What’s your poison? comparing user types, by music platforms

What’s your poison? comparing user types, by music platforms

There are two kinds of people in this world. There always was, there always will be. Until recently we all agreed to determine the type of a newly met human with a simple test. The test to bring all possible inconsistencies and incongruities to a close. The was simple but incredibly informative. Its course was as follows: “I enjoy the novels by Philip K. Dick”. The are two kinds of people in this world. One type will respond with “Oh yes, me too!” The other will utter “haha, guys name is Dick”.

We all agree to keep this test as a cross-check for future reference and so, came a reference: “Which music platforms do you use for your streaming?”

Spotify vs Apple Music

We can basically separate the two groups of possible given answers: Spotifiers are easy-going people of all trades with various talents and hobbies. Indulge in many passions and past times. The Orchard people or Apple music users tend to be reserved, calm and focused or even driven. Take your friends and relate to them as orchard people or spotifiers. Which of these two groups do you know more? To which do you belong?

Just to clarify – we’re not looking to start a war between music platforms. We enjoy the one being waged between pc console gamers. Note that Spotify is available on consoles as spotifiers do tend to play video games. A thought unthinkable by orchard people, who prefer to spend their time (note that we didn’t use the phrase “free time”) doing even more work. And yes, you cannot deny the fact, that Apple music is best on Apple products, which excel at office duties, hard skill-based jobs and (dullness- according to spotifiers, no doubt) unsatiated thirst for success.

No, we do not measure people according to their platform preference. We do not condone segregation by music taste, nor the choice of headphones. We also do not condemn people that put the toilet paper the WRONG way. We had a dream, where all people were equal, then we woke up. Came to work and realise we were only semi-asleep, as no one else seems to care about the platform others use. Ignorance is bliss.

Is there any difference?

The two music platforms offer rather similar options, functions and offer the music of more or less the same artists. (but not TOOL) The difference lies in the mentality of the users. Did you consider why you chose your platform? What made you pick one? In the deeper sense, there is some psychology, marketing and social studies in it.

Apple in all its glory speaks most volume into the minds of… Well, we all know what Apple stands for. It’s the prestige of sorts, it’s a promise of a glamorous success, achieved only by those bold enough to rebel against the standards, break the limitations and rise above the rest. Apple gives you the dream of being better. Not better than anyone. Just better for the sake of it. And it’s good. In our eyes, Apple users (or orchard people, which sounds a bit funnier, but takes longer to type.) are working toward their goals. Buying an Apple product is a step in the general direction of getting things straighten up in your life.

That’s it. The difference between Apple music and Spotify is in the approach to life. Simple.

Have you considered buying an Apple product over your 30’s? That is if you already don’t have an Apple phone, a Mac or worse (why not) both?

What does your music platform choice says about you?

Studies show that as people with cigarettes seem 20% cooler, Apple using people seem older. “Older” is not right though. They do seem more feet to the ground type. Experienced by life and hardships of work. Spotify has its lightness. A sort of guiltless, worry-free approach. Have fun, let’s party all night in the middle of a work week every day and then have a binge of our favourite TV series on weekend feel to it. Spotify is more relaxed. Spotify is the dude sitting in the back of your house during a party, smoking funny stuff and hitting up on chics that want to seem half as cool as him, while Apple music in studying a house next to yours but worries a little that you’ll get in trouble if your parents find out you threw a party.

Two kinds of people. Yeah, there are more platforms, but those two have the combined traits of all their users. Two kinds of people! Both are great, both have a lot to offer. In both cases, it makes no sense to differentiate them unless you want to sound suspiciously smart by asking the right question to break the ice. Oh, we’re talking about people, not platforms now? Oh- ok, this works too.

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Disclaimer: don’t take us too seriously;)