We’re in this together. Music platforms for the multi-users 

We’re in this together. Music platforms for the multi-users 

Times are rough. The big crisis on the world’s economy still looms over many businesses. The political balance is more fragile than it ever was before. No wonder the music streaming platforms have to think on their feet to help us. The little, the poor and the hurt people of the planet that crave some music in their  lives…

Ok, ya free-loadin’ bunch!

Admit it! It’s just a better deal to get the premium account and split the cost among 4 or 5 other people in your crew! We’d do the same, but since we all got our accounts before we met each other we kinda stick to our guns and pay the full price for a single player experience.

We did take a peek at what some streaming platforms are offering the “families”.

Google Play

The most “family” friendly of all the big players. It allows for up to six users in a “family” group. But wait. There’s more! Google lets those lucky six pick 10 devices to listen to music on! That’s like 60 (quick maths) devices!

Of course, Google knows you’re not related. Google doesn’t care. Just remember – never to talk bad about Google. It knows all. Including how to make this multitude of machines connect to one account and still provide them with their jams.


We got to admit Jay-Z’s done something right. His Tidal has the second best app to provide for the music-craving families. The music streaming app lets up to 5 users per account. Pretty standard right? Well according to the common standards, (that will be covered later, geez, why the haste?) it is pretty standard. However, Tidal give those five peeps a chance to upgrade their music quality to Hi-Fi for only 29,99$ That’s 5,99$ per your “family” member and you can all enjoy Tailor Swift in High-quality sound! Not our game, but it’s your taste. We won’t judge.

Ok, the rest

The rest is keeping it all on the same level. We’re talking about Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Both in terms of pricing and number of users allowed per account. It’s an even 5 “family” members for 19,99$ Not too shabby, but nothing to write home about either.

There’s nothing wrong in getting together for the music. It’s quite clever actually. All music streaming platforms acknowledge the ingenuity and needs of their users. It’s how the world rolls today. It’s all good.

So that may not be any news but here’s to friends! Not only life is easier with them but even listening to music through streaming platforms is cheaper with them.