Transfer from Spotify to Amazon

May 21, 2019

So you wanna move your music away from the ‘music streaming fan starter pack’ which is Spotify? You’ve made the decision to transfer to Amazon Music – great. No sarcasm here, really.

First of all, here’s a good starting point: Transfer from Spotify to Amazon

Device choice

It’s gonna be a quick and simple process if you decide to use Stamp. First, you need to choose the device to download the app on. It’s available on iOS, Android and Desktop so, basically the choice depends solely on your preference.

Where you want to move from?

Once you launch Stamp, well – you’re halfway done: you’ll have to select the source of your soon-to-be transferred music.

You’ll see a list of streaming platforms. You want to export the playlists from Spotify. Find it, select it and log into it through the app. You can do it with Facebook login or – if you’re feeling paranoid, type the email and password yourself. Stamp will ask for access to your account, but it only goes as far as to look at your music (no judgment algorithms implemented).

Where you want to move to?

Now, you’ll see a list of streaming platforms to transfer your music to. Just scroll until you find Amazon Music. Click, enter the account login and pass. Just like before.

Choose your playlists

Ok, here’s the best part: you will now see the whole list of folders containing your precious, hand-crafted, meticulously selected playlists. They are all checked by default in a ‘select all’ position. You can uncheck some of them, or see their contents and browse through those folders yet again.

Transfer your playlists

You can click the button on the bottom of the screen to begin the transfer from Spotify to Amazon. It will take some time, depending on how much music Stamp has to move from one streaming platform to another, but you can take this time to appreciate the weather or the amount of work you’re saving by using an app to do all the exporting.

Playlists moved from Spotify to Amazon!

Let’s skip forward to the end of the process. You’ll get a notification screen saying that X tracks have been moved.

That’s it! You can now get on your Amazon Music account and witness all your playlists as if they were made on this platform and not on Spotify!

How do you like the sound of that?

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