Move from Amazon Music to Spotify

May 30, 2019

Finally decided to move your music where all your friends have it, eh? Truth be told, Spotify remains #1 on the music streaming platforms list and this probably happens for a reason. We’re not here to point it out, we’re here to show you how to move your music playlists from Amazon Music to Spotify.

Here’s where you can find it: Move from Amazon Music to Spotify

Getting the app

Let’s begin by getting the app. Stamp is what you need to get all your playlists from any platform in just a few clicks instead of hours spent on looking and trying to remember what else was on what playlist. The app is available on iOS, Android and any desktop device know to mankind – take your pick and download Stamp now, we’ll wait.

Move playlists from Amazon Music

Got it? Good. After the launch, you’ll see a screen showing you a list of music streaming platforms you can import your playlists from. This is your source select screen. You find the Amazon Music logo, you click it and you type in your account login and password. Don’t worry, Stamp needs this to gain access to your music library. The app will only use the account data holding the names of tracks. All other information that might be connected to your account is safe.

After you got on your Amazon Music account, you’ll be presented with yet another list of music streaming apps logos. It’s not a bug – it’s a feature. This time you’re looking at the destination screen. In here you scroll through the list in search of the music streaming platform, that you want to export your music on to.

Move playlists to Spotify

Spotify’s logo is near the beginning of the list. Click it and enter your account login and password. Yes, you have to have an account before moving the music there, just sayin’ 🙂

Choose playlists to transfer

After typing in your account details, you’ll see a different screen (surprise!) This one will present you with a list of your Amazon Music playlists, complete with your custom names and favorited tracks that didn’t fit in any of the categories that you’ve made. There’s also a tick box being checked by default – it’s the ‘select all’ thing. You can deselect it and choose which tracks or playlists you want to export. Once you’re done with the choosing, click the button below the list.

Moving from Amazon Music to Spotify is happening!

Now, its time for Stamp to do it’s magic or, to put it bluntly, to start the transfer for Amazon Music to Spotify. Again, don’t worry – Stamp will only copy the playlists from one platform to another. You won’t lose any tracks.

This will take a moment, or a few. It all depends on how much music you have on Amazon Music. Stamp will look it all up and copy it all over to Spotify, it will even copy the custom funny/witty names you’ve given to your playlists when setting them up!

Let’s assume it’s done. The app will give you one final screen reporting on the number of tracks that got moved. You can now enjoy your favorite collections on a completely different platform with completely different algorithms and Discover Weekly function. The best part is, you didn’t have to do all the work! Well, you had to click a few times, yes. But you’ve saved months of trying to remember that one track that you had on Amazon and can’t quite remember its name, but you need to hear RIGHT now… Trust us – it’s frustrating. We know, so you don’t have to.

Have a good one!

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