Import Playlists from Amazon Music to Google Play

May 23, 2019

Looking for a quick and easy way to import your Amazon Music playlists onto Google Play? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you the best way to do it with next to no effort!

First, you should visit here: Move from Amazon Music to Google Play Music

Download STAMP app to move your playlists

All you have to do is get Stamp. Just download the app for the device of your choice. It’s available on iOS, Android and all the desktop devices you might have at your place. Convenient? You haven’t seen the best part yet.

Select Amazon Music as your source streaming platform

The first thing you’ll see after launching Stamp will be a list of music streaming platforms. This page asks you to select the ‘source’.

In order to move your playlists from Amazon to Google Play, you need to find and click the Amazon Music logo on this list. Afterward, you’ll get a login screen. Stamp will ask you to log in to your Amazon Music account to get the info on your playlists, tracks, and favorites. All other information on your account is safe, the app only needs to ‘see’ what it’ll move.

Select Google Play Music as your destination streaming platform

When you fill the login and password to your Amazon account, you’ll get another list of music streaming platforms. This time, you’re on the ‘destination’ screen. Here you will choose where to move your playlists. Scroll through the list, find Google Play Music and click that.

You’ll be asked to log in to that account now. Simply type in the login and password for your music’s new home.

Choose playlists to import from Amazon Music to Google Play Music

You’ll see a completely new screen, with a list of all your carefully selected tracks. All that you’ve ever playlisted while on Amazon will be there. What’s worth mentioning, is that there will also be a tick box with a ‘select all’ option enabled by default. Just in case you’re in a hurry or just want to be done with the moving.

If you can, take your time – if not just because you can be picky here, but because you might just remember what you haven’t heard for a long time on one of the oldest playlists you had there.

Move your playlists!

Enough nostalgia! Let’s move this music collection!

Click the button below the list and wait.

We know, after all this – we could have some fireworks described here, but the truth is, the magic is happening within the app. Stamp will import your playlists from Amazon Music to Google Play Music, by copying all your playlists contents over to the new music streaming platform. This might take enough time for you to make a coffee or a sandwich. It’ll depend on how much music Stamp has to move.

Ok, you’re set. You got your coffee or a sandwich, or both. Most importantly, you have your music where you want it. Just like we said – quick and easy. Bon appetit!

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