Move your playlists from Amazon Music to Apple Music

June 3, 2019

Importing music playlists from Amazon Music to Apple Music is not really a difficult thing. It’s not even a question of choosing the right tool or method. Quite honestly – it’s the question of what took you so long. 😉

The first question doesn’t really need an answer because it’s simple: the only viable method is to move all your playlists at once, so you won’t lose a single track. The tool for the job is Stamp – obviously.

Just check this: Move from Amazon Music to Apple Music

Why? Because it’s that easy:

Donwload STAMP

Download Stamp. It’s available for any device – iOS, Android or any desktop device will do.

Launch the app and behold the first screen: since there’s little time to waste, it’ll be the source screen.

Move from? Amazon Music

In here, you’ll see a list of platforms to choose and import your music libraries from. Select Amazon Music and enter your login and password. Stamp will need those to gain access to your account information. Nothing sensitive – it’ll just scan for the amount of music you’ve collected over the years of using Amazon Music.

Once done, you’ll get a second list screen. This one will mark the destination for your music collection.

Move to? Apple Music

Select the Apple Music logo from this list and again, type in your login and password for the platforms account. After that’s done, Stamp will reveal the list of tracks and playlists it found on your Amazon account.

Time to pick your playlists

You can now select which tracks or playlists you want to move. The will also be a checkbox, set on by default, selecting all positions of the list. Should you wish to un-check any playlist or even single tracks among it, you can simply click the title and be gone with that music piece.

After you’re done rummaging through your collection and ready to finalize the transfer from Amazon to Apple, click the button below and wait.

Now let STAMP move your playlists

The waiting part might take a few minutes, depending on how much music you’re moving. Still, it’ll be faster than copying all those playlists manually. This we know for sure.

Once the transfer is done, you’ll get a confirmation showcasing the number of tracks moved successfully. Click OK and enjoy your music.

Well, that’s it! You’ve finally managed to move your music from Amazon Music to Apple Music.

Music to our ears.

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