfer of albums, songs, and playlists - with the added bonus of auto-sync.

So, if you make changes to a playlist on Spotify or any other source platform, those changes will be reflected on the TIDAL playlists. Not to mention song order syncing where available, rematching of missing tracks, and a backup of your playlists in the cloud.

Using transfer services makes this switch from Spotify to TIDAL super fast and efficient. So you'll be listening to your entire music collection in Hi-Res in no time.
And, if you're in the playlist creation and multiple subscriptions for the long haul, the Life Time is the one.

Here is what you can enjoy with the Premium FreeYourMusic Plan:

  • Transfer an unlimited number of songs, playlists, and favorite albums
  • All platforms (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Lifetime updates
  • Email support
  • Auto-synchronization of all playlists/albums
  • Backup your playlists in the cloud
  • Cancel anytime
  • Rematch incorrect and failed song matches
  • Syncing song order

The secret weapon in your super quick playlist management.

How long does the music migration process to TIDAL take?

No matter where you are transferring music to, from Spotify to TIDAL, Apple Music to TIDAL, YouTube Music to TIDAL, or even TIDAL to TIDAL, your migration process doesn't take very long.

Once you have hooked up your source platform and destination platform, you can select which playlists, albums, and songs to move.

You can use the transfer service to move music from a wide range of popular music services, including songs between accounts. Since major platforms don't have this service, our third-party service, FreeYourMusic, makes it easy.

Can you move expansive music catalogs?

For those who have spent years on any major streaming platform, you will likely have a large library of music, Liked songs, playlists, albums, and more. When you use the FreeYourMuisc app, you have a limit of 100 songs to move for free.

However, when you upgrade to either the Basic Package or the Premium Plan, you will be able to move an unlimited number of your favorite tracks, albums, and songs.

Do I need to cancel my Spotify subscription

Keeping or canceling your Spotify subscription is a personal choice; you might like a lot about your current music service - and the reason you want to move your playlists is to enjoy TIDAL's higher-quality streaming audio - but you can't live without Spotify Wrapped (tip: you can use FreeYourMusic Stats anytime to get the inside track on your listening habits).

You can also downgrade your Spotify account from Premium to the free ad-supported option; there are a range of Spotify subscription options that might suit your needs.

Transfer to TIDAL

No matter where your music journey takes you, FreeYourMusic can help you make a stress-free move from your current music streaming service to TIDAL.

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