Transfer music from Amazon to Youtube

June 6, 2019

Moving from Amazon to Youtube?

Queue dramatic music: In today’s episode, we will witness the daring voyage of a certain music playlists pack. From the depths of the Amazon (Music) and on to the ever-popular grazing fields of YouTube. Will the herd reach it’s destination unscathed? Will the journey end with a satisfying finale?

…Well, yes, cause we’ll use Stamp.

Let’s start from the beginning. We’ll be taking easy steps since there are no difficult ones in the method you’re about to learn.

First things first: Transfer playlists from Amazon Music to Youtube

Download Stamp

You can choose any device you can think of – iOS, Android or desktop – they are all utilizing the full power of Stamp. Pick the most convenient for you and get the app.

Source of playlists – Amazon Music

Once you install and launch Stamp, you’ll see a straight up list of music streaming platform logotypes. This is the source screen. In here, you are to select your currently used platform, so in your case – it’s gonna be Amazon Music. After clicking on its logo, Stamp will ask for your accounts login and password. We need to get on your profile to check what music you have – Stamp will proceed to scan the data collected on your Amazon’s account, get the information on track titles and artist and then attempt to „look” for the records that match the description on your soon-to-be new music streaming platform. Other than that – all other account information is safe. Ok, you done? Good.

Playlists destination – Youtube

Now, you’ll get a second list screen. This is here to set your music destination. Scroll around and find YouTube, select it and type in your login and password for the account on this platform. Confirm and…

What playlists you want to move?

Check out the third list, but this time – it’s a list of tracks Stamp found on your Amazon account. Now you get to decide which playlists or single tracks you want to import from Amazon to YouTube. You can use the ‘select all’ checkbox or browse around before confirming the transfer.

Ah, the transfer will probably take some time. Well, it depends on how much music you are moving. After this rather-difficult-to-specify time period, you’ll see a report on completion.

And that’s that! You have now successfully moved your music from Amazon Music to YouTube. Roll credits!

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