Social Aspects of Music Streaming Platforms

August 9, 2018

Have you ever wondered how musicians can make money from their music being played on Spotify or Apple Music? Music streaming platforms penetrate social media both naturally and in a planned manner. How?

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Take Spotify for example. Discover Weekly made by algorithms that select specific tunes you’d like from millions of tracks in Spotify’s library. Some are suggested to you because of your taste and some are “pushed” in just so you’ll discover (weekly) a new band that’s struggling to make it big in the industry. Of course, they all are on-par with what you like, but that makes it all even more amazing.

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The social aspect of the whole thing is very important in the process of getting to the top. Not for just the musicians, but whole new genres. Because all the music streaming platforms are obviously connected to Facebook, now more than ever it’s easy to share and hype your friends for juicy beats you’ve found. The more people check a band out, the higher it’s gonna rank up in the overall ladder of suggestions for other people. Thanks to social media, the track you like and share on your wall will also get recognised by people not using the same platform.

What’s in it for you?

Ya cheeky bastard! You’ll the satisfaction you want! Well… Yeah! By creating ripples on the surface of your own social media surrounding you can be the rise or fall of a new band. That’s a reason to be proud of. When someone talks about a band they’ve found, you can say you’ve known them back when no one else did. Not impressive? You’re not hipster enough. (congrats) Still, the thought that someone made their first album thanks to your keen ears is a thing. You do have a large impact on the industry. Those folks out there, trying to make you listen to what they produce will force some Despacito or other crap on you every once in a while. But that’s just how the industry works. You can freely choose to hate or love whatever you feel.

Why so social?

To keep up. Everything that wants to be a thing is social these days. It has to be. The music streaming platforms are taking advantage of this trend, by actually helping the musicians. All of them. The feedback from you gets transferred by algorithms straight to the authors. They get the “yay” or “nay” and can continue down their creative paths accordingly. That’s great. Keep it up. Keep it social.

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