How it all began? How music streaming changed the industry

August 25, 2017

Remind yourself a scene from any early 2000 comedy. Can you see the authors poking the stereotype of a barbershop? Can you hear the old farts complaining about stuff they know little about just for the sake of it?

Now picture them talking about music streaming platforms. They’re all like: “Back in the day we used to buy vinyl and had one radio per block! This streaming is gonna kill the music once and for all! It’s good 2Pac didn’t make it to see this!”

We feel bad for overusing this cliche once more, even if it is to make fun of the people that were actually saying this nonsense.

The rise of music streaming

The music industry is on the rise since it’s 15 past years! And what a rise it is! The industry itself is like “Hail streaming! The savior of salaries! Sultan of simmering beaches on which we may continue to sunbathe, free from worries of poverty!” Err… Anyway…

It wasn’t always like this.

When music streaming platforms first showed up on the scene the music was pirated into its extinction. Streamers were considered as privateers more than pirates, but nonetheless, a rather bad people. The population of this planet simply preferred to download their favorite bands latest album than buying it, because it was free of charge. The musicians were sad and poor. (now you’re picturing yourself that episode of South Park, aren’t ya’?) The producers were fleeing the sinking ship and cursing the internet, and the overall the music ship was going to a long postponed meeting with the relics no longer used in the pop culture like westerns and anti-communist propaganda.

So it’s 2002 and the streaming platforms give the user a chance to listen to whatever he wants and even suggest similar choices and even gives him access to a thriving community of alternatives such as little bands and unknown singers for a small price of 9,99$/month! It’s silly to think that it couldn’t work! Compared to the prices of full-length albums with one maybe two good tracks. (Not you Nine Inch Nails, all your tracks are awesome) And some people had the audacity to claim that it’s ruining the industry! Those people… those people were right!

Quo Vadis music streaming?

Yup. The industry wasn’t centered on the consumer anymore, so it had to be reset and shown back to its seat. All things considered, the guys at the barbershop might have been right about killing the music…as we knew it. And good riddance.

Now, in the future (how cool does this sound!) we take a lot from the streaming. The industry itself moved a lot of its revenue there. For now, at least, the majority of the artist’s income still comes from the physical sales, but already we rumble about more and more musicians moving to streams completely (Except TOOL! Someone fix this!) The streaming platforms are widely used. Not only for listening. The apps are used to measure, count and estimate. This allows the artists to know what works with their audiences better and which ideas won’t budge no matter how hard Nickelback tries.

It’s all thanks to you

Not to be overly educative (hah!) but we need to point out that you, yes you, made it possible. The every single person in the world, you made the big change. You made the industry realize they went too far. Yes, you made the few smart people see it as a chance for their start ups. You made it so popular to have Spotify or Apple Music. And again, it was you who made music great…again. (We really didn’t want to reference President Trump this time.) So thanks! It’s a pleasure to write an article that gets read by someone so important to the world! Feels great! We’ve gotta go and celebrate this and we’ll see you soon! Bye!

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