age of the machine – Ai’s influence on music

August 31, 2018

Are you a little scared when reading about the latest advancements in research into AI? Like you can hear the Skynet tanks rolling through piles of skulls? We discussed how AI music is created here: Sound of the future and here: Can AI Compose Music ? but what can we say? We really like a mash-up of music and the future.

AI Music industry

On the other hand can already feel the heat. The fires of revolution are burning. Just look at Jukedeck – a company in the AI-for-music-making industry. They have made just the fuel. A program that produces songs, dependent on an elected tempo, length, tone. A thing that makes it’s beats, rhythm, and a theme. A machine that needs no royalties, clothing lines, PR – tailored drama around it. No food, no rest. Tick-Tock.

We’re just kidding…

…Or are we? Jukedeck exists. It’s out there. But as it’s CEO, Ed Newton-Rex says – “…The aim [for AI music] is not ‘will this get better than X?’ but ‘will it be useful to people, will it help them.’” The rivalry is, obviously, the first thing that comes to mind. But the goal of this any many other AI operated systems out there, is to help in creative processes about music-making.

So what’s it gonna be?

Look at some of the more alternative musicians of today. Most of them look just like most IT people! Hah! No, seriously – the IT people are much better looking nowadays. But this badly placed joke led to a point(otherwise it would be edited out this text – duh!), that musicians of today are computer wizards from some time ago! Look at automatisation processes…in everything! Look at the biggest attention-drawing things for the music industry – numbers! If you can count it- you can multiply it, automate it, scale it to foreign markets and profit more. Simple. It’s maths-made by the world. No wonder the algorithms are so hot right now. in Abbey Road Red – startup incubator run by the music studios to forge links between new tech companies and the music industry. Techstars Music – a part-funded Sony Music and Warner Music Group, included two AI startups in its programme earlier this year: Amper Music and Popgun. Music is gonna be lit! By millions of bytes, hertz and whatnot!

Today’s choices are tomorrows business

“Christopher Nolan isn’t going to stop working with Hans Zimmer anytime soon,” says Cliff Fluet, a lawyer for several AI music startups. “But for people who are making short films or YouTubers who don’t want their video taken down for copyright reasons, you can see how a purely composed bit of AI music could be very useful.” There’s Alice- an AI that fits musical compositions based on what you play it in real time. That way you can play a few notes and Alice will reply you with her “idea” of a comeback. Next stop – rap battles. But for now, let’s focus on teaching people to play.

Jon Eades, the man behind the Abbey Road Red said “I think there will be collateral damage, just like the internet. It created huge opportunity and completely adjusted the landscape. But depending on where you sat in the pre-internet ecosystem, you either called it an opportunity or a threat…”

You can cause a shift yourself.

Look at the music streaming platforms. We don’t want to sound like some crazy conspiracy theoretics here, but where is all the data going to, after it’s been taken from your personal listening habits? For now, let’s focus on the organic artists. Enjoy them while the machines are being built. Appreciate what humanity that uses the AI has to offer to music. Cause this is good.

Maybe, one day we’ll all hear a tune made of your most-loved tracks. Combined with a perfect harmony, fitting your very musical desires. Today, we’ll take to good old Louis Armstrong.

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